Monday, January 19, 2009


We were talking about the Israel Gaza conflict.

Ok that's propaganda right there. Why is it a "conflict"- that sounds so tame. If it was the other way round I'm sure it would be called "slaughter" or "massacre" or at least "hugely onesided murder". Instead we have "Military Action" or "crisis". Have you seen any "crisis" that kills 1000 ppl and injured 5000 something and kills arbitrarily?

Anyway suddenly Johan asked "mummy who is Ismail?"

He thought we said "Ismail" rather than "israel" haha bless him.

went to McD last Sunday. Kids nearly killed me. I was hungry ler...but they told me this is in the list of boycott..I told them that boycotting McD in KL will only affect the locals...if you really want to be effective write a letter or better yet, grow up to be immensely rich so you can defend these people. But I understand that we have no other venue to express our disgust.

I said to dad what Israil is doing is pure evil, but then is it really Islam vs Jew. Dad said the land issue is an excuse for Jews to attack Muslims.

Anyway...let's not go there.

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