Thursday, January 15, 2009


1. Sophia has asked us to buy for her various art stuff, like manila cardboard etc. Now we had to get her hard paper. Which we did not get so at 1.16 pm just now I got a call from a number I didn't recognise and it was her going- PLEASE CAN YOU SEND THE HARD PAPER NOW BEFORE ZOHOR OTHERWISE TEACHER WILL BE ANGRY WITH ME WAAAAHHAAAAAA

I did the only thing a responsible mom would - I called the dad.

"Eh I have to see at least 20 gazillion patients, you know! One of whom is related to the Sultan of Dingdong's brother's nephew's sister!" he said,"You take the car and go lah!"

Making a mental note of "I am SO going to buy a car just like I have been saying countless times yet never do" , I started thinking how to do this- if I were to take a cab, chances are I would not be there in time.

Just as I decided to take a cab anyway (and cab must be willing to detour to KLCC to buy Hard Paper) , Hubby called. "Have you gone?"

"er no" I said "but I'm trying to call the ustaz to find out if I have to go or can she give it tomorrow"

"Takpalah I will call him" he said. No he didn't -actually he said "OK, I'll see you " but I went "eh he's an ustaz and probably will be more segan of you, the Man rather than me, the Mom so can you call him then?"


later I checked with him- Ustaz said ok..he will talk to Sophia and she can give it tomorrow.

Sophia will NOT be pleased. When it comes to her Art and Craft...don't play play!!!

2. Johan came back casually telling us that he got rotanned yesterday and come to think of it, has been rotanned (caned) since school basically started.


I asked him very very casual like - WHY??WHAT DID YOU DO? DID YOU FIGHT WITH ANYONE???

He said something about being late for something something. tak faham. Is he slow in giving his work? Is he naughty? Thank goodness he was not the ONLY one getting caned (penting tu ok)

So I wrote in his communication book- "teacher I was informed that Johan was punished by cane, could you please advise what the exact nature of his offence was so I can take steps to prevent any further misbehaviour " (and by the way I'm available for any similar sounding letters for a small fee) heheheheh. What I really wanted to write was - Teacher! You caned my bayBEEE??? how could you??? What did he do????!!! Shriek and general hysteria.

Hahahaha no lah, I AM however concerned that he is not taking skipping standard 1 well..I am totally okay if he has to go back to standard 1 - (no I'm not) . I'd rather that than him being slow academically.

We shall wait for the ustaz's response.

3. Dahlia cannot sleep without me. At 8 years old she is still equally babyish as Johan. She got really ill when I was in Singapore and cried everynight. I love that!! hehehehehe ...kesiannnnn

This morning I heard her (from under my duvet) talking to sara in front of my dressing table

sara: Dahlia!! Why are you putting on mummy's day cream on your LIPS!!!

Dahlia: My lips are dry!

Sara: yes, but use LIPBALM not mummy's day cream!!!

Dahlia: I allready asked mummy and she said never mind she will go and buy but in the meantime she said I can use her moisturiser to put on my lips.

Me: er...sheepish...will go buy lipbalm for daughter.....

4, Nadine- wellnadine..what can I say. If she comes out of her room more than 20 mins I would thank god. And if she can mandi or makan or do anything she was supposed to do within 24 hours of her being told to do so, I would also be happy...As it is, if I come home, she would be nana-nini ing in her room and I would only see her at 10 pm coming down for DINNER,which she would sheepishly admit that she has not eaten yet. Aisay...


Madre said...

Hello! I used to work in a private school. If I am not mistaken, they have rules that prohibit teachers from hitting d kids.

Kesian your babeh:) mesti dia takut gile kat cikgu tuh. Kalau I cikgu tuh, I will be scared as well after receiving a note yg macam u tulis:)

Madam Tai Tai said...


I don't like reading about kids being caned in school. I thought this kind of disciplinary action has been prohibited.

Anonymous said...

Hi SW..

sorry to hear about Johan kena rotan. :-( kesian dia.

btw I used to sent my 2 big kids in Adni since Kindy days.. but now no more.. btw there was one incident when my son was not allowed to go to toilet to pee and end up my son got to pee in his pants!. I got so marah. wrote to the teacher in the blue communication book asking why she did that??

I wonder susah sangat ke nak handle budak umur 4 tahun ke toilet.. kan senang kalu pee in the toilet rather in pants. dah satu hal nak lap segala malanya dlm kelas..

the class teacher end up minta maaf and promise me next time she will allow my son pegi toilet to pee. she thought my son sama macam anak org lain, masuk toilet nak main air.. *sigh*

and Adni teachers love to tell their students to get stuff semua at the very last minute time.. I so used to get calls from my kids.. Ibu babah, tolong hantar this and that.. otherwise teacher marah.. *sigh*

bila teringat balik cite2 kids kat Adni, I gelak sendiri.. :-)


Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi madre!

Yeah I got a reply from the teacher saying that johan was late in finishing his arabic work- i mean i really a ok with light punishment but not for light stuff..if rotan tangan is for lambat homework, kalau really naughty apa ? that's what i'm thinking- but i did not know there is such a rule.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi MTT- this is rotan with ruler or stick on hand. not exactly capital punishment- still...

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi aziah..laaa you have taken yr kids out ke...but then what happened to your child was badddd...maybe the teacher tu kurang sabar...memanglah budak 2 that age you have to bannnayyyyyyakkk layan...but i guess after that sure she tak berani ignore any other child!

As for asking last minute - not that bad these days since ada form but yang I geram is, aaaaaaaaaada je nak kena beli!

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