What a to do!

There is chaos in the house. My mother in law is panicking.

My hubby, one week ago, had volunteered to be the coordinator of Sophia's classclub. He also volunteered our place to be the place for the first meeting , to discuss activities for the kids in Sophia's class.

What was in my mind- maybe I'll get satay. Me and Satay eh..Maybe for 20 ppl?

So tomorrow (today) is Friday. I have a meeting in the morning. Sophia had handed to me an A4 size memo which was done by one of the parents, with bold prints INVITING EVERYONE IN HER CLASS TO MY HOUSE. It's addressed to parents and every parent was given one. Apparently her classmates are excited about coming over to our house. Ustaz Ali Akhbar pun akan datang!!

Eh - meeting ke kenduri nih??

The memo..was unexpected. It said that we are launching the classclub, support of parents is important etc... I totally support this.But I'm the hostess (named in the memo) but there are 22 kids in her class. 22 kids times 2 parent- 44 adults. Plus 22 kids. And maybe siblings of the children?

Mom in law panicked.

We have had experience having loads of ppl in the house before but never something that takes you by surprise. The volume (or max volume) was what took me by surprise.

So now, we are thinking menu. As it is after Isha' I thought, dinner would be too heavy. MIL wants to make NASI MINYAK. Called my mom for advice (MIL insist that I speak to MY mom too for ideas). got my dad first. he said- Coffee je girl, nanti kalau sedap sangat food, everytime ada meeting it'll be your house. he he.. My mom said either nasi, or light food. Kalau light, apa?

Soto? Meehoon?Kueyteow? Nasi goreng? Pasta??

To be me, ringan ringan je lah. that doesn't mean serving kueh raya je..but macam not so heavy le.

Last last mom in law decided , she is going to make Nasi minyak. They (MIL and FIL) are so sweet,they are allready planning to go to shop etc. I tell you I am the worst DIL, as she told me to carry on , go to work while she COOK (but please send my mom over lah) - Hope mom comes! DadInLaw just had chest pains lak tu..hope he takes it easy. Everytime I say aloud- abah ok ke abah nak angkat? MIL would say- Abah ok tu..

Just like MY parents hehehehe.

WHAT TO DO.....??? Now talking about taking the china out. Ha..tu dia class club Sophia.

Sapa suruh volunteer ......


MrsNordin said…
That's very thoughtful of your MIL. Pinggan mangkuk semua cukup ke? Of not, pakai disposables je. Senang... tak payah basuh. Good luck!
Ablen Eusoff said…
to me light means sandwich okay kot.. we always do that masa orang datang takbir lepas isya' . Our menu air kotak 3 atau 4 flavor, fruits ( grape, limau yang kupas snediri dan mata kucing) and sandwiches ( telur, tuna or sardin)
Madam Tai Tai said…
Good luck with the meeting and makan! Wow...nasi minyak. Sah tiap2 meeting kat rumah you lepas ni!
MRSHUSiN said…
i agree with mimi la kaklong... the sandwiches & fruits & air kotak not too heavy not too light. plus it's just a meeting and u're not sure how many ppl will turn up pun.
takut like MTT, nanti all the mtgs they propose to have it at ur place. mana aci!
hope pokda is ok... and kirim salam kat mokda ok?
good luck with the kenduri... eh salah, meeting! =)
wannor said…
You are so 'untung' lah friend.Your PIL are very thoughtful people.Wish mine are like that. Wishful thinking ni. he..he..Btw, I think I saw u kat 'Delicious' masa bulan Nov. hari tu. Tapi segan nak tegurle..Tp next time klu ada stranger pakai tudung, 'cun-cun'(he..he.. perasan ni), u jgn terkujat plak ye..Anyway, enjoy reading ur blogs.
wanshana said…

Good Luck for the meeting, dear.

Nasi Minyak after Isya' sounds like what sometimes people serve for Khenduri Tahlil after Maghrib/Isya', kan? And kita orang Melayu ni, rasanya memang dinner after Isya'. So, MAYBE the parents ARE expecting dinner kot?!

Tapi - aiyooo, kalau I pun...pengsan if last-last minute macam ni.

But, Nasi Minyak - kira alright la tu...:)
aida yurani said…
aiyoh, baru class club dah gini punya grand, nanti sophia punya kenduri kawen how? Hehehehe.
Hi MrsN

Thanks for the went ok alhamdullillah..keluar pinggan cantik last last.
Hi Mimi....yah, the next meeting they fixed at THE SCHOOL - pandai ye....
sandwiches is a good idea which I will insist on next time if there is a next time
Mdm TaiTai...

thanks think?
MrsH- in the end 6 parents turned up! But mak bekalkan food to all of them so taklah berlebih ...
Wannor..laaa ye ke you saw me..lain kali tegur je..heheh

Ya my parents in law are really nice but I feel bad lah for letting them take over hehehe...they happen to be here for their medical check up.
you should have called us! class club from another class ak gate crash!!
Hi wanshana...yah some of them came from work terus -so lapar lah.

tak jadik nasi minyak! Over ruled!- lontong instead- macam raya- ada kuah kacang, rendang daging rendang ayam nasi himpit, lodeh...kteow goreng, talam ubi karipap grapes, lokam.
Aida- aiyoooo kalau kawin teruk ooo
kg- I dah jemput dah your husband tu pemalu pulak...lain kali kita combine je lah

Lunch here come.

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