Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today I read in the S*Tar about multidating. Gals who date more than one guy.At the same time. How do they do it??

They don't think they are cheaters. Nooooooo.. Because each man knows about the other. The girls justify it. They like each guy for different reasons. One girl said it's like shoes, you need different shoes for different things.

Entahlah. First of all, girl, men are not shoes. Obviously then, being slightly stupid and thinking men and women are shoes is a criteria to go for this multidating thing.

Girl Power I guess? Women now have the power to act just like the men. We have SOO progressed, kan.

But if you do marry one of the guys that you are playing with- he is going to know that you were a player and boy, you can be assured that that is SO going to be used against you!

Relationship eh....sometimes I think we women carik nahas.

I tengah tengok cita pasal some woman who is dating a married man ....not that much into him, actually but still, takda boyfriend at the time so layan je lah. The married man pulak, not that interested in having an affair in the beginning, but chuffed to have someone interested in him. So I layan you and you layan I, last-last fall in sayang. Fall in shok,lah katakan. Si mamat ada bini, and knows its wrong. Bini ok actually, nothing wrong . Si Minah knows he is married, but suka lah jugak... ada orang nak bawak makan dinner, kat posh hotel..dan sebagainye..Sebagai kawan apa, nothing wrong..If you were their friend, apa you nak advise that person? Tak yah lah kan...sebab dia taknak dengar punnnnn....Sanggup menderita, carik nahas kan ?

Carik nahas no 2- jadi pretend girlfriend. Ie , go out with me and wait for me to (a) divorce my wife (b) come to my senses and marry you or (c) get over whatever it was that I said I had to get over before we can be more serious. In the meantime, you must sacrifice your heart to me, ok tak. Its all about choice. U know where you stand with him. But you take his terms. Others can tell you to love yourself more, have morepride...but they are not you! Tak caya dengar lagu Whitney .."thouugh I try to resist...being last on your list...but no other man's gonna doooooo..cause I'm saving all my love for youuuuuu"

Sepatutnye ada one more verse..."and I really am a dunguuuuuu....!"

Can you advise your friends yang macam ni?? NOt really. When women make their mind up to be a door mat ke, to be a player ke...really there is nothing to change them. Kawan kawan dan sedara look on with despair...nak tolong tak tau macam mana. Karang aku menderem korang karang...

Tulah perempuan...softhearted and yet degil. We have really progressed.

Ok lah merapu rapu lak malam ni..apa nak buat...hubby tengah bercinta dengan telephone baru dia. Macam tak leh tengok internet kat pc...nak gak tengok kat phone. Tak sakit mata ke bang oi??


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Royalshoppingarcade said...

eh, camna boleh sama hubby pun dok la layan internet from his new second hand 5800 nokia express music. PC ada pun still layan phone.hahaha..your hubby which phone pulak?entah2 sama!

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