In the course of hubby's job, he has received a few gifts from his grateful patients. Mostly chocolates, sometimes shirt and tie, and once, a set of plates, and also, a shell thingy you hang on the ceiling

Never has he received a - guitar.

His patient was the owner of a music school and decided to gift a guitar. The logic is simple- you would need the lessons right. The pesanan was "Hope your kids can take up music"

So the kids have been playing. No one knows how to play obviously but everyone know how to "gaya" or pose with the guitar. They strum, they hum, Johan even has compositions of songs that mostly goes like this - "I love my mommy....I miss her madly..." etc etc. Sophia cannot mandi without playing first (her excuse).

I guess we do have to take up lessons lah eh. I was saying to hubby at least guitar tu practical lah , boleh bring to picnic, etc. Imagine if he had given you a piano or a violin. Not so sociable instruments eh

We are bad parents in terms of sending the kids to music school- we don't. Too much money and also where is the time. They come home allready at 5. We are too kedekut with their weekends hahahahah . sara has expressed her interest in violin. Maybe this year eh sara. After we all learn the guitar.



Zulaikha said…
Dear SuperWomanWannabe,
Learning to play the guitar isn't too hard. In fact, you don't even have to take lessons. Just learn through internet, zaman dah berubah, ada YouTube and Try learning 'Oxygen' by ColbiE Caillat.
Zulaikha said…
eh jap2, silap, sepatutnya lagu 'One Fine Wire'..hmm
Hi Zulaikha! Thanks for your suggestion we are very excited now about playing- sure tak yah gi lesson ye?? thanks again!
MrsNordin said…

I bought a guitar two years ago, plus the books, DVD on how to play etc, hoping that one day, I can play the guitar like Gypsy King or something. Mula2 tu memanglah hari2dok practice, tapi punya lah susah. I found it so hard, I don't know how Zulaikha could do it. Tak pernah dapat chord yang betul!

In the end, I gave up. Now, Nadira is trying to learn. The guitar is in her room. But Nadim kept on saying, "Everyday I only hear tiung, tiung, tiung - that's all she can do!" Hee.. hee...

I think I'll send her to the music class depan Ampg Point tu.
Zulaikha said…
You're welcome. Yes, tak payah pergi guitar lessons. My mom taught herself to play the guitar, then she bought one guitar for the house. My brother taught himself to play, I also taught myself. Last year, I bought a very cheap book showing all the chords in pictures, about RM5. Even playing all six strings without tekan-ing anything is a chord. Guitar lessons -not worth the money, tapi piano and violin tak pe. Just make sure that your guitar is in tune!

You hv a guitar too ? It does sound difficult...but try je lah, haa?
Hi zulaikha...i just read that you are 15 (happy birthday) and you can play?bestnya..i think the guitar needs have been tweaking the thing.
Zulaikha said…
Thanks. Yeah, I can play, heehee. I've been playing guitar since I was ten and piano since I was eight. Do you know we've been in the same room before?
Ye ke...must be masa kita makan kat rumah Mumsie ..betul tak hehehehe
Zulaikha said…
haha betul. 100 marks for the super woman!

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