New Routine

Kids got up really early today. Ie 6.20. This is early ok as before they have been getting up at 7. Mana ada orang pi skolah bangun pukul 7? I used to have to wait outside by half past 6. AFTER I ate (or pretended to eat) my 2 hardboiled eggs. (Usually I would leave it by the sink JUST before I go on the Landrover) .My breakfast sometimes was nestum, roti, etc . Mom was a very handson mom. NOoooo letting maid to take care of kids.

I'm going to make this their new routine. Enough living like Gypsies. Now , mealtimes you are going to eat together and no one eats in front of the telly ok...And let's try to solat together at least once a day.

semalam ok lah kena paksa tido pukul 9...very early by their standard. Instead of my usual leter, I just went to bed, turned off all the lights and told them to sleep - it worked! For the first time, they waited for Pakcik.

Am so pleased today.


my kids pulak on the other hand, liat betul nak bangun today.....think they were penat coz we were busy kemasing the house and mak dia dok tak habis habis buat cupcakes over the weekend...
MrsNordin said…
Hope this good trend continues... Well done!
Hi KG- heard u guys were not well wonder they woke up late....hope you getbetter soon.

CUpcakes- if nak know where we live!
Hey there MrsN- let's hope so.
my children sleep at 9.30 everynight.itu pun kena paksa and I kena tido sama.danish, yg eldest, baru in standard one and we have to bathe the younger 2 (4 yrs and 2 yr old) at 5.30am and then send them to the nursery after sending the abang to school before 7.25am. Kesian the kids, semua menangis and merengek2 coz tak cukup tido. Even I feel like crying! tapi hopefully after a while, we'll get used to it..
This morning nak abang terlupa pakai kasut sekolah..sian betul.he was crying takut nak gi sekolah.i had to go and talk to one of the teachers that dia terlupa pakai kasut baru he wants to go for assembley. Kesian betul.
Must make sure they wear shoes next time.adoi!
ooit lingerie tak habis habis....i can smell some good news soon..ikutlah resam kawan kawan zooview tu!

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