Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Tak leh betul masuk Amazingrace lah.

Sikit sikit penat.

Yesterday when hubby caught up with me at Orchard Point, I was allready more than a hundred bucks poorer and ready to sit down. I liked what I bought so much I changed into it straight away- I'm all about instant gratification , me.

Anyways, apparently, it rained. When I went out, the rain had just stopped.

We stopped by for a coffee at the Coffee Coinnosseur. really nice and different coffees...puasgaklah posing sana.

This is me posing at the coffeecoinosseur. last last minum hot choc.

Gambar later ok..tak bawak wayar nak transfer.

Pas tu...tangkap gambar kat peranakan pubs. The lady there came out ingat kita nak have a drink. But we asked her to take our pics instead. We were so obviously tourists, with our bags and our umbrella and me trying to look cool while my poor hubby lug bags behind me...ish ish.

It would be nicer if I didn't get the runs . Must be the latte and hazelnut eclair. the ladies loo in Plaza Singapura is verry nice- on all four floors.

Discovered that I had walked down the wrong direction of Orchard Road! no wonder I had reached Dhoby ghaut MRT and still did not see Tangs or Takashi. Today, I will tackle the other side.! Loads of windows to buy! (get it??:-))

Hubby's idea is for us to go back so we can shower and then go out again for dinner. Anyway it was Maghrib time .

Once we arrived back to the hotel though....it was the Mummy Return on the telly, the shower was nice and hot..the pillow was very comfy....MALAS nye nak keluar , In the end lapar gak so keluar pi carik makan...where else but Lau Pa Sat....

Only here ada stall "nasi padang" bertentangan dengan "Pig Organs" .

Ok je lah food....dah makan baru perasan ada sate..sate Babat tu apa? Lemak lembu??

If I was not a whiner about my poor feet lah my tummy lah etc, I think we would have jalan to the Quay. As it was, we went back to the hotel and ----- crashed out.

Tu lah...tapi takpa..lepak is also an activity cuti right



Ezza Aziz said...

sate babat tu di..Sate perut lembu...
agak nya Babat tu cakap jawo kot..singapore tu kan banyak melayu jowo...kamu dah cuba makan soto dia...sedap tau....

NUR said...

haahlaa kak long..sate perut lembu..fav mak long tuh!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Haa kak ezza..memang favourite saya- sate perut!

Noni- ha next time I akan bawak !

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