Oh you must hear this

I told my husband I was so going to blog this.

The other day, we were lounging in bed. I was next to hubby and Sophia was by my feet. Dia pun nak sebok. Anyways hubby decided to stare into my eyes and tell me how gorgeous he thinks I am. Yes, he was not wearing his specs at that time. Hahaha. Actually (YUCKINESS AHEAD) I tell him he's cute all the time (a talent of seing him with eyes of 20 years ago, helps) and he tells me he's so lucky to have married me (it sometimes sound like he's trying to persuade himself hahahaha)- So that's basically what we do. Mutual admiration society (usually early in the morning or weekends hahaha.other times we rush through the day like normal headless parents)

Anyway embarrassing confession over, the story goes like this.

He was staring into my eyes. "You are soo pretty" he murmured.

(this reads like a bad M&B)

His finger traced my eyes, and nose, and cheeks. I held my breath (wooot!)

After a minute of softly outlining my features, he said.....

"We're aging, aren't we."


And then he went on and on about ELASTICITY OF THE SKIN.

Oh well. You can't have it all I guess hee hee..


Madam Tai Tai said…
SW, Jab is so romantic. NOT!!

Ada ke tengah belai membelai he dared voice out those cursed words. We are not ageing..just maturing like great wines.
Anonymous said…
MTT, I wish I was just maturing like great wines.... LOL... anyway SW, why am I not surprised that something like that would be uttered by our non-romantic MCKK husbands. so luruslah they all.

fulltime mom
MRSHUSiN said…
hahaha... apa lah epi ni!!!
anti climax (no pun intended!) betullah! go ask him to read one of the M&Bs...

seriously u guys are cute la, mana ada aging... but then knowing epi, apa2 pun topic pusing balik sure medical-related!

this is a good one! =D
Haha ya MTT ...soo kill the mood. I think more grapes than wine- even all shriveled up we're still good for them hahahahahaha!Geddit??
Hi FTM. Funny I opened this to delete half of the stuff...takut termalu pulak abang tu. But i could not believe the romantic tactics - yalah tak belajar kat skolah....but I guess better lurus dari bengkang bengkok eh
Hi Izan-- tulah, mintak husin go talk to him k...but the upside is- i now know that the skin round the nose loses elasticity when you age - 2 words to you; SUn BLOCK.
MRSHUSiN said…
see kakLong? tak romantic2 pun, we still learn something from epi.
thanks, will wear more sunblock; especially around the nose!

hahaha... husin romantic? i guess so la... maybe belajar masa sekolah kot!

epi's doing fine, romantic in his own way. and only u know that! =)

p/s: btw, guess what came up for word verification. NOESS!!! coincidence ke apa?
wanshana said…
This is so sweet and kelakar at the same time. Hahaha!

Melanggar pantang tok nenek to utter those words while in close proximity with wife, woooo!
Izan- NOESS??? What a coincidence!Yalah epi was all studying my "fine lines" that unfortunately not so fine anymore hahaha...tu lah im so used to him not being your M&B hero.. if he suddenly gets mushy tak tau what to do lak kan?
hi wanshana. Sampek hati muh....hehehe. orang tengah dok shok nak dengar gurindam rindu rupanye gurindam sains kecantikan. Today he took my hand. Then he looked at me. Then I said "yah, i know. I need to use handlotion. Aging lah ..what to do"

I think a serious pampering of self is ahead . Don't you?
MrsNordin said…
Ha! Ha! This is so funny! Dalam ke-romantikan itu, tiba2 he went on to talk about "Skin Elasticity"> Apa lah! I can imagine the look on your face!

Tak apa... at least he said 'You're so Beautiful"! You truly are..
Ummi365 said…
hey you are not the only one you know.. i pun pernah kena.. recently when i was in abudhabi exactly in his room.. orang baru nak romantik dia kata.. 'eh your laugh lines is so visible now' boleh ke? potong steam betulkan..memang betul rasanya laki budak kolek ni semua lurus bendul kut.. imagine 5 tahun tak jumpa perempuan..hahaha
aida yurani said…
Hehehehe, kelakar betul lah. Apa lah Epi tu. Nanti kaklong kasitau dia punya spek power dah kurang, kena pegi check, tu pasal dia nampak blur. Hahahaha.

Now got excuse to tell him to splurge yourself at spa, beauty centre, etc-etc.

Your face masih lawa & jelita. :)
As are you MrsN...as are you!

Not just skin elasticity but accompanied with a demo - mine against sophia's skin...! camana tak boringhehehehe
Ummi....memang lah I rasa u are right.....! Budak Kolek ni kena ada crash course on what NOT to say. Laugh lines .....???
Aida...haaa definitely!!! Spa,anti aging..but when I went past the lotion shop semalam I thought- alah takyahler...tu lah how???
I so don't see your skin losing elasticity.mana yg I nampak la lagipun..hehe..today my hubby said I'm still his hot stuff.cair la kejap.tapi since its my burfday kan today (kenala kasitau kan..)..kenala cakap romantic.haha...
And I agree with mrs husin.You are beautifool!eh silap.beautiful!jgn mareeeeeeeee

my word verification was: DEHOSE!hahaaaa
Woohooot!Thank you RSA!

kay_leeda said…

Gosh..this is a funny one. Couldn't help tergelak bila reading it (and there I go adding on more laugh lines!!)

I have not "kena" like this yet, but if ever ter-belaku to me, hai...nahas jugak pakcik tuh, coz meng-utter ayat-ayat TABOOO!!!
Anonymous said…
i pun kena already.

yelah sometimes kita tgk depan cermin and rasa mcm 'pretty-la-pulok-aku-arini' kan.

dgn manja2nya sambil renung cermin, ckp 'yangggg.. lawa tak i?'

dan dia lak dgn selambadognya jawab 'kalau lawa nanti susah.. ramai org nak'.

adoiii la.

apa la punya ayat2 cinta tuh?


you ni kelakar...you and jab double kelakar!!!love you guys anyways!!
bella said…
hahahhahaa....guys..so insensitive...don't they know:
1-never ask a lady's age after they are 25
2-never ask what is a lady's weight/waist size/jeans size etc and
3-never ever talk about skin maturity ke...wrinkles ke etc to ladies above 35...adoiyaaiii...
hehehe....anywayssss you are sooo funny la...
Lan0stZz said…
hahaha kak shila this is SO funny abes i gelak terkekek2 sorang2 kat ofis cam saiko. Nway u 2 r always cute. Can't imagine OUR conversation nanti when our lines timbul pulak..urgh haha :P
Hi Kay! - set up dia punya lah lomentik kan...tapi sekaali ...hampehhhhhh he heh heh!

You are still young ler! No laughlines to speak of! (or solution- don't laugh??)
Celcomite- memang nak pelangkung kan. Apa nak kata, kita fishing lain dia bagi lain..and the sad thing is our men tak rasa macam anything wrong.. ! takpa lah....they will learn lah kot...
hi KG- tulah. my husband tak romantic macam yours....kena belajar heheheh
Bella- you are SOOO right! Maybe we shd do a manual??? Hmmm - pasaran kat boys' boarding schools?? he he!
Hi Lana! Tu lah..i could not resist teasing him here..somethings are better left unsaid eh?

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