Saturday, January 03, 2009


Unsettled is what I am feeling.

One more Day to School!!! So many more things to do and settle.

Nadine is going into Form 2 Sayutti. Sara is going to 6 Uthaimin. Sophia is 4 Zahrawi. Dahlia is in 3 Qayyim..and Johan is in 2 Idrisi.

I have no clue where each of the classes is! And I won't be around to check!

Unsettled also because wondering if everything is allready bought.

Schoolbooks have been bought. Brand new because of course no free or even handmedown books for Adni (I wish they'd start!)Is there a forum for Adniparents? Can we share? The only books I can handown though is Johan's though.

Bags- check. Firstly what happened to their bags last year? Makan ke? But, start school, daddy said buy new bags. Mummy thinks its a waste of money.Anyway - off we went and since the local OneStop shop is not good enough, we went to KLCC. My first bag was a checkered suitcase type bag - red and black checks. Sensible. Sturdy. Their bag has stars, girls, pink and silver swirls and letters like lulubelle hello planet etc. Also matching pencil cases which cost half as much as the actual bag.
I drew the line at matching tupperware.

Shoes- check. Went to Tesco and then kicked self for not going there earlier as
things are soo cheap! I think we spent 4 hours there and half of that was in the stationery section, Daddy lah dok pilih and pilih. Eh a pencil is a pencil lahkan what lah so pening to choose right. I memang sungguh TAK SUKA shopping, I hate shopping. With kids. In a crowded place. My ideal shopping malls are half empty and cool and full of cafes.

The shoes we got were black slip ons. One good thing about the school is they ask you to wear black shoes. Practical lah black ni. takyah nak polish. Drama sekejap kat Tesco- Dahlia nak kasut ada ribbon and bow and then merajuk bila mummy said NO. Nak gi sekolah ke nak gi party?

Socks- check, then uncheck. Dad bought them socks. Balik baru discovered that they had picked out MEN's socks. gaduh dengan sophia as I said NO WEARING DADDY's SOCKS and by the way daddy , you now have 10 pairs of new socks. Why lah did you let the girls choose their own socks while I was with Johan choosing his pants? Sophia upset because she liked the fact that the socks were long and comfortable. I am NOT having my daughters go to school with the heel of the socks hanging halfway on their calves ok. So socks still have to be bought. Black, long socks.Tights tak leh ke? Jarang, kata Nadine.Fussynyeeee who is going to check out your heels lah.

Also have replaced the fiddly buttons on their sleeves with poppers (what do you call them?) - they complain that its too fiddly when they have to take their wudhu.

Now have to wrap the books in plastic. Have yelled at them to put their names on the books. Also have to deal with how many books they have to bring on their first day.

Am very anxious also as not going to be around this Monday to see them go off. We'll be off to Singapore - hubby attending a Robotic Surgery Training workshop - apparently his hospital has bought a RM9 million robot to help the surgeons (and they pay the surgeons TOO??) and everyone has got to go for training. I am tagging along because its also our 15th Anniversary and he has no time to take me to an island paradise (there is always the 16th Anniversary)- we are staying 2 extra nights and coming back on Thursday .

Although we both are looking forward to our trip, we are both quite sad to leave the kiddoes. I had actually bought a ticket to fly on tuesday so at least I can see off the kiddoes but since that flight leaves in the early hours of the morning, hubby thinks its safer if I just go with him instead of take cabs at 4 am etc.

Plan now is to have my parents stay over. My brother is also back so that should be ok , he has promised to go see the kids get into their right class. Adni is like a rabbit warren. takda ke Pak Arab nak donate proper school land for them? Kena duduk dalam apartment like building, seriously fire hazard. Hope he doesn't mind,I have also asked DadofFourplusOne to keep an eye on Johan especially. He has 3 kids going in as well.

For today, diary is pretty full. Hubby is at the hospital (sigh ...I am SO looking forward to spending time with him when he is NOT preoccupied with patients or hospitals) . Anyway. once he is back, we plan to meet SIL and BIL family in Nilai Springs club for swimming /tennis. then petang got tahlil at Lin's house- her hubby left us one month ago due to lung cancer...I wonder how she is holding up.

Oh yeah, big thanks for MakB and Uncle M for dropping by last night and bringing food! Really enjoyed the sate, kueyteow and migoreng...

Ok...tata have a good weekend all. Sorry for babbling on and on and on and on.....


tireless mom said...


Through the years I learnt my lesson. Nowadays I dont shop at the last minute. It has been brought forward to mid Dec, tak tension sangat for both parents and kids. If ada termiss out still got time. Try it dear and take it easy.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi I must thank you for rajin commenting...heheheh...yah, last minute for the shoes ..tak tau dah tak muat. Nasib baik buku dah siap ...kalau lambat habis cepat.

MrsNordin said...

The kids WILL BE ok. So, don't worry!

(that's what I always tell people, but everytime I go away on a trip without the children, I'd feel very guilty... sigh...)

Superwomanwannabe said...

heheheh- yah my mom baru marah I - if I worry the kids will pick it up and will be more upset . So here I am not worrying. :-)

Actually- :-( hehehe-

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Hi SWB, I like reading your blog and apparently your dotter dahlia and my daughter adila used to be in the same class in Adni 2 Al-biruni. this year I transferred my dotter to a diff school.. now I feel regret.. of course adni school rupa cam fire hazard building but going to public school not much different.. I cried the first time I sent my two kids to public school. kindda silly i know but looking at the classroom chairs and tables, welp I say Adni is much better.. anyway, my dotter send her regards to your dotter dahlia. and btw I am Izreen's cousin from her dad's side. :-)

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