Saturday, January 24, 2009

Update on Meeting

I have not had any chance of sitting at the pc since last Friday.

Update on meeting- went well! Only 6 parents turned up though, not exactly the FIFTY i was expecting!! Lots of kids though.

Did not make Nasi MInyak. It was Nasi himpit, ayam masak kuali, rendang paru and limpa, sambal ikan bilis, lodeh kering, kue teow goreng, grapes,mandarins- My mom made - made ok- karipap and talam ubi. They started to come from 8 onwards. Some just got back from work hence lapar, some were surprised at the type of food - "Ni Hariraya ni!".

The first 2 hours we were getting to know each other and basically finding out each other's life stories. It seems like they ALL had at least 4 kids each! One lady came with 4 kids and apparently that was only HALF! And she's only 41!! Wow.

Then the meeting started. Some of the parents have had experience with class clubs . One of them (who is now my friend in FB!) is more organised than the others. One parent took the opportunity to grill the very cute ustaz (he really is in a holy sort of way he he) The concern was with the cafe in the school which overcharges- ie very expensive for students. But the argument put forward by another parent was that the cafe is not meant for students but for visiting parents and therefore the price is justified.

Back to classclub, (meeting was very disjointed, me and this other lady trying to get some order into it- correction, she was, me was cracking jokes). So the normal stuff that parents would do include painting class etc. I think it'd be a waste of money to paint the class if there is no need for it. I said that I think it was better if we put up loads of posters on the wall and don't care about the paint. Atlas ke, map ke, whatever lah. Mirror ke.

Ustaz mentioned that some classclubs would get together and buy carpets for the class.

Then we discussed carpeting the class. Interesting discussion (yawn) on types of flooring. Linoleum? One parent suggested laminated timber strips. Wow. I told my MIL this later and she said - when did you start discussing stuff about their studies??

She has a point!

Books and library I totally support and of course I would want my kids to be comfy but this class is newly renovated. Should we care about the floor ? One parent told us how horrible her daughter's class last year was- so there are cases when you need to deal with the condition of the class. (same parent who proposed timber flooring- god I so hope no one discovers this blog-= you do not know me ok)

Anyway we all decided to meet again next week but no chance of makan makan- it's going to be at the school. to assess the need for the carpets and painting.

My contribution? "OUTINGS!"

In between jumping between the nonexistent agendas, we managed to elect committee and also decided to collect RM50 per person first.

Parents are not all glad to know.

Mak put us way up on the "fantastic hosts" list by handing out tapau in neat plastic bags- mak will do this every time. Terperanjat gak the guests but that's a nice touch. hehehehe...Mak's policy- food is best shared and given away as much as possible. You nak makan breakfast besok- kita masak baru. My policy- Mak is always right.

But that is another post.


MrsNordin said...

Glad it went well. I agree with your Mak by letting guests bring home leftover food. I do that all the time because I tak suka simpan.

Timber flooring, for the class? Hoi... suruh they all buat flooring tu kat rumah I je lah!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hee hee yalah J..some dah ada pengalaman kan, so they propose ikut their past experience lah..

this weekend we shall see what really needs to be done. Lunch today?

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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