Thursday, January 22, 2009

Warta Tengahari

Dad in law was complaining of chest pain. Since last night.

We didn't know until this morning.

Last night our partners from down under came and wanted to take us out for dinner - the thing is, I felt reallllyyyy bad for leaving my in laws at home. But no choice,had to go. And then hubby came back realllllyyyy late because he was chopping some- er , operating on some poor people right after he finished his examining of third year kids right after he attended some meeting at the other hospital. As soon as he walked in, I had to make sure he had his food (penting ok , saya isteri mithali) and drink, then my ride to the dinner ie DOFplusOneplusOneMore came and then we went off to the dinner .

Dinner was Carat Club. Food was fine dining which meant a lot of wondering on mypart whether porcini is a mushroom or cured ham, and whether it is safe to assume that anything with the word "blanc" at theback would be alcoholic. I tell the very least C Club could have put a note - not halal. Betul tak.

Dinner was verrrry filling - ended with 4 types of dessert including the Supermisu Tiramisu. Try it.

Dinner was also on our friends (next time our turn ok) but we were destined to PAY as we lost our parking ticket AFTER we paid so we had to cough up RM50 to get out. And we had searched everywhere - we here are Kitchen Guardian and me-= balik tumpang dia pulak. She came later from office. Sorry lah mates, I will soon get a car, I promise.

Balik je, everyone was sleeping so had no clue until the next morning (today) that Dadinlaw could not sleep. Hubby was about to leave for GH for the exams (today final day ke?) when I said eh we have to go send Abah to hospital , if anything happen to him and you are not with him you will never forgive yourself.

That kind of menyedarkan dia that SOMEONE else can cover him for the examining thingy and off we went to I*JN. He was eventually seen and the result is- he needed to increase his ubat....which he was advised to do in Johor but then he had refused now terpaksalahhhh ..Sorry ah Abah.

And I'm the worst kind of daughterinlaw because I was not at home last night. Sorry also because your son crashed out totally instead of going to send you to the hospital . thank goodness everything turned out allright.
Ok byeee


MrsNordin said...

KG told me about the lost parking ticket this morning. I'm glad your DIL is alright. Don't feel bad about staying out late lah. You don't do it often anyway.

NUR said...

kesiannya pukda..kem slm kt pukda yer kak long..

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...