Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mom of the year...

SO NOT mom of the lacking and so many things to improve on


1. Admit one thing you feel awful about (involving being a mom)

Not doing enough with them. I wish that I was the flying kites with the kids type, or colouring in type or the make cookies type.

2. List 7 things you love about your kids, you love doing with your kids, or that your kids love about you.

a. I love to chat with them..they're funny!
b. They love to sleep with me, that much I know
c. I love to go to the salon or play make up with them - they are such ladies!
d. I love that they are so noisy.
e. I love that they are so creative...ada je drawing lah, poem lah or cerita lah.
f. I love the way they are so manja still..even the kakak
g. I love the way they talk to each other

I asked them what do you love about me..they said- we love to sleep with you and eat with so now you know as far as the kids are concerned, mummy dia tidor and makan je.

3. Send this to 5 other moms of the year that deserve a reminder that they too are the best moms that they can be.

(a) Izreen
(b) Lana
(c) Minahsongeh
(e)Ardena !

Friday, February 27, 2009


Well....went to UIA.

No, sorry, start from the beginning. Got up, Sophia moaning that she has lost her sports teeshirt and what can she wear waaaahhh. I told her - we'll drop at the school first. She went on crying until I shouted SUDAHLAH TUUUUUUUUUUU

Heee pagi pagi lagi blood dah go upstairs.

All of us went to the school. Bought Sophia's tshirt. She changed in the car, beaming. Dropped Johan and Dahlia (the sports at UIA is only for the elder 3).

Went to send nadine, sara and dahlia. They complained they were late. Moan moan.

Went back home- stopped by to tapau roticanai nasilemak etc. Bye bye diet. Had breakfast at home, with husband. Would have er..extended it, but hubby had to potong orang. Oh well, his loss.

Went to send hubby to HKL. then finally went to UIA to catch the kids.

Some telematch thingy was going on. To demonstrate mental and physical, the game was, hop one legged to the centre, crouch on floor to do a crossword puzzle(?) and then run to the end to arrange one cup in a triangle . Then go back to team, to tag the next girl. Nadine was in Red and happily, the group (which loses regularly) won yay!

Then got a call from Johan, from the Discipline Room. Where was the teacher ni?? He called to say please get him, he had a toothache. His tooth is really really bad (gee wonder if this is hereditary).

Picked him up. Went to the dentist. Waited a loooonggg time for dentist. Once in, Johan suddenly REFUSED to open his mouth. Pujuk punya pujuk tak jadik jugak Decided to take him home and let his dad take him. Doctor said "Dah teruk, Johan...lagi tunggu laagi teruk." Doktor ni bercakap dengan saya ke ni?

Anyways got really mad at Johan. remember I said that once you start yelling it feels so good and you can't stop? Well I basically yelled lah, although part of me thought- oh over nye. But I was annoyed that after waiting an hour, he refused to open his mouth and then gave me a "blur" look . GERAM.

Went home, sent him, forbade all forms of entertainment and then left for UIA. Kids were by now playing badminton/netball. Nadine was a spectator. Sara and Sophia tak tau mana. UIA campus cantik ! Green and today ada mists lagi.

That was today.

Visited MRSN's and KG's blog-will do the tag, KG. And I am so not the Mom of the Year, not today anyway. MrsN reminded me that this year will say bye bye to the thirties. Ada bash ke? er...have not given it much thought yet since still in "I will hang on to the 3os with my fingernails" mode...hehehe. If lah orang kata- haa can jemput sapa sapa, aside from the family and friends, who will I ask ye? RajaNazrinandWife? JitMurad?AnwarZain?berangan....

Ok lah now have to take Hamster no 2 aka Nibbles to the vet because apparently he has a wet tail.

Btw- gambar I shopping for suit heheheeh...hubby suruh beli this one...
What I ended up buying....macam security guard KLCC tak?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Semangat Sukan

Sports day is around the corner. Has been around the corner for the last month, or so it seems.

Today the kids are singing their songs. First Johan, for his Khandak song..then Sophia who sang her Badar song . Then Sara who sang "something some thing for kemena-gan' for Uhud house.

By the way the houses are named after great battles in Islam.

Sara's song got Nadine riled up as it was not "Kemena-gan" it really is "kemenangan". When Sara said that this was in the paper , Nadine said - SARA!! THAT's A TYPO laaaaahhh!!! Takkan tak faham kot?/

Hee hee. Yes, this from a girl who put down in her Standard 1 paper, "Sebentuk" for kereta, sepucuk untuk bunga etc.

Anyway tomorrow the girls are going to UIA for their sports- everyone except for Daya who is in Level 1. So moms are supposed to go but not dads. I have an appointment lah tomorrow but my daughters were going (Nadine especially) gave me the "WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT" Speech.

So I will be going tomorrow ler...nampak gayanye...

The actual sports will be on the 8th March 2009.



* I bought it*


Chairing the session

Well the seminar is over !

Quite an interesting seminar and I am so glad I went for both's maritime financing, from the perspective of just about everyone lah. The issue is- the ship operators etc need funding to operate or to buy/repair ships and where do they get funds? The banks are reluctant to help as its not exactly a small sum, and also unlike houses, which can be "lelong"ed if loan default occurs, how exactly do you tahan a ship? And what other ways of financing the needs of the maritime industry? Waaah I truly enjoyed hearing from the shipoperators, the Banks, the classification society (the SIRIM of ships, basically), the tax (er that one, not so enjoy) , and the Insurance company (the one bearing the most headaches in case of tenggelam, or collision). Of course, legally also I have learnt a lot. Now can at least Bull***t with style.


So want to hear about my session chairing? Must tell you that it was a blur. Macam out of body experience. What I was scared of is sounding really biyoul . The topic was "Maritime Financing from the Legal perspective".

The first session tu I was hardly paying attention to the talk, I was busy writing down my script. If the speakers were to have a glance at the notes, sure gelak . It had "Good morning ladies and gentlemen,"...all the way to "May I invite the audience to pose a question to the panel.." to my little commentaries about shipfinancing the financial crisis and the way banks take security. HAHAHAHHAHA. I am such a fraud or an amazingly quick learner. Yup- a fraud. hahahahha

The first speaker was ok, reading from her paper mostly. The second was an old hand at maritime law and her CV was 6 para so I had to shorten it. Half of it went , in my nervousness. I noticed that my voice lowered and all of a sudden I had this very Pembaca Berita CNN kind of expression and slang you know? why ah? I summarised with comments that included terms like choppy seas, stormy waters...bad bad puns.. hehehe. And when the questions were asked from the panel, I siap nak sumbat my comment. I said that that in terms of financial crisis it is only natural that financial institutions tighten their security however in their haste for prudency we must strike a balance to ensure that they do not end up strangling the industry. Walhal it was not MY AREA! Eeee always want the last word.

Lepas tu dapat present and the director of M*IMA said Excellent Chairing! The senior fellow who has this mutual admiration thingy going with me, said "You saved the day!"

Waaaaa walaupun takda lah apa sangat...But can I perasan and gloat tak...heheheheh Kejaaap je!

:-) And I got a desk organiser as my reward.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wish me luck! it's 8.20. Because hubby is still downloading stuff, I have to wait . The Seminar starts in half an hour.

My slot is at 11.30. I could not really sleep and I am not even the speaker! I'm merely the "Hi this is the speaker- here she is isn't she wonderful -psst can you please stop babbling your time is up" lady.

Ahemmmm!!! Lalalaala meeemeee meee meee (*practice*) Ladies and gentlemen, good morning..I've been practising the meagre stuff I think I would need to say all night. The thing I don't really know is what to say after they finish- that was a GOOOOD paper, dear. That sounds very condensending pulak. How about - EXCERRENTTT!! What I SHOULD NOT Do is say - "er..thank you, Ms ABC, that was paper" in a "bored it was so dull" voice.

If I was not at ISE*TAN yesterday I would have been able to google each and every one of the attendees so that I can pretend I know them when I see them hehehehe.. However I was there buying myself a COUPLE of suits - finally found suits that I can actually wear which could have something to do with me embracing Size XL and no longer bothered to go try any other size (L konon, HAH!) . I am justifying the purchase as my preparation to launch into my new court career. Got meself new shoes as well....but that's cause my old ones are well and truly worn- I wear shoes sampai hancur then buy new one. I don't change shoes. Or bags. My (ahem) LV now is showing signs of wear too...

OKAY!! I think we better go honeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...
rasa macam exam ler..

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kematian...sorry sara

One of the hamsters I bought...has been eaten!!!

Maid called to tell me that the 2nd hamster is dead. She found blood on the stairs and traced it to Sara's room which again, was open. Sara had hit on the smart idea of putting one of the hamsters in the fish tank which , while is wider, has an open top (she took it off to give more air) ..My hunter cat, Tompok, who has been a regular relentless visitor to her room, obviously thought it was his birthday and pounced. The maid found him in front of the library with a limb out of his mouth (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW) . Thank goodness he ate everything else. I think.

On the plus side- I guess we now have a good mouse catcher.

On the SOOO Minus side- what am I going to tell Sara?

Do I buy another one and pretend nothing happened?

Do I tell her and we mourn and be prepared for her to give daggers looks to Tompok who hubby tells me is tak berdosa? Innocent?

I'm just glad it was not Moomee who became Tompok's breakfast..that was her birthday pressie from Auntie Da*rina. Kalau tulah yang jadik mangsa...haruuuuu

Whatever it is, I think we need to make another trip to PetsWonder*land. Sigh...

Hamsters oh hamsters!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Johan sakit gigi hari ni...he has a HUMONGOUS hole/cavity in 2 of his molars...kesian. Most of the time tak sakit tapi bila sakit datang, kesiannn dia.

The other sisters were "I told you so"ing- with Nadine reporting that he doesn't brush his teeth mummy!

We have given him his panadol and antibiotics- tomorrow to the dentist we go.

Hmpph. I can't say much because I also have a humongous hole in one of my (I will loosely call it tooth but there's more hole than tooth) and I have been keeping this for FIVE years and been praying that it will either heal by itself or fall off by itself. I takuuuuuuuut sangat nak gi dentist not so much of the pain, but of the judgment by the said dentist when he opens my mouth and discovers the cavity - "tsk tsk tsk MISS!!! You tak gosok gigi aa?? "

It does NOT help that there is a renowned (?) dentist on my floor. Should I just go, it keeps getting worse lah. Ada tak dentists yang bisu,for example. Cannot make judgment. Or else can I go in wearing a mask. (hey not a bad idea). Or else go overseas for dentists (waaah orang kayar or what) ..Or ada tak yang knock you you can do whatever you want to my teeth (or lack thereof) ..


Sementara itu....

Just got back from this place called MUM's Place. Hubby and family, met up with his 2 classmates from Primary school, and THEIR family. We won hands down in the "who has been most productive" category ler. LK has 3 kids, S has one. S married a malay lady.

Mum's place not very mumsie..well, this "Mum" does not have small children lah let's put it that way. S's son who is 14 months got a bit restless and started to walk around after a while. My kids pun after dinner started to get noisy. There was NOTHING for the kids to do or colour and the TV can ONLY play sports. Even though for the first 2hours no one came (we met at 6)

Food was ok ...we ordered rice and a few (!) dishes...

So next gathering is at our place...
Before that......

We went to visit mom and dad. Arrived at noon. Dad was like " ye lah , rumah dah cantik puuuunn anak anak taknak datang...sob sob" and only perrked up when bro 2 came with satay and then I left to get Nasi ayam and the house was noisy again. Nampak gayanye kena lah selalu selalu my mom is not going to listen to my dad's political views and not going to argue with him either. hehehehe

My dad got a bit sad again when we had to leave at 3..Sophia has invited her friends to practise badminton at our house. By the way, Yana my niece is in badminton competition representing her house Uhud, and she is going to compete against the representative of Badar, who is...Sophia!

yes this week is sports practise week. Because A*DNI takda sports field , we are sending kids to various different venue for their events.

dah ler..hubby is still downstairs downloading all the articles he can find in the world that has the slightest link to medicine or surgery, (or it feels like it heheheh)


Saturday, February 21, 2009

This morning's news

I'm feeling so s*^t today..nose all bunged up and all.

This morning someone from Rainbow vacuumcleaner came to give a demo. Seing that hubby was not around, he arranged to come back. I am actually tempted as it sounds like it can clean everything. The only thing is...I can think of so many things to buy with RM8000 than a vacuum cleaner. But I just know that I will buy it. PLEASE HELP ME SAY NO!

Then I saw a drama Ikram Akilah on TV2 and there was this 9 ish year old girl who was picked on by the teacher .The cikgu was asking the kids what their cita cita and matlamat are...what are your aims and ambitions? Other children were smugly telling the teacher that they wanted to be doctors, teachers and firefighters. This Akila said doktor-eh cikgu -eh saya tak tau lagi . The teacher got mad and said "It seems you have no principle/pendirian" and stuff about what are we if we don't have aims and dreams.

HELLL-LOOWW!!! These kids are 9? I know lah this is fiction but in our society we get kids to commit to a career so early. What do kids know about available jobs out there- yang tau, nurse, doctor, loyer , polis ..right? Do we know about say, marine biologists, or investment consultants, or research fellow etc? Takda kan.. I think the main thing is not to ASK the kids, it's to conduct assessment to find out the aptitude the kids have... so that in the end you get a careeer in an area you (a) do well and (b) loves. Try doing career talks too. At primary school level. Ada lah incentive for them to study. Also show them Universities so they can aim high..hehehehe

Like me, tak habis habis fill up nak jadi psychiatrist/fashiondesigner/lawyer. Tu pun sebab ada kawan my dad jadi lawyer and depa dok kata buat law lah, buat LLB - lama lama biul. hehehe

Itu lah theory I....phase out this "What is your ambition" thing...because half the time, a kid would NOT know. Not at 9 especially.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Orang kata, kalau bersedekah or buat amal jariah , to keep it quiet...but I thought it may be better to cerita kat semua orang about sponsoring a Palestinian child...

Background story- I was at a friend's Open House recently and we got to talking about doing charitable work. This friend is a dear friend and whether she knows it or not, she was instrumental in getting me and hubby together- she came to my flat one day, and said you must go to the MalaysianSingaporean Coffee Evening, there is someone I would like you to meet.

of course, we did not immediately hit it off, in true hubby style he had to wait another to make a move, but Kak N was the key.

Anyway back to Kak N, we both were staying in flats, she in the Limes, me in the Cedars, and both tak pandai masak and both staying with matsallehs so more often than not we were at each other's flat (i was also bothering my other friends in the Chestnut which included "dadoffourplusoneplusonemorewhenwillyoueverstop")

She was a truly nice person and being a psychologist was interested in people, and the path that she chose reflect her as a person and she is truly lucky to be doing what she loves. which is charitable work amongst other things.

She told me about Palestinian children and I said enthusiastically OF COURSE I would love to help but you must follow up because I would otherwise forget...

Ok ok ok...her institution is called ORGANISATION RENEWAL INC and the link is -

A review of this is HERE in someone's blog (sorry,t ak tanya permission pun)


Go check it out

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Update on Kids

Kids are ok ..the other day the hamster got lost but then when I came home I found him under the table. Then the next day just before leaving for work I noticed the door to Sara's room where the hamster is kept was open, but things were very quiet. I found TOMPOK the hunter cat hiding very quietly behind the cage. Had to be shooed away but he went very slowly and kept turning around. Now Moomee the hamster no 1 has been injured (HOW???) by the cat and Sara refused to talk to the cat.

Sophia pulak is single handedly sponsoring the art and craft needs of her class or so it seems to her parents who have to drive to the stationery shop every now and then and get glue lah, marker lah etc. In the meantime she now shows her homework to us but I soon sussed out that I was answering almost all the questions FOR her so I stopped helping too much. Look can, but answer you go and think. So my daughter , this one.

Dahlia is the first one to be able to tick off all the TO DO on the TO DO list which I gave them to fill and include such interesting things like mandi, mengaji etc. She is very into lists and cleans up really well well that she is the only one who bothers to pick things up and the others take advantage of her.

Johan has just started going back to school after 2 days of sakit mata or also known as malas nak pergi sekolah. His teacher keeps harrassign us to get the IslamicStudies book which I have allready bought (just, though).

Nadine kaklong? Well.......she is the one who gets up at 5.30 but still manages to be the last one into the van, clutching her shoes on one hand, and bottle air on the other. She has a LOT of homework. She now is at the park with everyone else since I told them they can go to the park if KakNing follows them and EVERYONE goes. Yes and I have a compound just to let the cat go and do their business and not for the kids to play...they STILL want to go to the playground.

Oh yes, have you ever seen Boys before Flowers? Catch it, my new Korean drama er...fancy? About 4 ultra cool prats who are given a lesson by this totally not cool not rich girl. Seems the way to catch a rich guy is to totally insult him and also give him a flying kick.
And look lost all the time...heheheh
Byeeee ////zzzzzzzz....


I feel as if I have not checked in with this blog for absolutely ages.

What have I been doing.

Well, on Tuesday my colleague gleefully forced me to take on litigation matter- a very teeny weeny and irrelevant thing which managed to make me fret and lose sleep and go to AE*ON to look for new shoes and suit (btw they are totally c*rap) . How did I do? Well I only told TWO people there about how this was my first ever time to appear before someone important and how i really hope I don't screw it up like BOW or say HAIL or something. In the end, it went ok except I waffled when he asked me a question I didn't understand. Yes, my law degree was actually majoring in waffling, didn't you know.

On Wednesday we had lunch with Mr Personality , a senior researcher at this Institute who is Mr Charming (or so he likes to think) . He has managed to get me to moderate a session at an up and coming shipfinancing seminar and I have exactly two weeks to remember what is a ship and how the heck you finance it. No lah I'm KIDDING!! hehehe...he is kind enough to make sure my session is JUST before lunch so no one will be interested to ask any questions please. When asked what I can do to help he said just bring your megawatt smile...Which is SUCH A LINE but I liked it! He also ventured into bawdy jokes but when challenged by the other guests (yes we were NOT alone) or when the subject of children (both his and mine) were (deliberately) introduced, things mellowed down instantly. In the middle of this lunch, hubby popped up and I was so delighted that he could join us but actually he just wanted to take the car back.

(We are buying another car and presently in talks about loans etc. Unfortunately this car is NOT new and the Bank is reluctant to throw us the sum of moolah that we asked . Since this belongs to a dear Uncle I don't feel right to tell him we'd take it, and then at the last minute tell him we can't as its too expensive and we have to top up a tidy sum. Anyway it is a very very good car and a very very good buy so there.)

Talking about money , we have received particulars of Shahen the boy we are sponsoring and hope to make a difference to , who it turns out has like 7 brothers and sisters and is the cutest boy ever. here he is!

On Thursday TODAY a lunch appointment with this lady however she cancelled on us at the very last minute so we had to go and have a nice lunch without herlah- too bad lah dia melepasz . Tamarind Hill is very nice and I never knew they had three restaurants in there.

Oh yes, I have discovered Az*wan's blog and it is really really funny ...the way he/she speaks is soo "nyah" and after a while gives you a headache because you can't follow it. And you also end up fervently praying that your child does not end up that way....!

Got so much more to tell you of my intensely mundane life but at the moment I just want to go to sleep.

See next post on kids.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Jejak Kasih

When my mom in law came over recently she mentioned hubby's 2 closest friends at primary school in Kluang- one LaiKok and another Sashitaran. (How Muhibbah). Hubby wondered aloud what they were up to now since the last time he saw them both was 1979.

(why he could not or did not look them out during his hols from MC*KK I don't know and he also said entah)

Anyways. I got the idea of googling these names and guess what!!! Lai*kok is a very senior guy at one of the big tax/accounting firms! Sashi I couldn't get though (unless he had moved to chennai lah as that was all that was coming out).

So one free afternoon I decided to CALL this tax/accounting firm and was put through to Lai*kok's PA. I asked him to return Dr Hubby's call. She said he was busy in a meeting all day but when I said Dr Hubby is a Consultant whatorologist she kind of panicked , I guess because hubby later smsed me (from work) to say that he got a call almost immediately from LK!

So they arranged to meet, today. Sashi was also included, as he had kept in touch with LK. He is now a muslim, and goes by a different name. And he probably WAS in chennai. I don't know.

5 hours later, he has just returned home. Selamba je, takda excited sangat pun. I yang jakun tanya.

So honey how was your reunion??

"Glad to see them. They look exactly as I thought they should."

What the heck did u talk about?

"We talked about old times and our parents, Our we ended up with the jobs we do now..."

Have they changed then?

"In terms of demeanour, voice and physique, yes...but they retained their character"

what did they say about you?

"I've grown! My body has managed to catch up with my head " (FYI, he was very short right up to Uni. thus ensuring that he was girlfriendless until I was within 20 miles radius I would like to think he heh)

"And we have decided to meet up next week with families in Damansara Perdana for dinner- Babanyonya restaurant"

And - er , he now is watching football. The end of the reunion tales. Guys eh. Kalau I dah berjela jela dan berkajang kajang cerita.

Did they acknowledge me at all darlinks? (Need to be credited, hello! Note to self- It is Not about you Shila)

"Definitely- they credited you for arranging this !" (but hubby played along, thanks)

Heh heh..I would love to have my own Jejak Kasih but then kan..I forgot the last names of my close friends kat school! There's Hemalatha in Standard 4, Norliza in Standard 1 (berebut I dengan another Norliza). Of course lah, after Form 1 it was Zu, Riza and that's it. Oh yeah, I was good friends with Renee, and TamilSellvi.
Hemm....ada rezeki ada lah...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Story

When you think about it, it was the perfect Valentine's Day.

I had brunch with Sisterinlaw and family and MIL, I went to celebrate a lady tokoh korporat, and I celebrated dad's birthday at home.

Of course, it was actually very hectic.

Ahem! Ready? Steady? GO!

Valentine's Day Schmalentine's Day (heheh)

1.Baby Irdina came calling!
Hubby left early in the morning, to send Sara for her UPSR extraclasses and to go to the hospital(s). SIL Nor came over around 11 in the morning with her entire family - Baby, 5 year old Fatin and 7 year old Aiman. Mother in law too. Instantly was washed in guilt as we should have gone over to see HER (she left our house 2weeks ago!)- in all this time we had been telling each other "We must go and see Mak". Tengok-tengok they came over first.

Irdina the Baby is now 3 weeks old. Maaacam matsalleh if not for the nose melayu. She sleeps all the time unless she is hungry. Perfect although I kept disturbing her and trying to get her to wake up.



2. The Seminar

In the meantime I was thinking of the talk I had promised to go to. Weeks ago I had said "yes" to attending an event organised by DewanPerdaganganIslam Malaysia, called "sembang2 wanita korporat- Islam & Bisnes" . ( Actually I would not mind joining them, I think we should just concentrate on bettering ourselves for the sake of bettering ourselves whatever the current govtal policies are) Forgot that 14th Feb would fall on Saturday.

Anyway this talk was supposed to be at 2.30p.m. Which meant I had to leave around 1.45 pm. Somehow, I had always thought hubby would be dropping me before he takes the kids to visit our friends in PJaya.

As it turned out, he only came back about 1.30pm (had to get Sara from school). As inlaws were over, I could not jolly well ask him to send me. But I could not NOT go, seing that it was a paid thing and all. So. I . drove . Alone. This is monumental , ok, considering I got lost the day before trying to get from the PrinceCourt Hospital to the Weld- I ended up circling KLCC twice. I did get there , patting myself on the back, although not without a (very) few frantic calls to hubby going - "WHERE IS THIS KELAB TASIK?? I'M IN PRECINT 8 BUT THERE ARE ONLY HOUSES AND I DON'T SEE- OH! there it is,ok bye!"

The event was a formal event. I almost did not go in, because I was 30 mins late and it had allready started. I hissed to the ladies at registration that I was there on the invitation of Mr SO and SO and they ushered me in right in front of that Mr So and So in the middle of his opening speech. He was the organiser , our Mr So and So.

The place was packed. 20 tables - Full of business women. I was given a seat with these Datinstyle ladies. Made friends with them, joined one kutukking the other tables who very rudely started munching their snacks before the talks were finished (my friend kept jabbing at the programe going - "5.30 baru boleh makan lah!!" (Actually, some tables were very noisy- tak reti decorum ke???)

The lady we were all there to honour was DatinPadukaSitiSaadiahSheikhBakir, the CEO of K*P*J group. The Tansri Dato who introduced her said she had 5 other "CT" in her - Audacity,Tenacity, Generosity,Capacity and ELectricity ( i thought this was cute)

A TV3 former personality was the moderator for the sembang2, and the director of the IKRAB (Istitute of west Asian Studies) was to summarise . The moderator asked this lady how she started in the business 35 years ago. Watching her, listening to her, my conclusion then was.- this Datinpaduka is one Gutsy lady- She is actually quite petite, resembling very much a kindly grandmother, but she has succeeded in an area where men are, ie the top echeleon of management, and she has succeeded in an area where she was not familiar , namely, healthcare. All through sheer grit. She still has that passion. I think then, that is the key- passion.

Her tips which she shared include- ask yourself first thing in the morning, WHAT you hope to achieve, ie pasang niat . Niat in Islam is veryimportant anyway and it helps you to focus if you know WHY you do the things you do. Also, she sleeps very little.

The reviewer in summary shared her experience of going to the Middle east/Asia Barat, ie, it is a very male oriented society where they hide their women. They don't set them aside, they just hide them. (Bukan dipinggir , hanya dipingit). And to suceed in opening a hospital in jeddah, in this type of society, Datin paduka should be applauded.

By this time, dah bising, macam pasar. I wanted to say...POMPUAN2!! Please lah show some respect...malu ler. While we ate, there was a syair and a sajak and a song. Cool!


Ok, the event done, all my cards distributed, with mr So and So telling one of them to give me work ok?? (So blatant, tersegan kejap) 5.4o on the dot , I shot out. Called hubby who told me - Balik cepat. Awwww...He missed me...or rather, he wanted the car !

Yelah, actually, my parents were coming over for dinner that very night. I lah thought to call him over - This is to celebrate my dad's 66th birthday- Dad did not want to eat out, apa tah lagi nak ke HIltonmilton ni...last2 makan kat rumah je lah dia kata.... Small problem though- As at 5.40 pm, beras takda, gas takda, lauk takda sayuur takda. And I had the car.

So that is behind the "Balik cepat" heeh hehe. On the drive back, while I battled my way out of the various highways, I wailed "but today is VAAAAalentine's Daaaaaayyyyy" . Actually tak lah kesah sangat but sedikit sebanyak termakan jugak the sentiments of the day.
4. The Birthday.

FINALLY arrived home. Headache. Asar. Laid down. Ada dinner to cook, but headache won. Hubby was doing some PC work with B*ad , his looooong term friend. Invited Ba*d and family to stay for dinner. Which I was going to have to cook. Ba*d left to get his family (he came alone), and hubby went out also to BUY the fresh stuff. I raided the fridge for whatever was available, as obviously hubby was going to be a while. So we had ayam goreng and tomyam udang done while waiting for him to come back. Tomyam tak sempurna sebab takda limau and tomato. I kirim ikan nak steam and tauhu.

Hubby came home, with ikan, Ikan jenahak. I tak tau pasal masak2 ni, but I thought kalau jenahak, orang goreng or kari je. So karilah. Taapi..takda santan. Masakje lah Ningseh..nanti tambah ler susu or what. Tauhu tomato limau semua lupa nak beli.
Dearest tired out hubby went out AGAIN for all the above, santan, oyster sauce etc and also birthday cake.
Ba*d and family came over beFore my dad. They brought sate , thank goodness so we ate that first. We ate first, because parents came at 10. After ishak kat surau.

*Thanks for the Sate Ba*d!*

In the end I cooked sotong masak kunyit , tomyam udang, ayam goreng rempah, kari ikan, rendang tok my mom, mixed veg. Lauk biasa je.


*Some More pix*
*My dad regaling guests with jokes- hang tuah gang ada 7 orang tau. Sapa nama? Hang Tuah., Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu, Hang Lekir, Hang Kasturi...2 lagi apa?? Tak tau? Dua lagi tu...hang tanya hang bodoh!" hehehe*

*Happy Birthday Atok!*

5. Last surprise....

So far I had my parents, my kids and my husband, and my husband's old ( I mean over 20 years) friend and his family. Surrounded by lurve orang kata. Nice for valentine's day lah . Although not really the traditional, tapi takpa lah, I thought. Dah tua PON...

Sekali- jeng jeng.. my husband tiba tiba...gave me this!


Sungguh terharu sebab my husband is NOT a romantic, and he did this purely to satisfy my need for roses (biler lagi) sebab kalau tak bagi I sure mintak one heheheheh but this is ONE year when I really did not expect it as it was allready a good day and to be honest i tak sempat nak hint gedabak hehehe...but as a penutup hari, it was perfect! I did have my cliched Valentine's Day after all!
I hope you had a good day with your loved ones, or doing something you love!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Abah’s IJN trip (as dictated to me by Hubby hence the hifaluting language- just in case you were getting impressed)

(I was stuck in the most gadawful jam this morning trying to get to PJ and filled our time typing this up about my Father in law. Hubby was dictating it and what was cute was he dumbed it down for me- saying "my FIL" rather than Abah as he thought that was what I would write- HELLOOOO don't lah act like you married me for my looks hehehehe)

For the past month, Abah has been complaining of chest pains. Occassional shortness ofbreath and headaches despite strong anti anginal therapy. Due to his 2 previous heartattacks we had to take his complaints seriously . He has had 2 heartattacks in December 2006 after Yati’s wedding and 15 months later which was thought to be gastric pains initially. Consequently he has had 2 coronorary angiogram. Hubby said the first one was an anterior myocardial infarc. Which is the branch of the left coronary artery going right down between the 2 sides of the heart. For the first heart attack he required some angioplasty and 3 stents to get him right. He was ok for a while, until he developed some lower chest pains which was thought to be due to the aspirins he was taking to keep the stents open.He was admitted to the nearby hospital and diagnosed as gastric pains however when hubby called the hospital up for more details, one of his enzymes was particularly high it sounded like LDH, which can either come from the liver or the heart. Hence another quick baton passing of Abah from Kluang by his sons from Johor to KL with a switchover at Ayer Keroh and Nilai to speed things up, between Majan and Epa.

(Should I masuk Jalan Kuching or not)

(Lagi, bah?)

He got admitted to IJN and was diagnosed with an inferior myocardial infarc. Now due to another branch of the left coronary artery. However the 2nd angiogramme showed a plaque at the junction of the 1st and 2nd vessel which could not be remedied at angiography for fear of causing acute blockage (thrombosis) associated with diffused small vessel disease. The right coronary artery has always been ok on both occasions.

(The above is SOOO NOT written by me)

Hence the only cause available to him is NOT a bypass - No further stents required and simply best medical care .

The increase in the amount of drugs he had to take following the 2nd heart attack gave FIL headaches due to the baso-dilatory effects of the drugs Poor FIL he was advised to slow down and take only gentle exercises but soon he resumed his normal life .

Just after xmas he popped over with mother in law (I will NOT say MIL, dad) for her clinic appointment. He related having had recurrent episodes of chestpains again . One bad occasion made hubby take him to IJN emergency department however his ecg and blood test were not in keeping with the heart attack. He had already stopped aspirin well before that. IJN suruh.

They increased the dose of his drugs from once to twice daily and brought his clinic appointment forward from June to February . The chest pains were not however made worse by physical activities or exertion. He saw his doctor at IJN in the clinic , who was convinced htat the pain was non cardiac although he could not give 100%guarantee. The 3rd angiography was then proposed which FIL accepted.

Thankfully this did not show any new disease. The pain is therefore declared to be non cardiac , probably muscular skeletal or gastric reflux. Now the ball is in hubby’s court.

The first thing he did after coming back, was to enjoy a bowl of sup kambing – so much for an angiogramme.

The contents of my car

On any given day you can bet that my car will contain the following:

1. Two pairs of my shoes
2. Lots of coins including some foreign coins
3. A plastic bag (which is always in to keep rubbish)
4. At least one shawl for Adni visits
5. Several copies of old newspapers
6. Hubby’s documents on the dashboard which he swears that he needs and I cannot touch
7. Pallets of used chewing gum stuck discreetly until found by dad
8. Used water bottle with contents
9. The odd surgical instruments and medicines under the back seat
10. Golf clubs and tennis shoes – he’s a dreamer.
11. Receipts of yonks ago.
12. Ties scattered on the dashboard
13. Brochures and magazines
14. Leaflets from school , dell or estima
15. Odd socks
16. Slippers from kids
17. Loads of dvds not matched to their covers.
18. Sunglasses
19. At least one phone charger

Sounds like a moving house.

Will it be better with another car? :-)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sara and Johan's combined birthday.

We had a little makan-makan for Sara and Johan's birthday last Sunday. JOhan memang lah turned 7 - Sara had her birthday in December but did not get a party(although her present was VERY EXPENSIVE) so buat lah sekali for her. I think I like this combine thing.

It was supposed to be limited to their class but as usual with Malaysians we can't exclude our relatives and neighbours! What to do, that is who we are...

The party was supposed to start at 10.30 a.m. Agenda very simple- eat, game, cake, eat some more, go home. Selama ni tak sempat nak buat apa, the day before we all came home so late, tak larat nak gi market. Finally Hubby went out at 6 am that morning to get the meats and veg. He went to Tesco at 8 for the party pack stuff. Came home at 10 a.m. I was of course in FULL PANIC MODE as usual as the party packs tak buat lagi. Orang nak datang in 30 mins. Can I tabalkan us the King and Queen of Last Minute? In the end I got the kids to fillup the party packs.

Thank goodness despite the initial chaos (I had to leave at 10.30 to go get the Be*n10*Cake) , we had a good time, it was really good to see everyone.

Food was from Kitchenguardian- I ordered nasi tomato from her- she now caters for small parties and available for nasi briani udang etc- (free marketing)

And mom brought her famous mi kari. We supplied the kteow goreng and other goreng stuff like sausages popia karipap buah etc.

Sister in law Zu set up a stall and kept my aunties entertained (thanks Zu!) with her gems and her charms (she sells ThomasSabo lookalike charms at only RM35 each) and I think my aunties ordered a few from her. She gave me a free serum but takda rezeki, I put it on thetable and then the cats broke it. Waaaahhh!!!!

Makngah and Mom helped a LOT in the kitchen- teruknye I , kerah auntie and mak sendiri. In*tan my brother's wife even swept the floor! I lurve my family ..mwah!!
I will babysit your kids anytime ok!

Sara got a much longed for hamster- fromm Da*rina who didn't know of how crazy she was for a hamster! (The morning after however, saw me totally freak out as I found the cage empty and all the stuff inside,scattered on the floor, and my CATS playing with the said hamster!! It was rescued by the maid, thank goodness (I was screaming as I imagined a bloodied hamster ). Hubby laughed his head off as I hid in the room and locked the door as I thought he was going to bring the dead hamster to me.)

back to the party- we did have organised games planned but the kids were not that interested! They all went wild with the guns we gave and also preferred to kick a ball around the lawn.

The last guests came at 10.00 pm and had dinner with us. My knee by then had given way! I spoiled everyone's mood later by yelling about how I don't understand why big kids could not just pick up all the litter - sweet wrappers were all over the family room upstairs and all the CDs were on the carpet- you're talking at least 8 year olds- and my kids pun tak nampak ke messy? Sweet wrappers tu yang I tak paham tu...they don't exactly pick themselves up and send themselves to the waste bin ok kids!!

But all in all--- good party. Next one is Sophia- shall we take it to Lake Gardens then?

Saturday, February 07, 2009


I just saw PGLM.. it was great!

Thanks Sisterinlaw Ati for the ticket- love you mwah mwah!!!

It was great! I know , I know, we saw it the first time round, and then the second round, so what is so different right. It had a different feel to it. It was more...real. Tighter. Everyone had so much fun or so it seemed. Who knew all those years ago that Ti*ara could sing and dance so gracefully?


In the context of current times, it can be seen as a love story between a Malaysian man and an illegal indonesian woman! And you thought Putrigunungledang was a Johorean...hehehe

I'm sure everyone knows the plot- In case you have been living under a rock- basically this princess lives in her brother's palace, wondering when she is ever going to meet Mr Right. Very idealistic about what love is as you tend to be when you are waiting for it. Not so rosy when say the beras has run out or the rubbish needs to be taken out, eh Tu*ah?

Where was I. Oh yeah. Said brother , deliciously played by ACM*izal, was stressed out as kingdom was going to be attacked by neighbour. In came Sultan Melaka who agreed to send his Chief of Staff to the neighbour to tell them you bomb kingdom, and you get kingdom AND Melaka on your case. For this, Sultan wants the princess. However by this time the Princess has met the Hero and has fallen in mad passionate love with him and was SOO Angau with him that she threw caution to the wind to go to Gunung Ledang to wait for him to come back from his mission. Her logic- he once told her that that is where love springs eternal or something like that. (Forgive me if this is all wrong but there were some parts I could not make out and had to look at the english translation (which was beautifully done)) How's that for girl power, eh. Although my mom would have called it gedik! Or perigi carik timba. Pulak tu takda SMS masa tu- how was he going to know lah? Hehehe.! -

So off she went to this mountain waiting for him and he is blissfully unawarelah of course. And she waits and she waits (hmm sounds familiar this story). In the meantime chaos ensued in Maj*apa*it as they realised the Princess has run away to be with her bf - angry, the King chased after her. Suddenly they cut to the scene where the Sultan called for the Hero and then sent him to the Gunung to propose to her. I'm thinking- eh how did he know lah she was on top of the Gunung? Hero thought- what the hey, she's HERE? and I'm supposed to do what?? Anyways he went off with 7 of his merry men and they danced their way through the hantus in the Hutan Gunung Ledang - I would have cut out the dancing as that would make it a heck of a lot scarier. Nothing too scary about 7 dancing nenek kebayans.

FINALLY he found her and she is soo happy and thought he came for her until the 7 other guys caught them almost making out , and blurted out the real reason they were there. Yalah, kan, penat je fight nenek kebayans etc then you tell me you don't want to kawin?? She was devastated because a minute ago they were all over each other.(not really but I AM SUCH A PRUDE because I could not sit through the touchy feely scenes between the Princess and the Hang tuah - which I guess would be totally natural given that they were so in lurve- but since this was Melaka Melayu and Jawa, er, macam seganler to watch) . Anyway where was I, she was devastated although come to think of it, he was only being the typical MAN- between WORK and the WOMAN , he'd choose the Boss lah, apa lagi..(and this is not because Hubby is on call AGAIN hehehe) . Esp now tengah zaman gawat nih....hehehe

Anyways she set all sort of conditions for the Sultan and he MET them (I'd go with this one, girl, he walks the talk) and was about ready to KILL his son to fulfil the last wish when she came blazing in to say Noooo was only kidding of COURSE i don't want you to kill your son I thought you'd be less dense than THIS ! or something like that. hehehe she then begged and begged to be let free from the promise and please can she stay on the Mount? These illegal immigrants tsk tsk. (sorry I keep ruining it I loved the show really!) Then he banished her to the Mount. Last scene - she left the Mount and Tuah came running up (late again, Tuah) and she was with him although I think he could not see her.

The end.

Why I loved it. It was soo romantic.....

What I would change about it- Ha*ngTua*h to be more macho. Less pining. SRH the hero was macho and sings so well it brought goosebumps but sometimes he could not deliver on the depth of his pain.

Ok lah enough review. I had a good time, and wish ada lagi ticket ! Nak bawak Hubby pulak !

Pukul 5 pagiiiii

Note to self. Do not drink coffee after 11. I seriously cannot go to sleep.

Watched Australia- amazingly THAT didn't send me to snoozeland! It was nice. A tad long. But oh-kay lahhhh. Hugh Jackman alone is a good reason to gawk at the movie and damn the story line. :-)

Surfing the net- Ma*lays*iakini asked - Do you agree or disagree with the Sultan of Perak? My answer- does it matter? Am I going to be the rakyat derhaka not to mention the fact that for a long while he was my future father in law? Do I not swear to uphold the "Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara" thingy?

Of course ler I disagree. I don't want to support any party lah cam ni if they think power is acah acah can grab here,grab there. Can believe in PKR one minute, BN the next, party kartun the next, and maybe if the money is good enough, tupperware party the next next day. (Ok lame joke)

Ok lah merapu..Oh yeah!.I got a letter from our child somewhere from the Middle East. One letter was in Arabic, and another in english(translated ler tu) Rudimentary lah . It was from the 3 year old boy's mother. His name is Shaheen. Wah macam nilah barulah bersemangat nak seponser orang..I can so hear my dad's voice saying- "kau tolong orang kita dulu girl...haa kalau tidak pun berbakti pada ibu bapa je"

Anyway cerita si Shaheen ni....dia duduk dengan 10 orang.his mom, 2 girls, 6 boys , his aunt. He is the youngest one. Hey, kita serupa lah dek! Apa kecoh nye.. rumah I ni pun nak 8 orang ha...belom kira 8 kuching nye! lagi....his pulse rate is a bit fast although the doc said that's ok. Heyy! We must be related no question about it!

The third para says :" Shahen is three years old and he is in Kindergartgen in Beit Atfal something something iin Baj Al Shamali Camp. He likes to play bicycle and ball. He prefers red colour and most of his clothes are red" and Shaheen does not know how to pronounce the letter R in Arabic.

I am so chuffed to get this letter. Will get my kids to reply in ARABIC. haaa sure terperanjat. Ok lets be realistic..get their teacher to do it lah.

I think the kids would love to write to this family. Insyallah boleh go and visit one day. And speak the language. Now can only write, "How are you? What is your name? What do you do? Is this a book? That is a door" hehehehehe...

I hope at the very least they will realise how lucky they are really. Political stuff notwithstanding, Malaysia is still the best!

(Posting ini disponsor oleh Majlis Pelancongan Malaysia heh heh)

Friday, February 06, 2009

The Story of Johan

Ok a quick one .

Sebenarnye I ngantuk nih.

Ok Johan hmm- when I found out I was pregnant, to say that it was a shock was an understatement. Hubby refused to buy me a pregnancy kit and I had to go get one cheapo one. Memang lah my pe*ri*od dulu so lah on time so one day late pun dah tau...another baby on the way. Dahlia was barely 6 months old and I was already working.

Masa find out, hubby and I did not speak to each other for a while, terkezut. My opah told my husband that there are now ubats for this you know. What, excessive h*orn*in*ess?

My mother of courselah terlebih risau, her life was full of order and discipline, married to an army officer, so the thought of me having a baby when the no 1 is barely 7 did not send her over the moon. Dahlah anak dara dia tak reti masak dan malas buat kerje rumah, macamaaaaaaana nak ada anak sampai 5 nih??? (It's called a MAID , mom)

Pregnancy- I wanted to sleep alll the time. I still do hehehehe. I was working with a lady boss to whom pregnancy was a self-inflicted illness (I felt lah) so I walked that much more faster and worked that much more harder.

Johan's arrival- well I was on the way to a meeting. I was with my notes, my files etc, and dropped in to Am*Pan*g Put*ri for a 36 week check up..Dr G said, ok lah time to give you your first internal check up. Sekali, she looked up and said..."padanlah you ramai anak.. you dah 4 cm!"..

Laa ye ke? Tak sakit pun. She offered epidural but of course lah I no lah. After all tak sakit sangat lagi. So she admitted me. I refused to go home, actually as my previous baby took so long to reach 10 cm but then when they do, terus tak sempat nak keluar. I was afraid if I went home, I might be delivering this baby there!

Tunggu hubby tak muncul muncul...mana ada handphone masa tu..I discovered he came, but then his car got towed by MPAJ and he had to go retrieve the car.!

So there I was waiting in the room....then Dr G went back home kejap. Takda apa apa perkembangan, my memory here is a bit hazy. but I rasa malam baru I started to have regular pains. Plus I wanted to go to the loo! They checked, the baby was pressing on my full bladder, and they gave me a catheter which was verrry pleasant (NOT) . Then they wheeled me in, and apparently baby was in distress but then still will not come down. Come on down, baby! Anyway I was on entonox the gas and was having such a good time inhaling it that the Dr asked- ni sakit ke,or saja je? I said- saja je hehehe! So different compared to GH when I had to demand for the gas and it never came so Dahlia was aunaturel - now you know why she was grumpy. He he..!

Baby still takndak turun, then the Dr mentioned the C word- Caesarian. Again like Nadine's case the baby decided - "oh this woman means business I better behave myself!" And decided to be born naturally. Apparently the dr said she "swept" me and stretched me. I was such a pro at giving birth that takyah tunggu fully dilated- 9 cm pun boleh jalan. Ok tak?

So anyway Johan came, all blue and then of course lah my husband was busy ..holding my hand? sweeping my brow? Hehe no, busy calling people to say that he has a SON whoopeee (no that was me, he was never that bothered by the having a son thing)

(By the way I have decided that my husband is too nice for me to be so mean to him, and my partner at work is right I should give the man a break so if I am nice to you you have Haq to thank ok dear)

Ok where was I.. I remember Johan susah 'tol nak keluar. For the first time I had to be taught how to push. Sekali Johan keluar ada this huge tanda on his knee.. And we figured (someone said actually) that that could have been because we had this rabbit when i was 7 months pregnant and he had to have his leg amputated,The funny thing was the birthmark was exactly where the amputated leg was so itulah kuasa Allah SWT....

Johan's association with rabbits did not end there...his birth also led to Dr G's rabbits all dying because she was called to see me from home and in her rush from Ban&gi, she did not close the cage properly and the next door's dog got in and killed the rabbits and one actually escaped but died later WAAAAHHHH how bad do I feel?

Nasib baik tak call Johan "Rabbit"

Nama Johan is easy- Muhammad was an of course thng, to me having a boy MUST have a MOHD faham tak oit Adek ku di Ireland tu....hehe! Sulaiman was my choice. Johan was his daddy's choice even though mummy rasa sungguh tak kena..Muhammad Johan Sulaiman.

Nanti orang ingat bapak dia Sulaiman. Anak pak leman..tau le.

Itu lah cerita alkesah nye....ta ta...

Happy Birthday Johan!!

Today Johan is 7!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Joooohaaaaaannn, Happy Birthday to youuuu!

My youngest baby is so big cannot kiss so much!!

As far as check list is concerned, can pray and dah naik quran and no more bottle. Ok lah- am happy.

He is shy, and will not impose his will, prefering to come to me and complain about it rather than shove his way through.

He is still manja with me, must sleep with me. Kesian daddy dia, tidor kat depan TV.

Ok happy birthday sayang! Mwah mwah mwah!!

Who is Right

Yesterday I took the car.

So I called Hubby and said- you want me to fetch you tak?

he said: Tak pa lah I have OT at 5. Go home first. I'll see you at home.

me: ok

Then, duk dik duk dik, I found that I was still at office by 7. I smsed him "Just leaving now." Wanted to call but did not want to disturb him. Maklumlah OT. Figured, he'd call me when he wants me to get him.

So I went home.

8 pm or thereabouts he came back.

Me: hi how was OT?

Him: I cancelled it. Anaesthetist and the theatre marah.

Me: So ? How did you get back?

HIm: I walked to Ampang Park and then took the LRT and then cab.

Me: What time was this then, cause I was in KL jugak until about 7.

Him: 6.30


Him: *Overreacting nye you ni!!* "I thought you went home!!Why didn't you go home?"

Me: I ada kerja...why didn't you CALL me??

So he does not understand what the fuss was about, I can't understand why he has this mental block about calling me. Just pick up the phone and c-a-l-l me. You could have saved yourself the bother.

I want to, I love to go back together. Plus I hate to drive. I figured, he could have called me to check whether I am at home or what . Ada ke jalan from PCMC to Ampang Park. When I was still at the office. In jalan ampang.

Buang masa, buang tenaga and buang duit.

Who's on my side ? hehehehehe

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Some Thoughts

Sooo .. a quick one before we start work

The year 2009 is a tough one. My friend from USA called for a chat and we chatted for a loong time. Things are bad over there...and she is feeling it too. We talked about religious intolerance. She said over there one shiah lady moved out as she did not feel welcome amongst the sunni believers. heh? over here takda sunni sunni or shiah shiah apatah lagi bohri or whatever cult or branch. Senang nak amalkan and noooo weird firetwirling dances thank you. She is a devout Hindu and feels sad because the Mumbai tragedy was done in the name of MY religion. Islam is peace, I said to her, Too bad some people don't do very peaceful things. But I also said, while I do not condone violence in any way you must also see the root, the cause of the violence. I mean, if I was a parent telling my child NO NO NO or oppressing the child all the time, that child will be frustrated and use whatever means at his disposal to react, right. In his case, probably stuff like, hold your breath or throw tantrum or what. If you translate to adults, you get suicide bombing. I guess lah. I always try to reduce any global situation to one that I can relate to ie with kids and if it is ridiculous when kids do it, it is therefore equally ridiculous when adults do it. Adults/governments need to realise that what they do sometimes bear striking similarity to say, sulking kids.

Ok ok ...back to light and happy things. I may have lost my very limited readers allready.
I saw some old classmates of mine from C*B*N in FB. They are not my friends and I don't really want to make them my friends...I was not that close to them and somehow I feel FB is a forum for close friends or friends to whom I do not mind admitting I am craving for food at 10.30 in the morning. Friends who give me face lah kiranye and not friends who judge you. I do have some people who fall out of that category but what to do, can't simply refuse invitation right..nanti kecik lak hati.

ANYWAY...Biatch that I am, I am soo happy to note that the gang yang popular tu.....have AGED!! hehehe...! Of course they all look great, but dah age lah. tak langsung macam I ingat. Not that they have changed intrisically- the glamer gang still glamer lah. But of course things would be different come to think of it...after all, I kenal depa masa 12-17 now dah 40 ...I'm sure they would also look at me and say- GOD what a HAG. So that is what having 5 kids do to you...Hee hee!

Looking back at my life, alhamdullillah is what I have to say. It could easily have been so much worse that the life I have now. I was not in the popular gang at ALL, chubby (though I am pining to be that chubby now) and sucked at sports, not a member of any society except for BM and Interact, not talented etc. If you had told me I would end up being a lawyer married to a doctor with five kids I would have laughed my head off. Alhamdullillah.


Ok back to work now.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


The next morning I snucked out right after subh to watch the sun rise...I had a cup of milo in my hand, it was bliss...

Sea was calm. Beach was nice except- oit hotel, pick up the rubbish!!! Takdake orang boleh tolong kutip sampah ni, botol, plastic and glass, wine and beer, and also burnt firecrackers.

Takpalah matahariterbit punye pasal...toksahlah tengok sampah tu sangat....

Lepas tu the kids joined us...!


So anyway if ikut the kids they would not have left the beach but their nenek wanted to see them swim. So off we went to the pool....and L*ege*nd has nice pools! Ordered some chicken wings and although they arrived very late, they were welcomed indeed! Nenek saw some foreign kids swimming in the pool and asked them where they came from. They just gawked at her and said Non Non Non. French.

Kids also loved the arcade btw..

Then we went to see No*ni..hubby's cousin, daughter of mother in law's sister. Anyways. I had promised No*ni that we would be bringing food. After all,there were 9 ppl in our party. We had given her just 4 hours notice. Plus she had just moved into her new house (one week). But hubby decided that KF*C was better. We arrived, and it became apparent that K*FC would just be devoured by OUR kids. so off the men went to look for more lauk as promised. Ended up with ANOTHER sweet and sour fish and tomyam.

N*oni fried chicken, ccooked sweet and sour fish, some veg with my ever favourite , tempe and telur dadar.

2 hours later we burped our way home. Thanks No*ni and Sa*yed for your hospitality!


After weeks of on calls, it just got too much. I booked a deal under Wot*if with Le*gend - 2 rooms at less than RM400 ok lah kan. Mom in law although worried about her daughter whom she is supposed to look after (in confinement), joined us to our visit to the sea. I love the sea and get withdrawal symptoms if too much time passes between the visits!

Anyways - L*egen*d is not new. But clean enough I guess. We got 2 rooms on the ground floor - open the sliding door straight to the beach, bestnye. If I was a fusspot my complaints would be that the rooms were slightly sandy and also room service was slow and also that the tiles were cracked etc etc.

First thing- BEACH!!! Kids all went to play with the brand new kite . No one dared to go to the waters as someone had just died like 2 weeks ago. And that from playing on the edge of the sea! Mom-in-law also freaked out everytime any of the kids approached the sea. I had a kawan lah, usually I would be the mad woman calling out to her hubby and kids not to go too far out to sea. This time, I had an assistant! Hehehehehe!

Some pix....


Well... I got a complaint today that new blog template was too hard to open so here we are back to old blogtemplate...ok jugak!

Anyways more pix of new nephew. My parents think he is the mirror image of his dad. The mother's family think that baby is the spitting image of her side! My husband thinks that as the mom and the dad look alike, its quite possible that both sides ar right! I'm thinking - of course he looks like me. hehehehe.

His name is Jood Amar btw. Yeah, I asked why got no Mohd. Or why Jood. But then here I am with kids having 3 names each. so I have to zip it lah kan.

What a cafuffle this boy is causing! His Mom has to do her clinical rotation in March. His Dad has to go back to work. His Maternal grandparents are leaving In March. Paternal grandparents coming mid March and planning to stay , I hear, till JUNE. His dad is in Dublin. His Mom is in Cork. Mom stays with her (veryyyyy young) friends. Dad has an apartment in Dublin.if Mom keeps baby in Cork , who is going to look after him when she works? kengkawan pun nak belajar. Maka itu lah dilema sekarang ini....I'm sure you will work things out, dek. Both grandmoms want to take baby home to Malaysia ..ada ke. I know its convenient but sedihnye kalau I lah jadik the parents.

Anyway here he is!

Brand new with parents! To think i was the same age when I had Nadine..

Third day....

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ever Expanding family

MY THIRD NEPHEW FROM MY THIRD SIBLING. yah, the one who got married last March and wanted to have his reception last December, that one. Rupanye tak sempat.....:-) Alhamdullillah this is a blessing and we are all very proud of you! (nampak gayanye I have exhausted the girl quota of my family...after the 4 girls, and the 1 girl from Bro no 2- semua keluar boy ...more friends for Johan!)

My husband's newest niece!

"J" and "D"- my hip parents in law. Eh diaa marah ke kalau tau I masukkan gambarni?

Hubby's cousin's son! Kira Season 1 ada season 2 hehehehe..dah besar dah you Eusoff!

Tomel nyeee.....gerammmm- anak Lanoz- cousin hubby

and laggi geram nak gigit...anak MadamCorporate- Iz*re*en- cousin hubby.

Anak-anak I? hmmm dah anak dara dah...sama tinggi dengan I, boleh main make over!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...