Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chairing the session

Well the seminar is over !

Quite an interesting seminar and I am so glad I went for both's maritime financing, from the perspective of just about everyone lah. The issue is- the ship operators etc need funding to operate or to buy/repair ships and where do they get funds? The banks are reluctant to help as its not exactly a small sum, and also unlike houses, which can be "lelong"ed if loan default occurs, how exactly do you tahan a ship? And what other ways of financing the needs of the maritime industry? Waaah I truly enjoyed hearing from the shipoperators, the Banks, the classification society (the SIRIM of ships, basically), the tax (er that one, not so enjoy) , and the Insurance company (the one bearing the most headaches in case of tenggelam, or collision). Of course, legally also I have learnt a lot. Now can at least Bull***t with style.


So want to hear about my session chairing? Must tell you that it was a blur. Macam out of body experience. What I was scared of is sounding really biyoul . The topic was "Maritime Financing from the Legal perspective".

The first session tu I was hardly paying attention to the talk, I was busy writing down my script. If the speakers were to have a glance at the notes, sure gelak . It had "Good morning ladies and gentlemen,"...all the way to "May I invite the audience to pose a question to the panel.." to my little commentaries about shipfinancing the financial crisis and the way banks take security. HAHAHAHHAHA. I am such a fraud or an amazingly quick learner. Yup- a fraud. hahahahha

The first speaker was ok, reading from her paper mostly. The second was an old hand at maritime law and her CV was 6 para so I had to shorten it. Half of it went , in my nervousness. I noticed that my voice lowered and all of a sudden I had this very Pembaca Berita CNN kind of expression and slang you know? why ah? I summarised with comments that included terms like choppy seas, stormy waters...bad bad puns.. hehehe. And when the questions were asked from the panel, I siap nak sumbat my comment. I said that that in terms of financial crisis it is only natural that financial institutions tighten their security however in their haste for prudency we must strike a balance to ensure that they do not end up strangling the industry. Walhal it was not MY AREA! Eeee always want the last word.

Lepas tu dapat present and the director of M*IMA said Excellent Chairing! The senior fellow who has this mutual admiration thingy going with me, said "You saved the day!"

Waaaaa walaupun takda lah apa sangat...But can I perasan and gloat tak...heheheheh Kejaaap je!

:-) And I got a desk organiser as my reward.


MrsNordin said...

Well done!! I told you you'll be ok!

Royal Jester said...

haha..berguna jugak ur goreng2 kan?ala..u're bijakla..of course ok!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Mrsn..thanks for the support

RJ- lambat reply but yes goreng was my specialty hehehehe

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