Monday, February 16, 2009

Jejak Kasih

When my mom in law came over recently she mentioned hubby's 2 closest friends at primary school in Kluang- one LaiKok and another Sashitaran. (How Muhibbah). Hubby wondered aloud what they were up to now since the last time he saw them both was 1979.

(why he could not or did not look them out during his hols from MC*KK I don't know and he also said entah)

Anyways. I got the idea of googling these names and guess what!!! Lai*kok is a very senior guy at one of the big tax/accounting firms! Sashi I couldn't get though (unless he had moved to chennai lah as that was all that was coming out).

So one free afternoon I decided to CALL this tax/accounting firm and was put through to Lai*kok's PA. I asked him to return Dr Hubby's call. She said he was busy in a meeting all day but when I said Dr Hubby is a Consultant whatorologist she kind of panicked , I guess because hubby later smsed me (from work) to say that he got a call almost immediately from LK!

So they arranged to meet, today. Sashi was also included, as he had kept in touch with LK. He is now a muslim, and goes by a different name. And he probably WAS in chennai. I don't know.

5 hours later, he has just returned home. Selamba je, takda excited sangat pun. I yang jakun tanya.

So honey how was your reunion??

"Glad to see them. They look exactly as I thought they should."

What the heck did u talk about?

"We talked about old times and our parents, Our we ended up with the jobs we do now..."

Have they changed then?

"In terms of demeanour, voice and physique, yes...but they retained their character"

what did they say about you?

"I've grown! My body has managed to catch up with my head " (FYI, he was very short right up to Uni. thus ensuring that he was girlfriendless until I was within 20 miles radius I would like to think he heh)

"And we have decided to meet up next week with families in Damansara Perdana for dinner- Babanyonya restaurant"

And - er , he now is watching football. The end of the reunion tales. Guys eh. Kalau I dah berjela jela dan berkajang kajang cerita.

Did they acknowledge me at all darlinks? (Need to be credited, hello! Note to self- It is Not about you Shila)

"Definitely- they credited you for arranging this !" (but hubby played along, thanks)

Heh heh..I would love to have my own Jejak Kasih but then kan..I forgot the last names of my close friends kat school! There's Hemalatha in Standard 4, Norliza in Standard 1 (berebut I dengan another Norliza). Of course lah, after Form 1 it was Zu, Riza and that's it. Oh yeah, I was good friends with Renee, and TamilSellvi.
Hemm....ada rezeki ada lah...

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IBU said...

Consultant whatorologist??!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA ....

u r funny.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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