Well... I got a complaint today that new blog template was too hard to open so here we are back to old blogtemplate...ok jugak!

Anyways more pix of new nephew. My parents think he is the mirror image of his dad. The mother's family think that baby is the spitting image of her side! My husband thinks that as the mom and the dad look alike, its quite possible that both sides ar right! I'm thinking - of course he looks like me. hehehehe.

His name is Jood Amar btw. Yeah, I asked why got no Mohd. Or why Jood. But then here I am with kids having 3 names each. so I have to zip it lah kan.

What a cafuffle this boy is causing! His Mom has to do her clinical rotation in March. His Dad has to go back to work. His Maternal grandparents are leaving In March. Paternal grandparents coming mid March and planning to stay , I hear, till JUNE. His dad is in Dublin. His Mom is in Cork. Mom stays with her (veryyyyy young) friends. Dad has an apartment in Dublin.if Mom keeps baby in Cork , who is going to look after him when she works? kengkawan pun nak belajar. Maka itu lah dilema sekarang ini....I'm sure you will work things out, dek. Both grandmoms want to take baby home to Malaysia ..ada ke. I know its convenient but sedihnye kalau I lah jadik the parents.

Anyway here he is!

Brand new with parents! To think i was the same age when I had Nadine..

Third day....


bella said…
Gorgeous Baby!congrats to your sis!
Thank you Bella! My brother and his wife actually...lawa kan gerammmmmm nak cubit.
teghingat zaman when we had khadijah...

kalau tak de baby sitter, you bawak balik si jood tu!
Oi...ramai dah beratur nak kidnap dia ni haaa...auntie dia sebelah sana pun dah tunggu...(tapi auntie sebelah sini lagi qualified lah heheheh)
izreen fara said…
handsome kid.... congrats chaleeeeQ!! kaklong sure nak take turn jaga jood comel
Yah boleh bawak pi office. i would love to look after him but I can't see the parents agreeing.
Anonymous said…
Aiyahhh tengok baby orang, teringin nak baby lagi. Dah ada 5 dah sama mcm you. And now dah 6 tahun beb, since last branak.

I lurveeee the smell of newborns. My sara said "bau syurga kan mama". Heh.

MrsNordin said…
Iya lah! The baby is soooooo cute!!! So, you want to have another one, huh?
aida yurani said…
make sure aunty dah tak baca ini posting, if not, she will make sure chalee suruh dia jaga babysitter. Kan chalee tu favourite dia. Habis lah baby Jood tu kalau dia balik msia. Hehehe.
Aisey, ini raya I kena tambah budget duit raya.
celcomite..u sama lah dengan I...dah lima pun masih rindu bau camana 2009 ni, can or not? hehehehe

MrsN- he is cute..i'll have no 6 if you have no 5!

Aida- eh how are you ler beb....yalah you r right..OpahDahdia! Maybe can take Opah Dah to go..but mana pulak nak letak Chik??

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