Monday, February 23, 2009

Kematian...sorry sara

One of the hamsters I bought...has been eaten!!!

Maid called to tell me that the 2nd hamster is dead. She found blood on the stairs and traced it to Sara's room which again, was open. Sara had hit on the smart idea of putting one of the hamsters in the fish tank which , while is wider, has an open top (she took it off to give more air) ..My hunter cat, Tompok, who has been a regular relentless visitor to her room, obviously thought it was his birthday and pounced. The maid found him in front of the library with a limb out of his mouth (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW) . Thank goodness he ate everything else. I think.

On the plus side- I guess we now have a good mouse catcher.

On the SOOO Minus side- what am I going to tell Sara?

Do I buy another one and pretend nothing happened?

Do I tell her and we mourn and be prepared for her to give daggers looks to Tompok who hubby tells me is tak berdosa? Innocent?

I'm just glad it was not Moomee who became Tompok's breakfast..that was her birthday pressie from Auntie Da*rina. Kalau tulah yang jadik mangsa...haruuuuu

Whatever it is, I think we need to make another trip to PetsWonder*land. Sigh...

Hamsters oh hamsters!!!!


wanshana said...


Alahai...shiannyer hamster tu! But, I agree with Jab - not Tompok's fault. He was after all following his animal instinct, kan?

A friend gave me a couple of Syrian hamsters two weeks ago, and we named them Benji and Button. One male, one female. And I for the life of me STILL could not tell which is which!

Tak berani lagi nak biarkan they all roam the house. Eventhough tak de kucing kat rumah, tapi, takut terpijak pulak kang! (Especially by Hilman yang montel!!!)

But, they are soooooo cute, kan?

Maybe you should tell Sara the truth. She'll be devastated at first, of course...but, insya Allah she'll be more careful with the hamsters next time.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Shana..thanks for the advice..I worry as this is my 2nd and you know lah 2nd kids kan a bit more sensitipppp.. takut depressed lak.

Havefun with Benjy and Button (nice names! Next ones call them Brad and Pitt hehehe) - fun sebenarnye taking care of pets ni.

MrsNordin said...

When you have cats at home, you have to be extra careful with the hamsters. Our cat dulu, siap boleh boleh bukak the hamster's cage, ok?

Just tell Sara. She'll be sad but tell her next time, she should take more precaution with her hamster.

Ezza Aziz said...

cian nya sara, tapi nak buat camner...tompoj tak dapat menahan perasaaan dia ..nama pun kucing...

nama kucing akak dulu Bratt Pitt,tapi kami panggil Pitt jer,betina pulak tu..tapi dah mati di langgar kereta...Tanya sara,dia masih nak bela hamster ke lagi ...selagi tompok ni ada rasa nya semua tak selamat!!!

Anonymous said...

Sara dah tahu dah? Kesian Sara, is she heart broken? How many hamsters do you have at home? Maybe you can give her a new one and tell her to be careful in future :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

BJ- pandainye cat you! I am beginning to think that that was what happened you know.

Yeah I have told her...but not the gory details lah , unless she reads this blog.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Tulah kak ezza...takkan nak marah si kuching tu..memang makanan dia lah bak kata bangau.

She said yah she still want to keep the hamsters ...kena lah jaga sikit.

Superwomanwannabe said...

HI Playing with Mimi (Welcome to the blog!) - yah, I told her ..mula mula I said he ran away, Then she started putting traps around the house to catch the hamster so I had to tell her that Shorg (that's its name) has died....

she has 2 left! So no more hamsters lah. Bagi mummy dia heartattack je

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