Saturday, February 07, 2009


I just saw PGLM.. it was great!

Thanks Sisterinlaw Ati for the ticket- love you mwah mwah!!!

It was great! I know , I know, we saw it the first time round, and then the second round, so what is so different right. It had a different feel to it. It was more...real. Tighter. Everyone had so much fun or so it seemed. Who knew all those years ago that Ti*ara could sing and dance so gracefully?


In the context of current times, it can be seen as a love story between a Malaysian man and an illegal indonesian woman! And you thought Putrigunungledang was a Johorean...hehehe

I'm sure everyone knows the plot- In case you have been living under a rock- basically this princess lives in her brother's palace, wondering when she is ever going to meet Mr Right. Very idealistic about what love is as you tend to be when you are waiting for it. Not so rosy when say the beras has run out or the rubbish needs to be taken out, eh Tu*ah?

Where was I. Oh yeah. Said brother , deliciously played by ACM*izal, was stressed out as kingdom was going to be attacked by neighbour. In came Sultan Melaka who agreed to send his Chief of Staff to the neighbour to tell them you bomb kingdom, and you get kingdom AND Melaka on your case. For this, Sultan wants the princess. However by this time the Princess has met the Hero and has fallen in mad passionate love with him and was SOO Angau with him that she threw caution to the wind to go to Gunung Ledang to wait for him to come back from his mission. Her logic- he once told her that that is where love springs eternal or something like that. (Forgive me if this is all wrong but there were some parts I could not make out and had to look at the english translation (which was beautifully done)) How's that for girl power, eh. Although my mom would have called it gedik! Or perigi carik timba. Pulak tu takda SMS masa tu- how was he going to know lah? Hehehe.! -

So off she went to this mountain waiting for him and he is blissfully unawarelah of course. And she waits and she waits (hmm sounds familiar this story). In the meantime chaos ensued in Maj*apa*it as they realised the Princess has run away to be with her bf - angry, the King chased after her. Suddenly they cut to the scene where the Sultan called for the Hero and then sent him to the Gunung to propose to her. I'm thinking- eh how did he know lah she was on top of the Gunung? Hero thought- what the hey, she's HERE? and I'm supposed to do what?? Anyways he went off with 7 of his merry men and they danced their way through the hantus in the Hutan Gunung Ledang - I would have cut out the dancing as that would make it a heck of a lot scarier. Nothing too scary about 7 dancing nenek kebayans.

FINALLY he found her and she is soo happy and thought he came for her until the 7 other guys caught them almost making out , and blurted out the real reason they were there. Yalah, kan, penat je fight nenek kebayans etc then you tell me you don't want to kawin?? She was devastated because a minute ago they were all over each other.(not really but I AM SUCH A PRUDE because I could not sit through the touchy feely scenes between the Princess and the Hang tuah - which I guess would be totally natural given that they were so in lurve- but since this was Melaka Melayu and Jawa, er, macam seganler to watch) . Anyway where was I, she was devastated although come to think of it, he was only being the typical MAN- between WORK and the WOMAN , he'd choose the Boss lah, apa lagi..(and this is not because Hubby is on call AGAIN hehehe) . Esp now tengah zaman gawat nih....hehehe

Anyways she set all sort of conditions for the Sultan and he MET them (I'd go with this one, girl, he walks the talk) and was about ready to KILL his son to fulfil the last wish when she came blazing in to say Noooo was only kidding of COURSE i don't want you to kill your son I thought you'd be less dense than THIS ! or something like that. hehehe she then begged and begged to be let free from the promise and please can she stay on the Mount? These illegal immigrants tsk tsk. (sorry I keep ruining it I loved the show really!) Then he banished her to the Mount. Last scene - she left the Mount and Tuah came running up (late again, Tuah) and she was with him although I think he could not see her.

The end.

Why I loved it. It was soo romantic.....

What I would change about it- Ha*ngTua*h to be more macho. Less pining. SRH the hero was macho and sings so well it brought goosebumps but sometimes he could not deliver on the depth of his pain.

Ok lah enough review. I had a good time, and wish ada lagi ticket ! Nak bawak Hubby pulak !


Royalshoppingarcade said...

Thank you cikgu for the lesson in History. and thanks to you I will think of what you've written and shove myself with tissue papers or anything I can sumbat my mouth with to stop me from laughing my heart out whenever the scenes you've mention comes on stage. Yes, am watching the matinee show on Valentine's day with Hubby.Jangan jeles..ahhaha..coincidence pulak valentines, bukan nak celebrate pun, ticket friday the 13 (eh, takut ni hahahaha) night,sold out, kenala pegi valentine's day.I'm so looking forward to it.thanks for the wacky review.
note: my word verification;CONICAL.means:a cross between comical and konek.sorryla terover vulgar suddenly cropped up. you can delete this if you find it 18sx

Superwomanwannabe said...

Bestnyeee valentinesday treat!! It was really nice overall don't let me put it off! And it was indeed the very CONICAL.


Kak Ezza said...

curik tangkap gambar yer!

akak ni tak minat PGL filem atau tak leh komen...apasal tak minat! entah yer,langsung tak terjatuh cinta...hmm musykil gak ni...

Superwomanwannabe said...

Kak e- takpa lah...ramai orang tak minat theatre.

gambar dari website ler...

Kitchen Guardian said...


About PGL...

1. Maybe am a peghak kg girl...eli geman tengok si puteri and hangtuah lovey dovey...or memang over kot...and the puteri's husband was one of the penonton that afternoon, how?

2. I think they should switch, mbok jadi puteri and gusti jadi hangtuah! They have and carry stringer characters..and they also have the voice.

3. Si hangtuah can act and sing, but not in a malay cerita such as hangtuah...

4. I ni bias sikit sebab baru tengok mamma dok comparelah...mmm tak leh compare, but then again, PRamlee the musical was brilliant, even though they didnt have all tose special effects..the characters were brilliant and their voices also good!

5. Good time over the weekened was at yr place, membeli belah batu permata, ehem and laksa johor session at moi's yesterday!!

Superwomanwannabe said...


Thank you for lunch yesterday. It was much appreciated! And thanks for the nasi tomato- mana billnye woit.

PGLM- maluation sikit kan - I thought I was the oldfashioned one.. As for other shows- I have to go and catch PRamlee the Musical if it was good- hope they bring that back!

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