Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pukul 5 pagiiiii

Note to self. Do not drink coffee after 11. I seriously cannot go to sleep.

Watched Australia- amazingly THAT didn't send me to snoozeland! It was nice. A tad long. But oh-kay lahhhh. Hugh Jackman alone is a good reason to gawk at the movie and damn the story line. :-)

Surfing the net- Ma*lays*iakini asked - Do you agree or disagree with the Sultan of Perak? My answer- does it matter? Am I going to be the rakyat derhaka not to mention the fact that for a long while he was my future father in law? Do I not swear to uphold the "Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara" thingy?

Of course ler I disagree. I don't want to support any party lah cam ni if they think power is acah acah can grab here,grab there. Can believe in PKR one minute, BN the next, party kartun the next, and maybe if the money is good enough, tupperware party the next next day. (Ok lame joke)

Ok lah merapu..Oh yeah!.I got a letter from our child somewhere from the Middle East. One letter was in Arabic, and another in english(translated ler tu) Rudimentary lah . It was from the 3 year old boy's mother. His name is Shaheen. Wah macam nilah barulah bersemangat nak seponser orang..I can so hear my dad's voice saying- "kau tolong orang kita dulu girl...haa kalau tidak pun berbakti pada ibu bapa je"

Anyway cerita si Shaheen ni....dia duduk dengan 10 orang.his mom, 2 girls, 6 boys , his aunt. He is the youngest one. Hey, kita serupa lah dek! Apa kecoh nye.. rumah I ni pun nak 8 orang ha...belom kira 8 kuching nye! lagi....his pulse rate is a bit fast although the doc said that's ok. Heyy! We must be related no question about it!

The third para says :" Shahen is three years old and he is in Kindergartgen in Beit Atfal something something iin Baj Al Shamali Camp. He likes to play bicycle and ball. He prefers red colour and most of his clothes are red" and Shaheen does not know how to pronounce the letter R in Arabic.

I am so chuffed to get this letter. Will get my kids to reply in ARABIC. haaa sure terperanjat. Ok lets be realistic..get their teacher to do it lah.

I think the kids would love to write to this family. Insyallah boleh go and visit one day. And speak the language. Now can only write, "How are you? What is your name? What do you do? Is this a book? That is a door" hehehehehe...

I hope at the very least they will realise how lucky they are really. Political stuff notwithstanding, Malaysia is still the best!

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Dad of 4+1 said...

Wei...y arent you asleep? This is the child whom u sponsored through K N*n?

Superwomanwannabe said...

Dadof Four- coffee lah apalagiiii..terkebil kebil..

yes it is.. now dah gawat camana nih?

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