Sara and Johan's combined birthday.

We had a little makan-makan for Sara and Johan's birthday last Sunday. JOhan memang lah turned 7 - Sara had her birthday in December but did not get a party(although her present was VERY EXPENSIVE) so buat lah sekali for her. I think I like this combine thing.

It was supposed to be limited to their class but as usual with Malaysians we can't exclude our relatives and neighbours! What to do, that is who we are...

The party was supposed to start at 10.30 a.m. Agenda very simple- eat, game, cake, eat some more, go home. Selama ni tak sempat nak buat apa, the day before we all came home so late, tak larat nak gi market. Finally Hubby went out at 6 am that morning to get the meats and veg. He went to Tesco at 8 for the party pack stuff. Came home at 10 a.m. I was of course in FULL PANIC MODE as usual as the party packs tak buat lagi. Orang nak datang in 30 mins. Can I tabalkan us the King and Queen of Last Minute? In the end I got the kids to fillup the party packs.

Thank goodness despite the initial chaos (I had to leave at 10.30 to go get the Be*n10*Cake) , we had a good time, it was really good to see everyone.

Food was from Kitchenguardian- I ordered nasi tomato from her- she now caters for small parties and available for nasi briani udang etc- (free marketing)

And mom brought her famous mi kari. We supplied the kteow goreng and other goreng stuff like sausages popia karipap buah etc.

Sister in law Zu set up a stall and kept my aunties entertained (thanks Zu!) with her gems and her charms (she sells ThomasSabo lookalike charms at only RM35 each) and I think my aunties ordered a few from her. She gave me a free serum but takda rezeki, I put it on thetable and then the cats broke it. Waaaahhh!!!!

Makngah and Mom helped a LOT in the kitchen- teruknye I , kerah auntie and mak sendiri. In*tan my brother's wife even swept the floor! I lurve my family ..mwah!!
I will babysit your kids anytime ok!

Sara got a much longed for hamster- fromm Da*rina who didn't know of how crazy she was for a hamster! (The morning after however, saw me totally freak out as I found the cage empty and all the stuff inside,scattered on the floor, and my CATS playing with the said hamster!! It was rescued by the maid, thank goodness (I was screaming as I imagined a bloodied hamster ). Hubby laughed his head off as I hid in the room and locked the door as I thought he was going to bring the dead hamster to me.)

back to the party- we did have organised games planned but the kids were not that interested! They all went wild with the guns we gave and also preferred to kick a ball around the lawn.

The last guests came at 10.00 pm and had dinner with us. My knee by then had given way! I spoiled everyone's mood later by yelling about how I don't understand why big kids could not just pick up all the litter - sweet wrappers were all over the family room upstairs and all the CDs were on the carpet- you're talking at least 8 year olds- and my kids pun tak nampak ke messy? Sweet wrappers tu yang I tak paham tu...they don't exactly pick themselves up and send themselves to the waste bin ok kids!!

But all in all--- good party. Next one is Sophia- shall we take it to Lake Gardens then?


MrsNordin said…
Last person came at 10pm? Oh my... you must be so tired!

Anyway, nice party. MrN was amazed at how Jab melayan all the kids.

The room upstairs? I know why you screamed. The kids were having a whale of a great time playing up there, my son included. Tak apa lah... sekali sekala... hee.. hee..
Hi thanks for coming over . I really hope Nizzar had a good time. Ya- buat party ni best but I am still feeling it 2 days later! But what to do, Jab and I enjoy having loads of ppl around! I tak sempat nak jumpa you sangat sorry.
Ps now i know why mom said I was selekeh and pakai seluar senseng...tu stail lah mommmm!!! Tapi nampak dalam gambar serious macam maid heheheheh
ms hart said…
SW, you mean Johan turned 7 last Sunday ke? Because, someone turned the big 4 zero last Sunday!! :)
Kak Ezza said…
laaa,tak jemput pun kita ni...sob sob...
Sedap nya makanan tu,
Happy birthdy Johan,besar jadi Johan...
eh, is that really your compound?seriously nampak macam kat kampung2..bestnya...
i can imagine the hecticness of a party. dgn bukak kedainya..ehhe..
when I have parties, I sell things too to entertain the adults.hahaha..
hubby's semua cakap'la, org pompuan ni, tak habis2 shopping!'hahaha...
Madam Tai Tai said…

Banyaknya makanan on the table? Birthday party or kenduri ni? I'm sure all the guests went home with their bellies full with satisfaction.

Wah..KG do catering now, ah? Next time boleh lah order her briyani udang. Yummy..

Go take yourself to the spa for some urut2 of the urat2. A reward for organising a great party for the kids.
SW, Madam TT,

Tu catering and stuff was SW's ideas...pandai SW kasi free marketing...tak delah, if friends nak mintak tolong, cakap je, inshaallah if sempat and am ok, i dont mind masak!
Ms Hart- selamat hari jadikkkk life really begins at 40..the important thing you dont look 40 he he!!
Kak Ezza- laaa lain kali datang je..takyah jemput formally pun redah je...sure ada food nye! orang yang datang pukul 12 tu pun takda invite !
RSA_ next time datang rumah I --- surebarang you laaaaku habis! :-)
MTT and KG- yes this is a birthday party believe me...and KG should be paid she cooks so well although I heard now you are going mad over cooking ye Yans? Wish I was your next door neighbour again then!
ila said…
along.. asal letak my pic masa mulut ku tengah senget.. natural beauty sungguh!! hehe
laa cantik lah tu Ila...hehehe

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