Thursday, February 26, 2009

Semangat Sukan

Sports day is around the corner. Has been around the corner for the last month, or so it seems.

Today the kids are singing their songs. First Johan, for his Khandak song..then Sophia who sang her Badar song . Then Sara who sang "something some thing for kemena-gan' for Uhud house.

By the way the houses are named after great battles in Islam.

Sara's song got Nadine riled up as it was not "Kemena-gan" it really is "kemenangan". When Sara said that this was in the paper , Nadine said - SARA!! THAT's A TYPO laaaaahhh!!! Takkan tak faham kot?/

Hee hee. Yes, this from a girl who put down in her Standard 1 paper, "Sebentuk" for kereta, sepucuk untuk bunga etc.

Anyway tomorrow the girls are going to UIA for their sports- everyone except for Daya who is in Level 1. So moms are supposed to go but not dads. I have an appointment lah tomorrow but my daughters were going (Nadine especially) gave me the "WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT" Speech.

So I will be going tomorrow ler...nampak gayanye...

The actual sports will be on the 8th March 2009.

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anedra said...

Nasar has been practising his Badar battlecry as well. I caught him dancing to it too. Ingat ke they will dance to it and asked him. He said,"it's Adni lah Mom, not Highschool Musical ok!!"

Manalah tau kan..

Hope the girls had fun!

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