Thursday, February 05, 2009

Some Thoughts

Sooo .. a quick one before we start work

The year 2009 is a tough one. My friend from USA called for a chat and we chatted for a loong time. Things are bad over there...and she is feeling it too. We talked about religious intolerance. She said over there one shiah lady moved out as she did not feel welcome amongst the sunni believers. heh? over here takda sunni sunni or shiah shiah apatah lagi bohri or whatever cult or branch. Senang nak amalkan and noooo weird firetwirling dances thank you. She is a devout Hindu and feels sad because the Mumbai tragedy was done in the name of MY religion. Islam is peace, I said to her, Too bad some people don't do very peaceful things. But I also said, while I do not condone violence in any way you must also see the root, the cause of the violence. I mean, if I was a parent telling my child NO NO NO or oppressing the child all the time, that child will be frustrated and use whatever means at his disposal to react, right. In his case, probably stuff like, hold your breath or throw tantrum or what. If you translate to adults, you get suicide bombing. I guess lah. I always try to reduce any global situation to one that I can relate to ie with kids and if it is ridiculous when kids do it, it is therefore equally ridiculous when adults do it. Adults/governments need to realise that what they do sometimes bear striking similarity to say, sulking kids.

Ok ok ...back to light and happy things. I may have lost my very limited readers allready.
I saw some old classmates of mine from C*B*N in FB. They are not my friends and I don't really want to make them my friends...I was not that close to them and somehow I feel FB is a forum for close friends or friends to whom I do not mind admitting I am craving for food at 10.30 in the morning. Friends who give me face lah kiranye and not friends who judge you. I do have some people who fall out of that category but what to do, can't simply refuse invitation right..nanti kecik lak hati.

ANYWAY...Biatch that I am, I am soo happy to note that the gang yang popular tu.....have AGED!! hehehe...! Of course they all look great, but dah age lah. tak langsung macam I ingat. Not that they have changed intrisically- the glamer gang still glamer lah. But of course things would be different come to think of it...after all, I kenal depa masa 12-17 now dah 40 ...I'm sure they would also look at me and say- GOD what a HAG. So that is what having 5 kids do to you...Hee hee!

Looking back at my life, alhamdullillah is what I have to say. It could easily have been so much worse that the life I have now. I was not in the popular gang at ALL, chubby (though I am pining to be that chubby now) and sucked at sports, not a member of any society except for BM and Interact, not talented etc. If you had told me I would end up being a lawyer married to a doctor with five kids I would have laughed my head off. Alhamdullillah.


Ok back to work now.


NUR said...

kak log, i hv added u in FB okeh!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..are you sure your frens from FB aren't reading this? He..He..just kidding


Anonymous said...

Lupa nak tambah satu lagi..glamour is relative, when I first met you, on your wedding day, I thought, Wah..Jab got a very glamourous wife!!


Superwomanwannabe said...

hiNoni! Thank you! Will confirm!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi are you?

Takde lah, yang dalam FB tuu semua my good friends, or, if not that close pun, friends yang I rasa ok ...sometimes I segan nak add orang yang macam glamer...macam tak best sebab segala messej mak datuk kita dia nampak..

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hello, you sure you gi the right wedding ke?? hehehehe..tapi thank you lar....but i remain a pale 3 to your 10 in glamernesss...apa? Deanna Yusuf?

Madam Tai Tai said...

SW, is that why your name in FB is different? You tak nak old classmates yg tak geng dgn you dulu to find you ke? Good move, my dear!

Tumpang lalu, Jah@Busybody - how do I get in touch with you, ah? You have been missing for so long. Sibuk ke?

Busybody said...

Sorry MTT & SW, I bukan setakat sibuk, tapi stress giler dgn boss! I started a blog, then forgot my password! This week baru ada masa and peace to jenguk blogs but can't access yours.

My email is

Superwomanwannabe said...

MadamTaiTai...yes you are right- kes malu tapi mauuu

Superwomanwannabe said...

Busybody....find time to relax ok....

Madam Tai Tai said...

Tumpang again, SW.

Jah, thanks!! Remember your password and invite us to your bloghome, ok.

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