Friday, February 20, 2009


Orang kata, kalau bersedekah or buat amal jariah , to keep it quiet...but I thought it may be better to cerita kat semua orang about sponsoring a Palestinian child...

Background story- I was at a friend's Open House recently and we got to talking about doing charitable work. This friend is a dear friend and whether she knows it or not, she was instrumental in getting me and hubby together- she came to my flat one day, and said you must go to the MalaysianSingaporean Coffee Evening, there is someone I would like you to meet.

of course, we did not immediately hit it off, in true hubby style he had to wait another to make a move, but Kak N was the key.

Anyway back to Kak N, we both were staying in flats, she in the Limes, me in the Cedars, and both tak pandai masak and both staying with matsallehs so more often than not we were at each other's flat (i was also bothering my other friends in the Chestnut which included "dadoffourplusoneplusonemorewhenwillyoueverstop")

She was a truly nice person and being a psychologist was interested in people, and the path that she chose reflect her as a person and she is truly lucky to be doing what she loves. which is charitable work amongst other things.

She told me about Palestinian children and I said enthusiastically OF COURSE I would love to help but you must follow up because I would otherwise forget...

Ok ok ok...her institution is called ORGANISATION RENEWAL INC and the link is -

A review of this is HERE in someone's blog (sorry,t ak tanya permission pun)


Go check it out

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