Friday, February 06, 2009

The Story of Johan

Ok a quick one .

Sebenarnye I ngantuk nih.

Ok Johan hmm- when I found out I was pregnant, to say that it was a shock was an understatement. Hubby refused to buy me a pregnancy kit and I had to go get one cheapo one. Memang lah my pe*ri*od dulu so lah on time so one day late pun dah tau...another baby on the way. Dahlia was barely 6 months old and I was already working.

Masa find out, hubby and I did not speak to each other for a while, terkezut. My opah told my husband that there are now ubats for this you know. What, excessive h*orn*in*ess?

My mother of courselah terlebih risau, her life was full of order and discipline, married to an army officer, so the thought of me having a baby when the no 1 is barely 7 did not send her over the moon. Dahlah anak dara dia tak reti masak dan malas buat kerje rumah, macamaaaaaaana nak ada anak sampai 5 nih??? (It's called a MAID , mom)

Pregnancy- I wanted to sleep alll the time. I still do hehehehe. I was working with a lady boss to whom pregnancy was a self-inflicted illness (I felt lah) so I walked that much more faster and worked that much more harder.

Johan's arrival- well I was on the way to a meeting. I was with my notes, my files etc, and dropped in to Am*Pan*g Put*ri for a 36 week check up..Dr G said, ok lah time to give you your first internal check up. Sekali, she looked up and said..."padanlah you ramai anak.. you dah 4 cm!"..

Laa ye ke? Tak sakit pun. She offered epidural but of course lah I no lah. After all tak sakit sangat lagi. So she admitted me. I refused to go home, actually as my previous baby took so long to reach 10 cm but then when they do, terus tak sempat nak keluar. I was afraid if I went home, I might be delivering this baby there!

Tunggu hubby tak muncul muncul...mana ada handphone masa tu..I discovered he came, but then his car got towed by MPAJ and he had to go retrieve the car.!

So there I was waiting in the room....then Dr G went back home kejap. Takda apa apa perkembangan, my memory here is a bit hazy. but I rasa malam baru I started to have regular pains. Plus I wanted to go to the loo! They checked, the baby was pressing on my full bladder, and they gave me a catheter which was verrry pleasant (NOT) . Then they wheeled me in, and apparently baby was in distress but then still will not come down. Come on down, baby! Anyway I was on entonox the gas and was having such a good time inhaling it that the Dr asked- ni sakit ke,or saja je? I said- saja je hehehe! So different compared to GH when I had to demand for the gas and it never came so Dahlia was aunaturel - now you know why she was grumpy. He he..!

Baby still takndak turun, then the Dr mentioned the C word- Caesarian. Again like Nadine's case the baby decided - "oh this woman means business I better behave myself!" And decided to be born naturally. Apparently the dr said she "swept" me and stretched me. I was such a pro at giving birth that takyah tunggu fully dilated- 9 cm pun boleh jalan. Ok tak?

So anyway Johan came, all blue and then of course lah my husband was busy ..holding my hand? sweeping my brow? Hehe no, busy calling people to say that he has a SON whoopeee (no that was me, he was never that bothered by the having a son thing)

(By the way I have decided that my husband is too nice for me to be so mean to him, and my partner at work is right I should give the man a break so if I am nice to you you have Haq to thank ok dear)

Ok where was I.. I remember Johan susah 'tol nak keluar. For the first time I had to be taught how to push. Sekali Johan keluar ada this huge tanda on his knee.. And we figured (someone said actually) that that could have been because we had this rabbit when i was 7 months pregnant and he had to have his leg amputated,The funny thing was the birthmark was exactly where the amputated leg was so itulah kuasa Allah SWT....

Johan's association with rabbits did not end there...his birth also led to Dr G's rabbits all dying because she was called to see me from home and in her rush from Ban&gi, she did not close the cage properly and the next door's dog got in and killed the rabbits and one actually escaped but died later WAAAAHHHH how bad do I feel?

Nasib baik tak call Johan "Rabbit"

Nama Johan is easy- Muhammad was an of course thng, to me having a boy MUST have a MOHD faham tak oit Adek ku di Ireland tu....hehe! Sulaiman was my choice. Johan was his daddy's choice even though mummy rasa sungguh tak kena..Muhammad Johan Sulaiman.

Nanti orang ingat bapak dia Sulaiman. Anak pak leman..tau le.

Itu lah cerita alkesah nye....ta ta...


MRSHUSiN said...

i like nama johan! unique!
cos got combination old school (sulaiman) and new school (johan).

kakLong, u've been tagged. sama like noni's. buat ye? =)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thank you Izan! Will check it out!

tiara324542 said...

Thats actually true.. Some people actually thought Sulaiman was daddy's name :D

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...