Saturday, February 21, 2009

This morning's news

I'm feeling so s*^t today..nose all bunged up and all.

This morning someone from Rainbow vacuumcleaner came to give a demo. Seing that hubby was not around, he arranged to come back. I am actually tempted as it sounds like it can clean everything. The only thing is...I can think of so many things to buy with RM8000 than a vacuum cleaner. But I just know that I will buy it. PLEASE HELP ME SAY NO!

Then I saw a drama Ikram Akilah on TV2 and there was this 9 ish year old girl who was picked on by the teacher .The cikgu was asking the kids what their cita cita and matlamat are...what are your aims and ambitions? Other children were smugly telling the teacher that they wanted to be doctors, teachers and firefighters. This Akila said doktor-eh cikgu -eh saya tak tau lagi . The teacher got mad and said "It seems you have no principle/pendirian" and stuff about what are we if we don't have aims and dreams.

HELLL-LOOWW!!! These kids are 9? I know lah this is fiction but in our society we get kids to commit to a career so early. What do kids know about available jobs out there- yang tau, nurse, doctor, loyer , polis ..right? Do we know about say, marine biologists, or investment consultants, or research fellow etc? Takda kan.. I think the main thing is not to ASK the kids, it's to conduct assessment to find out the aptitude the kids have... so that in the end you get a careeer in an area you (a) do well and (b) loves. Try doing career talks too. At primary school level. Ada lah incentive for them to study. Also show them Universities so they can aim high..hehehehe

Like me, tak habis habis fill up nak jadi psychiatrist/fashiondesigner/lawyer. Tu pun sebab ada kawan my dad jadi lawyer and depa dok kata buat law lah, buat LLB - lama lama biul. hehehe

Itu lah theory I....phase out this "What is your ambition" thing...because half the time, a kid would NOT know. Not at 9 especially.


MrsNordin said...

This Rainbow vacuum cleaner ~ the last time someone told me the price was RM6,000. I didn't even want the guy to come to my house for demo. I think they're like a direct selling company, member-get-member. I don't believe a vacuum cleaner can be THAT expensive.

No, don't buy it.

Superwomanwannabe said...

padaaaan lah i tak da orang komen..I take so long to reply. Anyway I do appreciate your rajinness to leave comments dear! Ok I will try to resist.Mampuih nye mahal

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