Well....went to UIA.

No, sorry, start from the beginning. Got up, Sophia moaning that she has lost her sports teeshirt and what can she wear waaaahhh. I told her - we'll drop at the school first. She went on crying until I shouted SUDAHLAH TUUUUUUUUUUU

Heee pagi pagi lagi blood dah go upstairs.

All of us went to the school. Bought Sophia's tshirt. She changed in the car, beaming. Dropped Johan and Dahlia (the sports at UIA is only for the elder 3).

Went to send nadine, sara and dahlia. They complained they were late. Moan moan.

Went back home- stopped by to tapau roticanai nasilemak etc. Bye bye diet. Had breakfast at home, with husband. Would have er..extended it, but hubby had to potong orang. Oh well, his loss.

Went to send hubby to HKL. then finally went to UIA to catch the kids.

Some telematch thingy was going on. To demonstrate mental and physical, the game was, hop one legged to the centre, crouch on floor to do a crossword puzzle(?) and then run to the end to arrange one cup in a triangle . Then go back to team, to tag the next girl. Nadine was in Red and happily, the group (which loses regularly) won yay!

Then got a call from Johan, from the Discipline Room. Where was the teacher ni?? He called to say please get him, he had a toothache. His tooth is really really bad (gee wonder if this is hereditary).

Picked him up. Went to the dentist. Waited a loooonggg time for dentist. Once in, Johan suddenly REFUSED to open his mouth. Pujuk punya pujuk tak jadik jugak Decided to take him home and let his dad take him. Doctor said "Dah teruk, Johan...lagi tunggu laagi teruk." Doktor ni bercakap dengan saya ke ni?

Anyways got really mad at Johan. remember I said that once you start yelling it feels so good and you can't stop? Well I basically yelled lah, although part of me thought- oh over nye. But I was annoyed that after waiting an hour, he refused to open his mouth and then gave me a "blur" look . GERAM.

Went home, sent him, forbade all forms of entertainment and then left for UIA. Kids were by now playing badminton/netball. Nadine was a spectator. Sara and Sophia tak tau mana. UIA campus cantik ! Green and today ada mists lagi.

That was today.

Visited MRSN's and KG's blog-will do the tag, KG. And I am so not the Mom of the Year, not today anyway. MrsN reminded me that this year will say bye bye to the thirties. Ada bash ke? er...have not given it much thought yet since still in "I will hang on to the 3os with my fingernails" mode...hehehe. If lah orang kata- haa can jemput sapa sapa, aside from the family and friends, who will I ask ye? RajaNazrinandWife? JitMurad?AnwarZain?berangan....

Ok lah now have to take Hamster no 2 aka Nibbles to the vet because apparently he has a wet tail.

Btw- gambar I shopping for suit heheheeh...hubby suruh beli this one...
What I ended up buying....macam security guard KLCC tak?


sw,kadang kadang anak akak pun macam tu gak...bende hilang,modal dia nangis jer..pagi2 lagi akak dah jadi tarzan....

Johan macam mana...masih tak mau bukak mulut lagi ker...

Baju tu kelihatan seperti Hilary Clinton...Yes!
wah, ni kena serious buat litigation work ni!
kay_leeda said…
Sebab all the triumphs and tribulations lah the award goes your way...heh..heh. Hope Johan's tooth is better. I know how he must be feeling, me just like him. Once settled in the chair at the dentist, no way I was gonna open my mouth. Takut woooo....

Hey nice ler the baju!! Where got like security guard :)
Tu lah Kak EZZA...yang tension tu kita dah beritau dia nanti mummy pi beli kat sekolah maaaaaaaaaaaaasih lagi uuhuuuu uhuuuu...budak budak..

Johan tak berani nak complain sakit gigi dah! Bapak dia tak sempat bawak semalam, harini kot.

Hilary clinton?? Waaaaaaduuuuhhhhhh...
Kitchen guardian- takuuuuuuuuuuuut.
Hi KAYYYYY!! Bila nak dating lagi ni...

Yeah i cannot lah marah sangat sebenarnye sbb i pun takut ya amat.

But hope he will get it done soon. (and me too)
Madam Tai Tai said…

You look smart, sophisticated and elegant lah in that pant suit! Sungguh ada gaya lawyer. Ada ke KLCC punya security guards yg lawa mcm you??
ila said…
lawa la kak long ni.. hehehe
Madam Taitai..thank you thank you..a bit panjang kan seluar tu but nak gi hantar tailor tu.
Alamak Aisshhhh Ila..kena belanja lahni
MrsNordin said…
Hey, being in the 40s is so much nicer than being in the 30s, you know? Only badan je rasa kurang daya. Must do "party", ok? (tapi, rumah you depan surau, kan? How to party?)
Yaya...40s are great...will be looking forward to it! Not sure if the surau will be too happy!
Lah, it's ACTUALLY Nadine, Sara and ME! Not Dahlia! Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Mommy so mean saying SUDAHHHHHHHHHHHH TUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Sob sob sob sob*

-Sophia Adelina

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