After weeks of on calls, it just got too much. I booked a deal under Wot*if with Le*gend - 2 rooms at less than RM400 ok lah kan. Mom in law although worried about her daughter whom she is supposed to look after (in confinement), joined us to our visit to the sea. I love the sea and get withdrawal symptoms if too much time passes between the visits!

Anyways - L*egen*d is not new. But clean enough I guess. We got 2 rooms on the ground floor - open the sliding door straight to the beach, bestnye. If I was a fusspot my complaints would be that the rooms were slightly sandy and also room service was slow and also that the tiles were cracked etc etc.

First thing- BEACH!!! Kids all went to play with the brand new kite . No one dared to go to the waters as someone had just died like 2 weeks ago. And that from playing on the edge of the sea! Mom-in-law also freaked out everytime any of the kids approached the sea. I had a kawan lah, usually I would be the mad woman calling out to her hubby and kids not to go too far out to sea. This time, I had an assistant! Hehehehehe!

Some pix....


Anonymous said…
Adek Den SW,

Excellent. Thank you for this easy on the eye presentation.

Handa kau ni, can tu lah.

Very near Podeh

apo kabor...glad that you like it...

Sapo yo dokek podeh???

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