The next morning I snucked out right after subh to watch the sun rise...I had a cup of milo in my hand, it was bliss...

Sea was calm. Beach was nice except- oit hotel, pick up the rubbish!!! Takdake orang boleh tolong kutip sampah ni, botol, plastic and glass, wine and beer, and also burnt firecrackers.

Takpalah matahariterbit punye pasal...toksahlah tengok sampah tu sangat....

Lepas tu the kids joined us...!


Anonymous said…
hello sheila, lovely pics just updating my self. btw mane all those blog links tu i always read some blogs from your page. thanks you !!! anoonnyyyyy
bella said… also have the same problem like me, withdrawal symptom kalau tak jumpa laut...hahahha....I feel the utmost calm kalau dapat nampak laut...have fun dear...
hi anony..sabar, sabar....have changed the blog so SEMUA DAH HILANG!!!!! Am having to put it in one by one...sigh..
Hi Bella!

Ya...tenang dan all the stress gone...
kak SW,
you look extra young la in that romantic picture with ur hubby.ur hubby better jaga u baik2 tau.hahahha...makin cute ni.kekekekkee...i am crazy, i know.
anyway, i stayed in LEGEN*d before and yes their tiles are cracked, toilet ada bau lama sikit means they don't do maintenance..syang sgt coz the place is beautifool and pool memang cool. And u know what, when I was there, someone, a kid nearly drowned in their pool and then in ur post u said ada org baru drown in the sea?nampak sgt they don't really maintain safety...or maybe coincidence?
I so want to go to the beach...bestnya..
Madam Tai Tai said…
Oh Shila..I just love holidaying by the sea. Missed this since we moved here, otherwise, Penang, PD and Kuantan were always our holiday destinations whenever there were long weekend breaks.

I'm sure you had a great time sebab ada assistant to supervise the kids. There are some advantages jugak ada MILs ni! Hehehe..

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