Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Story

When you think about it, it was the perfect Valentine's Day.

I had brunch with Sisterinlaw and family and MIL, I went to celebrate a lady tokoh korporat, and I celebrated dad's birthday at home.

Of course, it was actually very hectic.

Ahem! Ready? Steady? GO!

Valentine's Day Schmalentine's Day (heheh)

1.Baby Irdina came calling!
Hubby left early in the morning, to send Sara for her UPSR extraclasses and to go to the hospital(s). SIL Nor came over around 11 in the morning with her entire family - Baby, 5 year old Fatin and 7 year old Aiman. Mother in law too. Instantly was washed in guilt as we should have gone over to see HER (she left our house 2weeks ago!)- in all this time we had been telling each other "We must go and see Mak". Tengok-tengok they came over first.

Irdina the Baby is now 3 weeks old. Maaacam matsalleh if not for the nose melayu. She sleeps all the time unless she is hungry. Perfect although I kept disturbing her and trying to get her to wake up.



2. The Seminar

In the meantime I was thinking of the talk I had promised to go to. Weeks ago I had said "yes" to attending an event organised by DewanPerdaganganIslam Malaysia, called "sembang2 wanita korporat- Islam & Bisnes" . ( Actually I would not mind joining them, I think we should just concentrate on bettering ourselves for the sake of bettering ourselves whatever the current govtal policies are) Forgot that 14th Feb would fall on Saturday.

Anyway this talk was supposed to be at 2.30p.m. Which meant I had to leave around 1.45 pm. Somehow, I had always thought hubby would be dropping me before he takes the kids to visit our friends in PJaya.

As it turned out, he only came back about 1.30pm (had to get Sara from school). As inlaws were over, I could not jolly well ask him to send me. But I could not NOT go, seing that it was a paid thing and all. So. I . drove . Alone. This is monumental , ok, considering I got lost the day before trying to get from the PrinceCourt Hospital to the Weld- I ended up circling KLCC twice. I did get there , patting myself on the back, although not without a (very) few frantic calls to hubby going - "WHERE IS THIS KELAB TASIK?? I'M IN PRECINT 8 BUT THERE ARE ONLY HOUSES AND I DON'T SEE- OH! there it is,ok bye!"

The event was a formal event. I almost did not go in, because I was 30 mins late and it had allready started. I hissed to the ladies at registration that I was there on the invitation of Mr SO and SO and they ushered me in right in front of that Mr So and So in the middle of his opening speech. He was the organiser , our Mr So and So.

The place was packed. 20 tables - Full of business women. I was given a seat with these Datinstyle ladies. Made friends with them, joined one kutukking the other tables who very rudely started munching their snacks before the talks were finished (my friend kept jabbing at the programe going - "5.30 baru boleh makan lah!!" (Actually, some tables were very noisy- tak reti decorum ke???)

The lady we were all there to honour was DatinPadukaSitiSaadiahSheikhBakir, the CEO of K*P*J group. The Tansri Dato who introduced her said she had 5 other "CT" in her - Audacity,Tenacity, Generosity,Capacity and ELectricity ( i thought this was cute)

A TV3 former personality was the moderator for the sembang2, and the director of the IKRAB (Istitute of west Asian Studies) was to summarise . The moderator asked this lady how she started in the business 35 years ago. Watching her, listening to her, my conclusion then was.- this Datinpaduka is one Gutsy lady- She is actually quite petite, resembling very much a kindly grandmother, but she has succeeded in an area where men are, ie the top echeleon of management, and she has succeeded in an area where she was not familiar , namely, healthcare. All through sheer grit. She still has that passion. I think then, that is the key- passion.

Her tips which she shared include- ask yourself first thing in the morning, WHAT you hope to achieve, ie pasang niat . Niat in Islam is veryimportant anyway and it helps you to focus if you know WHY you do the things you do. Also, she sleeps very little.

The reviewer in summary shared her experience of going to the Middle east/Asia Barat, ie, it is a very male oriented society where they hide their women. They don't set them aside, they just hide them. (Bukan dipinggir , hanya dipingit). And to suceed in opening a hospital in jeddah, in this type of society, Datin paduka should be applauded.

By this time, dah bising, macam pasar. I wanted to say...POMPUAN2!! Please lah show some respect...malu ler. While we ate, there was a syair and a sajak and a song. Cool!


Ok, the event done, all my cards distributed, with mr So and So telling one of them to give me work ok?? (So blatant, tersegan kejap) 5.4o on the dot , I shot out. Called hubby who told me - Balik cepat. Awwww...He missed me...or rather, he wanted the car !

Yelah, actually, my parents were coming over for dinner that very night. I lah thought to call him over - This is to celebrate my dad's 66th birthday- Dad did not want to eat out, apa tah lagi nak ke HIltonmilton ni...last2 makan kat rumah je lah dia kata.... Small problem though- As at 5.40 pm, beras takda, gas takda, lauk takda sayuur takda. And I had the car.

So that is behind the "Balik cepat" heeh hehe. On the drive back, while I battled my way out of the various highways, I wailed "but today is VAAAAalentine's Daaaaaayyyyy" . Actually tak lah kesah sangat but sedikit sebanyak termakan jugak the sentiments of the day.
4. The Birthday.

FINALLY arrived home. Headache. Asar. Laid down. Ada dinner to cook, but headache won. Hubby was doing some PC work with B*ad , his looooong term friend. Invited Ba*d and family to stay for dinner. Which I was going to have to cook. Ba*d left to get his family (he came alone), and hubby went out also to BUY the fresh stuff. I raided the fridge for whatever was available, as obviously hubby was going to be a while. So we had ayam goreng and tomyam udang done while waiting for him to come back. Tomyam tak sempurna sebab takda limau and tomato. I kirim ikan nak steam and tauhu.

Hubby came home, with ikan, Ikan jenahak. I tak tau pasal masak2 ni, but I thought kalau jenahak, orang goreng or kari je. So karilah. Taapi..takda santan. Masakje lah Ningseh..nanti tambah ler susu or what. Tauhu tomato limau semua lupa nak beli.
Dearest tired out hubby went out AGAIN for all the above, santan, oyster sauce etc and also birthday cake.
Ba*d and family came over beFore my dad. They brought sate , thank goodness so we ate that first. We ate first, because parents came at 10. After ishak kat surau.

*Thanks for the Sate Ba*d!*

In the end I cooked sotong masak kunyit , tomyam udang, ayam goreng rempah, kari ikan, rendang tok my mom, mixed veg. Lauk biasa je.


*Some More pix*
*My dad regaling guests with jokes- hang tuah gang ada 7 orang tau. Sapa nama? Hang Tuah., Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu, Hang Lekir, Hang Kasturi...2 lagi apa?? Tak tau? Dua lagi tu...hang tanya hang bodoh!" hehehe*

*Happy Birthday Atok!*

5. Last surprise....

So far I had my parents, my kids and my husband, and my husband's old ( I mean over 20 years) friend and his family. Surrounded by lurve orang kata. Nice for valentine's day lah . Although not really the traditional, tapi takpa lah, I thought. Dah tua PON...

Sekali- jeng jeng.. my husband tiba tiba...gave me this!


Sungguh terharu sebab my husband is NOT a romantic, and he did this purely to satisfy my need for roses (biler lagi) sebab kalau tak bagi I sure mintak one heheheheh but this is ONE year when I really did not expect it as it was allready a good day and to be honest i tak sempat nak hint gedabak hehehe...but as a penutup hari, it was perfect! I did have my cliched Valentine's Day after all!
I hope you had a good day with your loved ones, or doing something you love!


MrsNordin said...

Dapat bunga!! Bestnya!! On Valentine's Day some more. It's more special becoz they are more expensive, ok?

See... he will remember if you stop reminding him. That's so sweet of Jab...

P/s I like your dad's joke! Hang Tanya Hang Bodoh. Hee.. hee... he's quite a character, isn't he?

Madam Tai Tai said...

Oh are one of the lucky ones yg actually dapat roses on VD!! Sungguh tak aci! :-)

Tell Jab, he is clearly leading in the romance stake. I haven't heard of any spouses who have bought roses for their wives yet.

And my God terrornya you masak all those food within a short time. I would have just asked my hubby to tapau at least 4 out of 5 of those dishes.

Royalshoppingarcade said...

hi kak shila,
i went to watch PGL.Romantic kan?kakakakkaka..tapi memang best la..sampai I totally terfogot your summary of PGL. tapi hubby comment best: kat jawa, semua pompuan kemban.kat melaka, semua pompuan sopan.hahaha..
glad you had a wonderful V day.I did too.ur dad is hilarious.just like u.

aida yurani said...

dapat bunga??? wah... best nyer. Epi ni romantik jugak, bila kita tak sangka. Errr... kasi kering itu bunga, then simpan ok. Itu bukti kena simpan sampai tua. Hahahaha. Ada cerita boleh story to your cucu. My V day was alright, lepak sampai 2am baru balik rumah. Ended up sakit mata!!!! On MC this whole week. Jgn marah. hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

Yg I lak.. takde la konon sebut2 V Day tu kan. Gi la beli barang kering basah bagai kat aeon au2 tu. tengah tolak trolley sesama, dia ternampak ferrero rocher.. dia amik and said..'nah for you on v day'.. hek elehhh..

Dalam keter, the budak2 ngan dia2 sekali tibai sumer chocs tu. Sesungguhnya tak lomantik, kan? hih


Anonymous said...

''sedikit sebanyak termakan jugak the sentiments of the day'' gosh this sentece made me laugh !! its been ages since i heard bm campur eng ! really nice the flowes at the end of the day. glad u had a lovely valentines - the annony

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