Friday, February 06, 2009

Who is Right

Yesterday I took the car.

So I called Hubby and said- you want me to fetch you tak?

he said: Tak pa lah I have OT at 5. Go home first. I'll see you at home.

me: ok

Then, duk dik duk dik, I found that I was still at office by 7. I smsed him "Just leaving now." Wanted to call but did not want to disturb him. Maklumlah OT. Figured, he'd call me when he wants me to get him.

So I went home.

8 pm or thereabouts he came back.

Me: hi how was OT?

Him: I cancelled it. Anaesthetist and the theatre marah.

Me: So ? How did you get back?

HIm: I walked to Ampang Park and then took the LRT and then cab.

Me: What time was this then, cause I was in KL jugak until about 7.

Him: 6.30


Him: *Overreacting nye you ni!!* "I thought you went home!!Why didn't you go home?"

Me: I ada kerja...why didn't you CALL me??

So he does not understand what the fuss was about, I can't understand why he has this mental block about calling me. Just pick up the phone and c-a-l-l me. You could have saved yourself the bother.

I want to, I love to go back together. Plus I hate to drive. I figured, he could have called me to check whether I am at home or what . Ada ke jalan from PCMC to Ampang Park. When I was still at the office. In jalan ampang.

Buang masa, buang tenaga and buang duit.

Who's on my side ? hehehehehe


bella said... am on your side...hehehheh

Royal Jester said...

ni semua start because of assumptions.he assumes u dah balik.apa salahnya call.tapi buku cakap men memang macam ni.and buku cakap woman memamng mcm ni.buku tu namanya men are from mars women fr venus.i pun like u, suka balik together2 and tak paham why men nak susahkan diri.and yes, we share the same issues coz i pun ada satu kereta je.people still find it weird that we have one car only and hubby i keje opposite PCMC and yes, both on jalan tun razak yg jam ya amat.dia pun pernah walk to Ampang park...

MrsNordin said...

I think he wanted to be alone, that's why he walked.

Maybe he was expecting you to ask, "Why did you cancel the OT?". Instead, you asked, "Why didn't you call me?"

Miscommunication. Have you sorted it out already?

Kitchen Guardian said...


Think so lah..he wants some quiet??!! time, jalan kaki pi Amp Park! Sabor sabor!

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