Wish me luck!

Ok...now it's 8.20. Because hubby is still downloading stuff, I have to wait . The Seminar starts in half an hour.

My slot is at 11.30. I could not really sleep and I am not even the speaker! I'm merely the "Hi this is the speaker- here she is isn't she wonderful -psst can you please stop babbling your time is up" lady.

Ahemmmm!!! Lalalaala meeemeee meee meee (*practice*) Ladies and gentlemen, good morning..I've been practising the meagre stuff I think I would need to say all night. The thing I don't really know is what to say after they finish- that was a GOOOOD paper, dear. That sounds very condensending pulak. How about - EXCERRENTTT!! What I SHOULD NOT Do is say - "er..thank you, Ms ABC, that was an....er...in-ter-esting paper" in a "bored it was so dull" voice.

If I was not at ISE*TAN yesterday I would have been able to google each and every one of the attendees so that I can pretend I know them when I see them hehehehe.. However I was there buying myself a COUPLE of suits - finally found suits that I can actually wear which could have something to do with me embracing Size XL and no longer bothered to go try any other size (L konon, HAH!) . I am justifying the purchase as my preparation to launch into my new court career. Got meself new shoes as well....but that's cause my old ones are well and truly worn- I wear shoes sampai hancur then buy new one. I don't change shoes. Or bags. My (ahem) LV now is showing signs of wear too...

OKAY!! I think we better go honeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...
rasa macam exam ler..


ps...on hubby downloading stuff- i told him, if only I was a computer. then you can stare at me for hours and occassionally fiddle with the keys! hehehehehe
Madam Tai Tai said…
When will your turn to be the speaker? I'm pretty sure you will make an excerrentt one! You have so many anecdotes and off-the-cuff jokes..sure your speech won't be dull punya.

As for the well-worn LV, mcm tu baru lah nampak original sikit. Also shows that you are not a new user. Class gitu!
MRSHUSiN said…
LUCKKKKKKKKK kak Long!!! =)
anedra said…
Hi MrsHusin,
Am new at your blog..but what a great read..and interestingly too my child goes to A*NI too and is in BADAR! Sports day coming soon isn't it?

Look forward to reading more!
anedra said…
Hi again,
After reading more - i just realised that my son attended Johan's bday party! How funny is that? ANyway, I reckon I should some day introduce myself to you since we live just a stone's throw away from each other, and my son is classmates with Dahlia. Nice meeting you here though Mrs H!
anedra said…
me again making a mess in your comment box. sorry for calling u Mrs H, typo and partly me being very blur and a blunderbox!
Hi MTT-- er actually I was asked to present but shipfinancing is not my area of specialty so I declined. I think next time, just grab the bull by the horns ..and do it.!
Anendra- hey there neighbour! You must absolutely come over for coffee..! Keepp what you read from the neighbourhood ok hehehehe

I have tagged you as the Mother Of The Year, go check out my blog!
anedra said…
Haha - ok, no problem. I don't know anyone in the neighbourhood anyway! What's in blogosphere stays in blogosphere. And likewise , drop by lah whenever for coffee!
KG- laaaa you are the mom of the year no contest...
anendra- pop in on Saturday am for breakkie- k? email me at shishila@gmail.com if u want

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