Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Restoran Ikan Sungai

I just cannot believe that I spent RM240 eating some ikan sungai

I had asked my husband to take me out to a posh dinner somewhere because I just want some – poshness lah heeheh actually I miss being in an atmosphere with smart surrounding and muted conversation and the sound of soft music tinkling behind. PRATTTT hehehehehe

Anyway husband said – I ngantuk jom balik je lah can or not .

Sigh..ok since he did not sleep until 6 am – he was at the hospital removing someone’s guts out. Bet you never knew that you can exist without your large bowel hah.

Anyway as we were approaching home suddenly he said “shall we try the Restoran Ikan Sungai” at Desa Melawati. We have passed it often on the way to mom’s house in Gombak and was recommended it very highly by his Uncle (although he did warn us that it was rather steep)
So we parked and went in. The d├ęcor was simple but elegant. Huge posters of fish adorned the walls, with their proper nomenclature and the river where they are most likely to be found) There were several waiters and a chef looking person. Hubby saw an old picture of Jambatan Sungai Segamat which he used to see fairly often on his way back to Kluang from MCollege. .
We were seated, and given the menu. The friendly chef never left our side . First he recommended the dishes- IKAN PATIN MASAK MASAM TEMPOYAK., IKAN KERAI GORENG, IKAN KELAH BAKAR , REBUNGMASAK LEMAK, SAMBAL ULAM, 2 COFFEE.

Sebenarnye I yang gatal sangat nak rasa Ikan Kelahtu..dah beberapa orang mention to me, and bila I kat Kenyir tak lak dapat rasa...so I pun order lah karang kempunan kan. Tapi RM58 per 100 gram ok!!!!!! Maknanya RM580 per kilo- IKAN KE MINYAK NI???

Anyway masa makan tu tak ingat cost sebab memang sedap. Ikan dia rasa fresh and masakan dia pun tak over.

tapi bila balik I rasa...it is slightly on the high side lah nak makan ikan...so tak leh buat selalu...

The romantic meal takdalah romantic sebab like I said the chef never left our side.. he was regaling us non stop about his life in Temerloh, how he started, the supply of fish in Malaysia, how orang Cina pandai appreciate good fish and that is why the melayu fisherman taruk harga tinggi, and all the time using proper ceramah BM. Sedap dengar and macaaaammm pergi kursus. Tapi er...at one point hubby looked like "alamak boleh tak give us some privacy" heheheh

Conclusion- memang sedap food. Tapi...RM240!!!!! Sekali sekala je lah nampak gaya...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

quick update

Well....sleepover turned into a smaller than originally thought - only her cousins came. Her friends were a no show. Kesiann Sophia ..went to bed crying.

We all went to bed at 8.30..yelah dah gelap kan, apa lagi nak buat. Hehehehe

Took kids to see Racetowitchmountain. Hubby said - cerita TV. But it was enjoyable lah gak. We all were late going in so missed the first 10 mins

Ok now going off to MakB's house to welcome latest addition to the Adom Clan...Naim Azrain- Izreen's 2nd child.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Update on Kids

Sophia ada sleepover..daripada Saturday night tetiba tonight. (I tak beritau FTM lagi **cra**p!) Anyway she is inviting her 10 classmates and then there are her 4 cousins and then her 4 sisters. I think its going to be riuh kot. The agenda loosely is pizza and cake, dvd, tido, then esok nasilemak, bracelet making (order from SIL) and home. Macam boring ke? Jadik lah tak

Johan taknak gi skolah but we are sending him. Ashik saaaaaakit perut je. Is this the Sara syndrom dulu? Time to talk to the teachers! Or is it something medical? Karang kita buat dono rupanye something serious. My friend took her child for a sprained shoulder anak dia complain shoulder sakit sekali dok told her ada scoliosis pulaaakkkkkk. So cannot take chances with kids.

Dahlia dah prefect! She has to jaga corridor. She and Sophia. She was so chuffed semalam beli uniform baru siap tukar straight away dalam bookshop ok. Late last night she was mumbling her Oath.

Sara has a hamper competition. To dress up the best hamper. Imported stuff only ok.- that's the requirement. Sometimes I wonder gak skolah ni...hissshhh. Her hamper theme is "Chocs around the World" . Was planning to visit ColdStorage then hubby bawak balik coklat banyaaak - as LUCK would have it ada his friend balik Australia bagi kat dia. That is some good timing or what!

Nadine...what is happening to my first born ye? As mad as I am over Bof and has been heard to mutter "Anniyo" or "Kamsahanmida" and various Korean phrases hehehehe..wants a sleepover for her friends on Sunday as well. ??? Tak confirm with mom and dad lagi, jangan sebut ok.

Ok then....we talk later. got work .


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Break up

All this talk about romance,love, breaking up...

I came very close to calling it quits with hubby in 1992 .

Stupid joke dia lah. But it did introduce me to how I would feel if we were properly breaking up.

I was visiting him at his hospital in Derby in1992 (lama dah) and we were talking. Tiba tiba he mentioned, he had something to confess to me. What was it? He solemnly said, he actually has a son , by a mat salleh nurse kat hospital tu.

Thinking back this sounds totally tak believable sebab (a)bila masa?? and (b) my inno-sen budak johor skolah agama mak cikgu ni??pegang tangan pun susah? (kejap je susah heheh) tak caya tol!

but at that time, he was so earnest . I remember blinking, and then I asked him are you serious, or joking? he said serious, and he was sorry. Sepuluh kali I sebut is this TRUE??? He kept nodding.

My brain immediately went to "what is my next action" course.

So I stood up, and said: Ok, thats the end of us then.

And he said :Why?? This does not change the way I feel for you. And this was in the past anyway.

Me: **Confused** Sorry, tak leh lah. Cannot. I have to go now. I will leave now.

Him: I acah jee lah!!!

Me: **Cry*

(or was it "Me: Hit him hard"? I tak ingat)

But, there was this very sebak feeling in my heart, rasa macam nak pinar pinar, and also macam nak nangis, and like- lost lah . Macam- eh? end of things? It was very painful, macam physical pain.

Is that heartbreak? ( To hubby- Buat lah lagi , ok, and something else will be broken for you, hehehehe).

Anyway I pun ada test dia ......I asked him about 1 year later that there was this one guy who is my friend and what would he do if I told him I liked him that way...and actually at that time this was not a total lie because there was someone pun who I saw everyday, tinggal lagi takda lak feeling apa apa dengan dia langsung langsung although he was cute ler jugak.

Muka dia berubah gak lah! (yes!) and he got soooo serious and macam nak tear up (ok he willtotally deny this if you see him so please don't mention it) . hehehehe . So I told him acah je lah!!!

Tulah..insyallah jodoh panjang ok.. I don't think I have the strength to go through the heartbreak process . Nak cari orang lain lagi, ish tak yah lah.

Korean Drama and Dilemma serantau.

Pandai betul lah Orang Korea buat drama. Walaupun your brain goes - tak logic nye plot ni, but you are COMPELLED to watch it.

Boysoverflowers up to date (thanks to the internet) is about The Common Girl and the Supremely Rich Boy. The Common Girl likes the Supremely Rich Boy's Best Friend. And after she was pursued by the Supremely Rich Boy, she fell for him pulak, although from the way they bicker all the time you would never be able to tell. But by this time, the Supremely Rich Boy's Best Friend dah tersyok pulak kat dia. Between the SRB and the BFF, they both know that they like the same girl, but the BFF is content to remain the best friend of thhe Poor Girl, always helping her out. He is soooooo sweet and always think of her, anticipating her needs etc.

The Poor Girl I rasa tau that the BFF suka kat dia, (unless she is totally blind) but buat tak tau je because she does not feel the same way anymore with him (SO been there, girl) . The SRB ni, tau that the BFF likes his girlfriend(the Poor Girl) and can't do anything but watch when the SRB's mom or events make it difficult for the girlfriend and BFF steps in to rescue the Poor Girl.. The SRB ni said that if he had to give up the girlfriend, the only person he thinks he can bear to see her go to is the BFF . (I'm going "aawwwww" at the same time as "what the hey?? as if she cannot choose or what??)

So now, the Poor Girl, having been chased out of her house by the SRB's mom, ends up staying with the BFF (chaperoned by the BFF's grandad of course orang Korea pun paham concept Khalwat ni ok) . So they share many lovely lovelyromantic moments together like washing car, playing with water while washing cars (hmmm I should try that this weekend it did look fun hehehe- upmh on second thoughts tak kuasa lah)

Anyways here I am thinking, woit, this drama is ending in TWO MORE EPISODES. We All know that according to the original manga, Hana Yori Dango, the SRB will end up with the Poor Girl in the end. But as of now the way the drama is unfolding we are STILL not sure if the directors are going to give the Poor Girl to the SRB or the BFF. The BFF has confessed three times and even has a ring ready to give her. Unfortunately she did not hear (or pretended not to hear) his confession.

Ok the reason I put this out is....(not only to tell you that we are shamelessly following this drama) but also to ask- who would you choose:

1. the guy who is always there for you, who understands your needs, who treats you well and will always put you first and who adores you and loves you lah basically.


2. the guy who you like, make your heart beat faster, but who is totallywrong for you, his family hates you, he pisses you off half the time, inconsiderate most of the time, etc etc

Which one would you go for.? the one who loves you or the one who attracts you?
Is chemistry important??

Bye bye.....

Monday, March 23, 2009


1. You know you are 40 when your grey hairs start to appear at the FRONT of your head, rather than hidden at the sides or the back. It's like the hair is saying- heck it lah, nothing to lose what. heheheh

2. You know you are 40 when your back twinges and you haven't even been bending!! (oww)

3. You know you are 40 when you can't remember the vitamin's name that will improve your memory

4. You know you are 40 when your daughter tells you - please don't colour your hair anymore you look old. Sigh...

My kids ...you teach them to speak , and then whammo they come up with the funniest thing. Recent crack ups:

1. Rukun Iman- Percaya kepada lailatulkadar. (meant to say Kada' and kadar)- mau orang tak dok gelak kat dia ni. ....

2. Jamak sembahyang- one of them marah sebab kita kata, tak boleh sembahyang Jamak SUBUH, ZOHOR AND ASAR!!! (Nice idea though,darling!) hehehehehehe...dia dah buat dah, and penuh lah rasa bangga nak beritau yang dia jamak tiga tiga....sekali orang dok gelak heheheheh

3. Jo refused to go to school today because his nose is peeling. Diva or what.

4. Dahlia and Jo suka buat "Menu" restaurant. Johan's restaurant is "We have halal food restaurant" while Daya is "dahlia's deluxe restaurant (managed and owned by Dahlia) " . I kid you not. Johan's chicken rice is RM70.00. His fried rice with egg and fish is RM90.00 on the basis that it has more things. On the plus side, the desserts are free.

Dahlia's food is more reasonable. but she wallaped the price on dessert. You can order one or two or three banana. No more.

Kih kih kih!

Oh well yesterday we came back from Kluang , attended a Maulud at the mosque in Kluang. My kids (and I) tak pernah lagi pergi. and it was very nice except the kids when the ceramah started after Isyak, kept saying "how much longer?" "dah ke, mummy??" . I told them the ustaz is telling a story , listen lah. Tapi later I found out the DAD fell asleep too..and he was RIGHT in front of the Ustaz... takpalah he must have been tuckered out, drive straight 3 hours back to Kluang.

As soon as sampai rumah from Kluang, at 3, he went back out to get stuff for RoastChicken dinner for his friends LKok and Sash*i , his classmates from zaman tok adam. They were coming for dinner at 6. Thank god they arrived at 7 and miraculously somehow semua siap...and they left at 10 (Sas*hi takleh datang though sebab anakkena HFM) and they went home at 10....It was really good though I would not want to be that last minute again! Hubby did 2 roast chickens and 1 roast lamb...tu pun nak buat apple crumble before I stopped him as there were other things that required his attention than the kitchen.

Today...work day!!! Yipeee I can rest!!

Byeee ..catch you later. ....

Friday, March 20, 2009

My son. sigh...

Yesterday , Johan came out of the shower, starkers and was walking around. I told him to get dressed allready and he said, mummy, I think I have a talent

Really Jo? What talent is that?

My talent is I tak malu.


Late Wish for Sophia Adelina



S - Sweet. sangat songel. soft.
O - on the computer all the time.
P- pink favourite colour. princesses too. poems mad.
H- happy go lucky
I- incredibly cute
A- and is a decade old today!

Sophia means wisdom did you know? Sopheeeyaah, not Sou-fya.

Happy birthday !

KT - some more pix - ( 2nd installment!)

This according to Hubby,is the training ground of J*I. Ye ke?

My kids and BIL's kids in the speedboat at the resort. We were in the orangtua punye boat.

Atok and driver of boat.

A boat house in Kenyir...

Our tongkang. tina the 5 year old told us we were going to Hongkong he he. Atas ada bilik ok

Boat underway! So much for shipfinancing- what the heck is the front part called? We had food on the table. This boat trip had my heart in my mouth the entire time - worried that one of the kids would fall out!!!

Well on the way....

KT in pix- sorry kerja banyak

Captions under the Pictures ok .

This place was FULL! Mula mula makan sata but then tambah ikan gorengtepung special, sotong HUGE goreng special, and keropok lekor....dah lah hujan, laagi lah sedap NGAP NGAP.

Kat luar hujan torrential sangat...tropical storm that was to last the rest of the day to the next morning...got us a bit worried.

Day 1 - malam- went to eat under the River - there is a place that sells ikan bakar etc . Again, buzzing despite the rain ! Orang ganu sure likes to eat out! Ordered SO MUCH food - and kids had sate- tak reti makan ikang bakar lagi. What we ordered - (yang I ingat lah)- ikang steam. Ikang goreng tomato, tomyam campur, sup daging , sotong , chips.....)

Day 2- AM - Breakfast- NASI DAGANG DALAM BUNGKUS and OTAK OTAK . Burp. Nasi dagang. For breakfast.

Day 2 - after breakfast- we all went to PasarPayang. Ground floor - food, glorious food!! raisins, cashews, keropok, keropok and keropok Pasar Payang -Upstairs ada loads of batik, baju, kain, telur penyu, rendang daging,, etc etc etc . I tak makang lah telor penyu sebab macam kesian kat penyu - helps that bendallah tu macam berlendir...thank goodness chocolate is not an endangered animal lah is what I can say.

Day 2- lunch at Nasi Padang.- The one in the striped tshirt is the youngest brother of the late Atok Lamah (hubby's maternal grandma) - 80 years old and fit as anything, 0k.

Still at the restaurant makang nasi padang. Lauk include OTAK [brain...] , ayam masak rendang, paru sambal, sayur lemak, ikan patin masak lemak (MY NEW FAVOURITE) .

Day 2 - petang......off we went to Sungai Marang...Because Atok has a couple of houses right by the river..(how many of us can say that hehehe). Atok also has 2 sets of Buai between the river and the house. I love the little hut in the middle. We had BBQ dinner there that night (which was cooked in the kitchen - hahahaha) >you can see theriver if you peek between the grasses.

..a couple of boats which took us on a lovely 20 min ride on the Sungai Marang...Johan dreaming....

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Back from KT. Full story later. some points:

1. No internet connection -gasp!!!

2. Lake Kenyir is a must see at least once in a lifetime

3. I am too old to be jungle trekking to waterfalls deep in Lake Kenyir

4. You can't get too much of keropok lekor as far as I (and tinamycomelniece) are concerned

5. I hate driving at night - esp at Karak Highway at 3 in the morning

6. we got back at 5 am

7. Hubby cannot drive at night

8. Next time we are flying.

9. Totally great hosts, totally great time.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Airport Trip

Mom and Dad should now be in Frankfurt now, transiting on their way to Dublin.
Said bye bye yesterday.

Hubby only came back from his talk at 7 , with the 2 girls, thank goodness ,and then we rushed to get ready and go to the airport. We had to go copy the maid's permit and drop her off at LRT station (she gets a break while we are gone). However by the time we actually left it was 8 so we freaked out and told her we'll be sending her ourselves . Actually I would rather do that as I know she gets to where she said she would.

Anyway perut lapar but rushed like mad, then called mom only to find out that at nine pm THEY WERE JUST LEAVING THE HOUSE!! I thought their flight was at 10?? No, it was actually 11.55 , sorry lah. Laaaaa...since we had the time, we detoured to SIL's house to get her phone .

Halfway there I drove . Because the driver was tired despite his macho bravado of "I am ok"s.

"Are you sleepy ? Are you sleepy because you had better not be sleepy. tu lah why did you do your talk so last minute and tak tidor kan dah ngantuk I am sleepy too you know hope you dont want ME to take over"

" I am not sleepy" - veers car to middle lane
"you ARE sleepy! Let me take the wheel!"
"No" mumbles "I am fine"
"Let me take the wheel" Nag ."let me take the wheel. I insist. Although (a) I hate driving and (b) I hate driving at night and (c) I hate driving in the rain " (must say this, for extra brownie points) hehehe.

So, grumbling (mostly about how he is always so alert for the hospital and a zombie with us- an unfair (??) accusation but one that I make now and then especially during PMS time) I took the car and he dozed off. Well he tried to doze off anyway. After 5 mins-

"Eh, which direction shall I take, Nilai or Banting??"

...silence. Someone snoring. I turned to Nilai. Can't be wrong right. Since they live in Sepang.

"Eh now where, left or right?"

"hmmm??" mumble mumble about "F*I" and "go straight" . Bantai je lah.

"eh where is the Sh*ell lah??" Supposed to turn into a small dark narrow lane after She*ll station to get to SIL's house. It will be a booming place, their area. One day. Right now it is very secluded. I could not see anything in the rain and dark. Please buy my house, SIL. Senang I nak visit you.

Kids woke daddy up , slight hysteria in their voice-"DAD! Mummy wants direction!!!'

Poor man managed to mumble mumble entahapa apa directions entah until finally he gave up, sat up and told me "How many times have you come here???" marah lah tu.

"Eh harro. First of all, I hate driving at night. Second of all, sitting in the car and driving to the place are 2 different things. You don't know the route until you actually drive. Where do I turn ni?"

I managed to get lost. Of course! But found the place AT LAST.....After that he said "I drive lah!!" heheheheh.

Alah bushuk bushuk bushuk.....jangan marah nanti cepat tua. I pegang tangan dia, buat dono je...hehehe marah ler tu. But since we always hold hands while he drives, kena lah mengalah. (UWEK?)

Ok got to the airport. Saw dad and mom checking in. Brother and family also there. Sara surrendered her hamster to her cousin. Supposed to send to friend nearby but leaving at 8 so what the hey , and brother wanted to keep also so that was settled. Thanks friend for being willing to take hamster anyway!

As dad was hungry went to eat at this restaurant. I don't mind paying but mi hoon at RM12 ?? Seriously?? And the set up was really outdoors takdalah macam posh or what. Anyway that is airport food. We got ourselves mihoon nasi lemak sandwich laksa asam, coffee and tea and coke. Johan ate about RM3 out of a RM6 muffin.

Mummy jadi DBKL habiskan everyone's food.

Yusuf the toddler sebok nak taruk gula dalam teh lah, lepas tu nak coke lah one thing after the other (namapun toddler) , he was busy screaming when Opah and Atok kissedhim bye bye, then when they were walking towards the customs counter baru lah Yusuf tersedar that atok and opah dah pergi so he started going "Bye tok! Bye Pah!" and went"Bye ! Bye!" ..heheheh terlambat lah Yusuf. Brother said "Yusuf ni selalu lambat sikit reaction dia" - macam you lah Pol heheheh!

On the way back, hubby insisted on driving (to spare himself the headache of answering my polite gentle questions on directions I suppose). We stopped twice to let him sleep though. We dropped off the maid . then, he tried to take us home but tak larat dah so finally he let me drive..

Finally sampai - 2. am.

TODAY- KT!!! Semua orang tido lagi..Ambitiously nak pergi at 7.30. Bangun kids!!! SUBUHHHHH!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Things on the TODO list

1. Open tabunghaji accounts for heaven's sake!!!
2. Clear the house next to KG and Dadof6- need to rent it out. Anyone interested in a 4 bedroom 3 bath 22x80 house in nice environment? huge family room upstairs? with an EXCERRENT cook for neighbour?? (us moving back in is still an option given the current economic climate)
4. Start mengaji-ing- this, Im doing on 25th march. I am. I am. I am.
5. Pay quitrent and assessment. tau takpa.
6. Sort out loan for car.
7. go see dentist..tunggu gaji boleh tak
8. send cats somewhere- where???

Saturday Allready???

Feeling much better today because yes, it was indeed PMS wakakah

of course not everyone is happy to hear the news . Tu lah, sebok manjang sapa suruh.

Anyways. On to other less personally embarrassing "news".

Dahlia and Sophia have gone to their leadership camp. While Dahlia virtually skipped there, Sophia did not want to go, moaning all the way. She malas sebab ada "races" etc . Got prizes and everything. We told them we'd be getting them way before 7 pm because have to run to the airport and send parents, and Dahlia was so upset because she'd be missing the "Special Dinner" organised. Hee hee.

Anyway talking about Sophia, my WindowsMediaPlayer no longer sound like donaldduck singing. Sophia played around with the laptop the other day and tiba tiba can't remember what the heck she did and I was condemned to listen to korean actors speaking like DonaldDuck. Finally figured what she did (sara pointed it out). Stay awayyyyyyyyy from MY pc , Sophia! :-)

Today promises to be a very hectic day. Have to pick the kids from camp, send Maid to LRT (she is getting a 4 day break) and then go to airport, then go see BIL and SIL and then all of us go back home and then tomorrow morning leave for KTganu yay yay. In the meantime have to try to find time to photocopy maid's passport and also change money for mom (euro!)

Japanese brother is asking jadik ke nak ke Tokyo? Promised him that we would visit in May and he has taken leave for it but now babysitters nak pergi Ireland camana hehehehe. Unless I bawak semua orang lah which is NOT AN OPTION. Mom and Dad quite unsympathetic (oh we are Soooooo sorry we takdapat balik Malaysia intime to jaga your anak anak so that you can go to TOkyo, kaklong -try your in laws?) hehehe.

We are going over to KT until Wednesday. I have always loved the east coast. Hope BN will leave them alone and not spoil it although I think some efforts have been made towards spoiling it - er I mean developing. (Ooooopppsss I am venturing into politics again! Cepat cepat buat Uturn! ) We are visiting hubby's granduncle . I've allready been told to catch IkanKelah and IkanCelups. IkanKelah RM80per kilo?? Biar Betul??

Ok tata...dad is off to see his patients and also has a talk to present at PCMC at 2 today (go lah if you can catch it) talking about rectal bleeding...and he finished his slides- er JUST NOW. and now he is panicking because he tak cukup masa..TULAH....heheheh

Nasib baik Tearstreaymyngdownface have been repaired. Finally.

Have a good weekend all!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Cerita pagi ini - Actually I can talk about the Azalina fracas....(someone must not like her is what I think, rather than wooo efficient nye anti corruption agency ni!) or the Perak hoohaa (WTH is this??? economy economy economy lahhhh...can someone be Solomon???) and also the fact that Datuk Am*biga got an award for women of courage from the US (She is the Pres*ident of M*alays*ian B*ar who will insist on making press statements representing the Bar which has no connection at all to what other members of the bar she represents, feel. I think its totally NOT ON the way she criticises this and that without care of sensitivity etc...There are ways my dear. bak kata a character in P Ramlee Movie- Ibarat menarik rambut dari dalam tepung...rambut tak putus...tepung tak berselerak.. ada faham,? Grr her award write up made it sound as if she was fighting against a corrupt, feudal, backward society. Malaysia AIN'T THAT BAD!!! While acknowledging the bad apples and total corruption levels which have reached ridiculous everyone-is-doing-it why-bother-to-pretend level, I still think we, as a country, and people, are WONDERFUL....Maybe we SHOULD change government. And see how corrupt the OTHER SIDE can be...hehehehe. Tak suka read bad press about the country. It's all your fault najib!! (tak kira how illogical that sounds ok I am grumpy today)

yahlah.... grumpy tak pasal pasal I hari ni. don't know why semuanye nak terkammmmmm. Maybe PMS.

ExStreamlyannoying-yx is still out. 6 days now. Ive gone beyond mad to amused. No, still mad.

Let's go to less annoying updates....(takdalah update)

Johan, Now ustaz jawi is ok with him, he doesn't want to go to school because of the BM teacher puLAK. Her complaint- he does not hand in his work. Why? Cause he is too slow . We SHALL SEE TEACHER . My son will be the next PM hokey! (No lah, stay away from politics) He woke up earlier to day to see his mummy finish his homework for him.

Dahlia- wants 15 bucks. to donate to her class (today is Friday, galakkan sedekah ..yah but duit mummy gak tu Dahlia. Sedekah pakai duit sendiri can or not)

Sophia- wants a sleepover party. turning 10 next week. I had her when I was 30. Either that, or spa. Belum jemput kawan the invitee list dah cecah 10. Camana nak bawak pergi spa.

Sara- was cuddling up to me last night, telling me the hamster bit her sebab lapar. has a sty in her eye. bapak dia tengok half a second and pronounce it ok. biasalah tu.

Nadine- has to print something by this morning. beritau semalam. We do not have a printer at home and Dad got back too late. So try the office or Computer lab Nadine

Mom and Dad- everything AOK. Semalam mom came and why is it that moms cannot help but criticise ...ke I yang sensitive? She mentioned that I should not use my Royalwhateverness plates for daily use. That's all I have mom and believe me they were cheaper than your Melamine over here. before I cameback from the UK I stayed near Stourbridge.Horrible town but has the cheapest pingganmangkuk so I borong lah. Sigh....now. forget it ler nak buy No*ritake or what.

Ok tata...feel like sleeping.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Most Valuable Perfume in the World

Amouage Gold perfumeIn 1988, in order to widen the audience for the world's most valuable fragrance, Amouage launched the Amouage "Gold Cristal" range. This range contains exactly the same fragrance as in the "Original Flasks", and the overall design incorporates all the famous Amouage original motifs. A powerful Eastern yet floral fragrance, immediately recognizable, and of lasting strength.

Fragrance: is warm and heavy, and gives the wearer immediate presence. This is not a light or superficial fragrance, but one to be worn in the evening or on special occasions, when luxury and elegance is called for.

Fragrance : This powerful floral fragrance is made for the most special luxury, evening occasion. Rich in sophistication and splendor.

Bottle: The exquisite bottles are made from 24% French lead crystal with 24 carat gold plated decoration, all conceived from ancient Omani designs. New purse sprays are gold plated as well.

Amouage GoldEau de toilette spray1.7 oz (50 ml)$275.00

Amouage GoldEau de parfum spray (new bottle)3.4 oz (100 ml)$320.00

Amouage GoldParfum spray 1.7 oz (50 ml)$410.00

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Waaaa!still no streamyx

Will now look into Wima*x,whatever that is.

Blogging has been seriously impaired due to lack of network connectivity. Anak I punye homework pun affected tau...semalam she has had to convert some gregorian dates to hijrah dates - ie get islamic calendar dates for the year she was born etc. Have to use internet so that's no go, went to 3g and dapat, but the result yang keluar was a "*" ...what the heck?

Anyways how are you . MrsN, I am dying to see your new bob. Bila nak date ni? We are planning to take a trip out to the east coast next week. I Love the east coast...and hope to be able to include a trip to the island..even if tak tidor there.

Kids update:

1 Nadine- she has been improving in terms of time. Takdalah the last to wake up or get ready. She is most upset because the lack of internet means she can't watch Boysbeforeflowers! I dah habis Nadine waaahaaa jangan jeles.

2. Sara- she is now down to 1 hamster. She wants to take said hamster to eastcoast with us. Which is not doable so I'm scouting around for kindly babysitter for hamster. A friend has kindly offered (After I dengan tak malunye, asked). Also, wants a new cage and food for hamster, Hari hari hanyang kita sampai i dah tak larat so terpaksalah nanti get a new cage- mahey oi

3. Sophia- came back with 3 page memo on camp at Kuala Kubu this Sat to Mon for prefects monitors and assistant monitors. Look quite full gak the camp and of course since we won' t be around, we said can't go lah.

4. Dahlia - last night told me oh, the form tu, Salah. (??) it was only for secondary. Gave me a different form where she and Sophia have to attend a leadership 1 day camp at school on Sat. Ok lah tu

5. Jojo.- Oh drama today. Got up late, and then we sent him and then he forgot his socks and also he has Jawi today and he is scared of the Ustaz and also he is then late (8.15) so he was fretting all the way in the car. ("I have 3 problems, mummy. I am late, I have no socks and I have Jawi today" gloom gloom) Dad bought socks kat kedai mamak, sorry Johan its blue but hey, beats no socks ! apparently if no socks, demerit and boy "demerits are very very very bad, mummy"

[if only someone in my office would take that attitude hehehe]

6. the Dad- well the dad has been so busy busy busy sampai hari tu I sms dia my name and ic no for him to ake an appointment to see a womandoc- I want to have a medical check up..SUSAHNYE dapat appointment! Nak buat direct, dia tak bagi. So anyways. He has been seing an international range of patients- russian, mafia cina, american, omani, etc etc. His patients have given him (er..us lah tu, thank you heheh) food, musical instrument, and "the most valuable perfume in the world"!!!!! Ada ye!! Bau maaacam First from Van*cleef and Ar*pels. Anyways I have advised him not to accept gifts that are too extravagant but it would be a good idea to actually charge your patients the going rate for a 6 star private hospital, dear, instead of basically giving them er..freebies. I was just trying to tell him that private patients EXPECT you to see them as many time as you can and expect to pay also ...he was unwilling to see his patients yang he considered well as he didn't want to have to charge them. So he just calls in often by phone and Kirim Salam. Haaaaa? Nanti you have to Kirim Salam to your career in the private medicine area honey hahahha...no, I for one, if I got myself admitted to say, Westin Hotel, taknak lah rasa macam treatment of a basic 3 star hotel right or not.. I know its hard for him to be charging for services but HALLOOOO your eldest daughter is going to uni in hmm 3 years. As long as you don't do anything unethical like recommend entah apa apa treatment or stuff you can't do, ok lah, kan kan kan???? Hmm what to charge my patients? A lot of people out there would kill to have your problem.

Mom and Dad- leaving for Ireland this Saturday. For three and a half months mak oiiiiii..I rasa, sure either my dad willbe bored, or my brother will go mad heheheheh but you are so lucky to have mom and dad 247 with you Adek and Mas! Masak sedap sedap ok...hope you find permanent arrangement for babyJood..or Kaklong can come over lah how abt that..you bayar je.
How about that Boss, can we start afirm in Ireland???

Ok thats all for today. Will be checking in later.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday, March 09, 2009


My internet connection has been down for the last 3 days.

I think something is up with Streamyx because it normally doesn't take 10 mins for them to answer their calls. Why do they have to tell you up front before they let you talk to a humanbeing, that you need to make sure you have plugged your modem to the er electrical point etc etc and WHY do they have to tell you of their MANY serviceinterruptions all in areas which you do not live in and therefore are not bothered with??!!

Anyway I havehad to run to the office for a shortwhile because I have promised someone that Iwould send her something. Just trying not to get distracted with blogging etc!

I did call Stre**amyx and lodged a report (s) and they told me their technician will look into it and will settle it within 2 working days because their technicians don't work on Sat, Sunday or public hols. What crap is this???? Eh, if doctors, police etc can work 24hours so can blardie technicians okay . It's not like you are going to give me a REBATE for this downtime!! What good is "we apologise for the inconvenience caused" to me haaaah, bukan boleh makan- bagi duit lagi bagus.

Anyway I have given up calling them because they have nothing to say and the best thing is while they have not resolved this problem, they are trained to ask me if there is anything else they can help me with..Nak KENA?????? Lagi lah naik meradang!

Ehhhh i cannot accept that technical support is only available during working hours. Rasa nak tulis surat je...!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Starting young???

Johan told me the other day that a friend (boy) who was in Standard 5 told HIM, that a girl had pulled him to the side, and PLANTED A KISS ON HIS LIPS!!!!

Ad*ni ni...

To worry or not?

Dadofmanykids say- alah he fantasy je kot heheh

Could be.

Hubby- "ke, dia yangkiss the girl tu Johan?"

Johan, seing we were freaking out, terus - "er, I don't know? I don't remember, I don't think i heard right..." hehhehe

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sad Day for Sara

Kesian Sara.....

Moomee has died!

A week ago, Johan called me crying. "I don't want to keep a hamster" he said.

Apahal lak ni? Rupanye, he had broke the cage (the EXPENSIVE one ok) that housed the 2 (now 1 since one has er..gone to the great hamster heaven in the sky) . Tulah, conclusion nye taknak kena marah- he never wanted to keep a hamster anyway.

Ok lah since that day Sara has been asking us to get another cage - benda tu RM100 plus ok!!! Entah mimpi apa lah I masa beli. Anyways we did not get it ....

So Sara put the hamster moomee in the same cage as the one I bought for her at GEM

Rupanye depa ni cannot get along!! Gaduh rupanye...

So as of an hour ago- NomoreMoomee....

She is sobbing and banning her siblings from going to her room where the hamsters were kept.

Moomee has been buried. Mummy, pulak, is still at the office waiting for husband- IF YOU WERE GOING TO BE LATE CAN OR NOT TELL ME BECAUSE I COULD HAVE GONE HOME WITH DADOFFOURPLUSONEPLUS -HECK IT, DAD OF SIX - at 4 PM TADIIIIII

Ok back to Sara...I think I will get her another Moomee lookalike lah. (thereby teaching her that.... Money can buy everything? or Patah tumbuh hilangberganti? what?)

Sigh...the darn hamster.

2. Meanwhile, neighbour is heartily sick of cats pooing all over her tempat sidai baju..I swear she must be cursing us tiap tiap hari.. Mom suruh I leave the cats somewhere...where lahhhhh .. They're my babiess...

Ok so now, leave the boys somewhere and keep the pregnant ladies until they deliver (I have 2 preggers cats) and then bila babies kittens dah keluar, give them away.

Sigh...the darn cats.

3. And back to the kids..we are all mad over B*OYSBE*FORE*FLOWERS......Korean adaptation of Hana Yori Dango....Every monday and Tuesday we catch it...all of us, husband included (although he is not into it AT ALL , he just sits there for company) and the kids will be squealing at the romantic parts...Seriously, the Koreans really know how to make captivating drama...
Ok ....byeeee


Last night Johan whispered that something mean had happened to him.

By the way this was in bed, with a half dead mom - tired out from the 3 hour trek from the Gardens to home and going through the carpark that KL was yesterday....what the heck were BAS PERSIARAN doing in the middle of KL at peak hours!!!! One cabbie told me that whenever it rains, KLites forget how to drive. He is soo right.

Anyway back to Johan, he went on to tell me that his Ustaz made him stand on the chair because he was slow in finishing his jawi, and that he doesn't want to go to school tomorrow.

"uhuh.." I said almost dozing off.

This morning he refused to get up, and when I prompted him he mumbled from under the pillow, "Remember what I said yesterday??" ie the Ustaz etc.

Well I had just told a friend earlier yesterday in the smug "I have five kids and therefore know so much more than you" fashion, that when kids refuse to go to school, we should not be too hard on them, and find out why. So after saying that, I tak leh lah irritated with Johan kan, so I said "Johan...the teacher is not mad with Muhammad Johan , he just wants you to be better...and at least he did not hit you or anything!" I turned to hubby- "Kan??"

"Ye lah Johan, biasalah its Normal - when I was small I was always standing on chairs , standing on tables.."

I looked at him, surprised "Ye ke?"

"Nolah," he grinned and added dengan penuh action- " I kan star student..mana pernah kena marah.." Eleh..!Mak you in the same school that's why lah.

Anyway Johan in the end agreed to go but only because (a) we agreed to send him, much to the annoyance of his sisters who had to take the van and (b) he had 3 bucks to buy the donut and cake lah (sekolah ke deli???)

Free free dapat lecture today from Work Partner that I have to let him go...and let him be tough.be smacked, be punished, etc etc.

But he's my babyyyyy... how to let go...

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

When they know how to write..

The other day we went out for dinner (sans kids). Dahlia and Johan were going- "can we come?" every few minutes. "No". "awww pleeeeease???" "no, this is grown up dinner, you'll get bored""We promise we won't!!!"

So after a solid 10 mins of "can we come/no you can't/pleeeeeeeeeeeease??" I told them, look, I will try to be back by 10.30. You go and sleep first, and we will wake you and take you to M*cD ok? BAARU ok.

(Bribery is rife here)

So when we got back at er- 11.30 kot..we found this:

hee hee! awwww.........

They each have their own room, but prefer to sleep in front of the telly in the family room upstairs, so I have bought a double bed sized mattress for them to sleep on. On any given night there would be at least 3 kids there. More often than not daddy pun terlelap sekali after watching CSI or Midsummermurders. Dahlia and Johan would be whereever I happen to be.

(we didn't take them in the end..biasalah Hubby had to go back to hospital and only came back at 3 in the morning)


Jangan ingat I fickle ye....or macam acah acah..but

*The blog will remain open for the moment *

After reading your comments (terharunyeee I have readers! "Lihatlah dunia!"Sob sob!"(Ala ala Azean Irdawati) Punyalah seronok sampai tak tidor) - yalah you are right...bukan nye cerita scandal...balik balik kids, work, hubby and yawn..kids again...takda benda sangat nak hide ..although for Kak E, I akan create cerita kelambu(cerita kereta lembu?) ..tapi jangan marah lak hehehehe. Kekasih lama-lama tu yang termention tu...kalau sebenarnye selama ni I je yang perasan and rupa-rupanye you all tak syok pun kat I...tak yah kelentonglah dengan bini you....hee hee!

I am still worried if by any chance old colleagues/clients come over ..I hope they realise that I am ok at my job and not like this when I work (which is there, a lie.)

Mainly we meet old friends here...and that's the biggest reason to keep it open, actually. If ada lah ppl giving me or hubby funny glances..well.. what to do? if too bad or suddenly he gets datukship WALLAWWWW! i kenalah create persona lain hehehehe.

Thanks guys.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Giving in to the Voice of Reason

Someone advised me strongly that I should limit the readership of this blog..you never know what people may think.

Sebenarnye I think this dear friend overestimate the readership hehehe..but I am caving in and restricting it...

On the grounds that my husband's colleague/juniors/patients and my clients etc who would by some luck (for them hehe) stumble upon this post, would realise that we are actually a couple of wacky, crazy, giggly and chaotic people not at all like our public persona, which is of course elegant and reserved. hee hee.

Hubby doesn't think the blog should be limited....which is his way of telling me there is nothing here remotely resembling "interesting"- thanks honey..To be honest I am comfortable with who we are and consider that whatever negative perception (the few) readers out there would have, is not something I can help. Plus if you don't read it here I will probably tell you when I see you about it. ... BUT! The joy of blogging has been slightly dampened with the word of caution. You can never be too careful I guess.

So if you need access..just email me ok!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...