Sunday, March 15, 2009

Airport Trip

Mom and Dad should now be in Frankfurt now, transiting on their way to Dublin.
Said bye bye yesterday.

Hubby only came back from his talk at 7 , with the 2 girls, thank goodness ,and then we rushed to get ready and go to the airport. We had to go copy the maid's permit and drop her off at LRT station (she gets a break while we are gone). However by the time we actually left it was 8 so we freaked out and told her we'll be sending her ourselves . Actually I would rather do that as I know she gets to where she said she would.

Anyway perut lapar but rushed like mad, then called mom only to find out that at nine pm THEY WERE JUST LEAVING THE HOUSE!! I thought their flight was at 10?? No, it was actually 11.55 , sorry lah. Laaaaa...since we had the time, we detoured to SIL's house to get her phone .

Halfway there I drove . Because the driver was tired despite his macho bravado of "I am ok"s.

"Are you sleepy ? Are you sleepy because you had better not be sleepy. tu lah why did you do your talk so last minute and tak tidor kan dah ngantuk I am sleepy too you know hope you dont want ME to take over"

" I am not sleepy" - veers car to middle lane
"you ARE sleepy! Let me take the wheel!"
"No" mumbles "I am fine"
"Let me take the wheel" Nag ."let me take the wheel. I insist. Although (a) I hate driving and (b) I hate driving at night and (c) I hate driving in the rain " (must say this, for extra brownie points) hehehe.

So, grumbling (mostly about how he is always so alert for the hospital and a zombie with us- an unfair (??) accusation but one that I make now and then especially during PMS time) I took the car and he dozed off. Well he tried to doze off anyway. After 5 mins-

"Eh, which direction shall I take, Nilai or Banting??"

...silence. Someone snoring. I turned to Nilai. Can't be wrong right. Since they live in Sepang.

"Eh now where, left or right?"

"hmmm??" mumble mumble about "F*I" and "go straight" . Bantai je lah.

"eh where is the Sh*ell lah??" Supposed to turn into a small dark narrow lane after She*ll station to get to SIL's house. It will be a booming place, their area. One day. Right now it is very secluded. I could not see anything in the rain and dark. Please buy my house, SIL. Senang I nak visit you.

Kids woke daddy up , slight hysteria in their voice-"DAD! Mummy wants direction!!!'

Poor man managed to mumble mumble entahapa apa directions entah until finally he gave up, sat up and told me "How many times have you come here???" marah lah tu.

"Eh harro. First of all, I hate driving at night. Second of all, sitting in the car and driving to the place are 2 different things. You don't know the route until you actually drive. Where do I turn ni?"

I managed to get lost. Of course! But found the place AT LAST.....After that he said "I drive lah!!" heheheheh.

Alah bushuk bushuk bushuk.....jangan marah nanti cepat tua. I pegang tangan dia, buat dono je...hehehe marah ler tu. But since we always hold hands while he drives, kena lah mengalah. (UWEK?)

Ok got to the airport. Saw dad and mom checking in. Brother and family also there. Sara surrendered her hamster to her cousin. Supposed to send to friend nearby but leaving at 8 so what the hey , and brother wanted to keep also so that was settled. Thanks friend for being willing to take hamster anyway!

As dad was hungry went to eat at this restaurant. I don't mind paying but mi hoon at RM12 ?? Seriously?? And the set up was really outdoors takdalah macam posh or what. Anyway that is airport food. We got ourselves mihoon nasi lemak sandwich laksa asam, coffee and tea and coke. Johan ate about RM3 out of a RM6 muffin.

Mummy jadi DBKL habiskan everyone's food.

Yusuf the toddler sebok nak taruk gula dalam teh lah, lepas tu nak coke lah one thing after the other (namapun toddler) , he was busy screaming when Opah and Atok kissedhim bye bye, then when they were walking towards the customs counter baru lah Yusuf tersedar that atok and opah dah pergi so he started going "Bye tok! Bye Pah!" and went"Bye ! Bye!" ..heheheh terlambat lah Yusuf. Brother said "Yusuf ni selalu lambat sikit reaction dia" - macam you lah Pol heheheh!

On the way back, hubby insisted on driving (to spare himself the headache of answering my polite gentle questions on directions I suppose). We stopped twice to let him sleep though. We dropped off the maid . then, he tried to take us home but tak larat dah so finally he let me drive..

Finally sampai - 2. am.

TODAY- KT!!! Semua orang tido lagi..Ambitiously nak pergi at 7.30. Bangun kids!!! SUBUHHHHH!!

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Anonymous said...

i just lurve reading your much drama with your kids....

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