Break up

All this talk about romance,love, breaking up...

I came very close to calling it quits with hubby in 1992 .

Stupid joke dia lah. But it did introduce me to how I would feel if we were properly breaking up.

I was visiting him at his hospital in Derby in1992 (lama dah) and we were talking. Tiba tiba he mentioned, he had something to confess to me. What was it? He solemnly said, he actually has a son , by a mat salleh nurse kat hospital tu.

Thinking back this sounds totally tak believable sebab (a)bila masa?? and (b) my inno-sen budak johor skolah agama mak cikgu ni??pegang tangan pun susah? (kejap je susah heheh) tak caya tol!

but at that time, he was so earnest . I remember blinking, and then I asked him are you serious, or joking? he said serious, and he was sorry. Sepuluh kali I sebut is this TRUE??? He kept nodding.

My brain immediately went to "what is my next action" course.

So I stood up, and said: Ok, thats the end of us then.

And he said :Why?? This does not change the way I feel for you. And this was in the past anyway.

Me: **Confused** Sorry, tak leh lah. Cannot. I have to go now. I will leave now.

Him: I acah jee lah!!!

Me: **Cry*

(or was it "Me: Hit him hard"? I tak ingat)

But, there was this very sebak feeling in my heart, rasa macam nak pinar pinar, and also macam nak nangis, and like- lost lah . Macam- eh? end of things? It was very painful, macam physical pain.

Is that heartbreak? ( To hubby- Buat lah lagi , ok, and something else will be broken for you, hehehehe).

Anyway I pun ada test dia ......I asked him about 1 year later that there was this one guy who is my friend and what would he do if I told him I liked him that way...and actually at that time this was not a total lie because there was someone pun who I saw everyday, tinggal lagi takda lak feeling apa apa dengan dia langsung langsung although he was cute ler jugak.

Muka dia berubah gak lah! (yes!) and he got soooo serious and macam nak tear up (ok he willtotally deny this if you see him so please don't mention it) . hehehehe . So I told him acah je lah!!!

Tulah..insyallah jodoh panjang ok.. I don't think I have the strength to go through the heartbreak process . Nak cari orang lain lagi, ish tak yah lah.


baru ko tau macam mana rasa nya orang frust menonggeng tu!!! hmm ada ke orang kalau frust dia menonggeng? buruk betul perangai cam tu...

Akak tak mo lah break up kalau dah tua tua ni...kalau boleh nak pegang2 selalu...hehehehe
yus said…
hahaha..once a while bila terkenangkan zaman berchenta..memang menyeronokkan..

insyallah panjang jodoh hingga ke akhir hayat. Ameen
MrsNordin said…
Shila, baru acah2 macam tu, you dah nangis. Kalau kena betul, tak tau lah macamana...

But you know what? I think God only tested those with strong willpower over break-ups. Orang macam you, Tuhan takkan test in this department becoz he knows you have a frail heart. He'll test you in other ways pulak...

When it comes to breaking up, I'm a seasoned player and you know that. But each time, memang it hurts so bad. Don't even tempt it, my dear. It's not something you want to go through.
kak Ezza...dah tua punnnnn mana nak lari , dah tak terkejar. Entah lah Tonggeng = sujud kot...
Yus ,..zaman moda moda...insyallah aminnnn
You were so in my mind MrsN.

I am not strong for a whammo pain like that. Baru acah rasa nak tempeleng..Takda lah nangis , sebab you percaya ke joke biyoul tu??? You are MUCH stronger. But boy did you come up the winner!
tireless mom said…
Memang jodoh u all panjang. I suka lah nengok the two of you.
Tireless mom....insyallah...doa kan lah you and me ok
Nur said…
bestnyerrr baca citer chenta camnih...

ye ke epi susah nk pegang2 tgn. mmg innocent la!hehe..

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