Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Allready???

Feeling much better today because yes, it was indeed PMS wakakah

of course not everyone is happy to hear the news . Tu lah, sebok manjang sapa suruh.

Anyways. On to other less personally embarrassing "news".

Dahlia and Sophia have gone to their leadership camp. While Dahlia virtually skipped there, Sophia did not want to go, moaning all the way. She malas sebab ada "races" etc . Got prizes and everything. We told them we'd be getting them way before 7 pm because have to run to the airport and send parents, and Dahlia was so upset because she'd be missing the "Special Dinner" organised. Hee hee.

Anyway talking about Sophia, my WindowsMediaPlayer no longer sound like donaldduck singing. Sophia played around with the laptop the other day and tiba tiba can't remember what the heck she did and I was condemned to listen to korean actors speaking like DonaldDuck. Finally figured what she did (sara pointed it out). Stay awayyyyyyyyy from MY pc , Sophia! :-)

Today promises to be a very hectic day. Have to pick the kids from camp, send Maid to LRT (she is getting a 4 day break) and then go to airport, then go see BIL and SIL and then all of us go back home and then tomorrow morning leave for KTganu yay yay. In the meantime have to try to find time to photocopy maid's passport and also change money for mom (euro!)

Japanese brother is asking jadik ke nak ke Tokyo? Promised him that we would visit in May and he has taken leave for it but now babysitters nak pergi Ireland camana hehehehe. Unless I bawak semua orang lah which is NOT AN OPTION. Mom and Dad quite unsympathetic (oh we are Soooooo sorry we takdapat balik Malaysia intime to jaga your anak anak so that you can go to TOkyo, kaklong -try your in laws?) hehehe.

We are going over to KT until Wednesday. I have always loved the east coast. Hope BN will leave them alone and not spoil it although I think some efforts have been made towards spoiling it - er I mean developing. (Ooooopppsss I am venturing into politics again! Cepat cepat buat Uturn! ) We are visiting hubby's granduncle . I've allready been told to catch IkanKelah and IkanCelups. IkanKelah RM80per kilo?? Biar Betul??

Ok is off to see his patients and also has a talk to present at PCMC at 2 today (go lah if you can catch it) talking about rectal bleeding...and he finished his slides- er JUST NOW. and now he is panicking because he tak cukup masa..TULAH....heheheh

Nasib baik Tearstreaymyngdownface have been repaired. Finally.

Have a good weekend all!

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