Giving in to the Voice of Reason

Someone advised me strongly that I should limit the readership of this never know what people may think.

Sebenarnye I think this dear friend overestimate the readership hehehe..but I am caving in and restricting it...

On the grounds that my husband's colleague/juniors/patients and my clients etc who would by some luck (for them hehe) stumble upon this post, would realise that we are actually a couple of wacky, crazy, giggly and chaotic people not at all like our public persona, which is of course elegant and reserved. hee hee.

Hubby doesn't think the blog should be limited....which is his way of telling me there is nothing here remotely resembling "interesting"- thanks honey..To be honest I am comfortable with who we are and consider that whatever negative perception (the few) readers out there would have, is not something I can help. Plus if you don't read it here I will probably tell you when I see you about it. ... BUT! The joy of blogging has been slightly dampened with the word of caution. You can never be too careful I guess.

So if you need access..just email me ok!


MrsNordin said…
I don't see any reason why you should restrict your readership. So far, your stories mostly revolve around your children and husband saja, which I love to read.

You have a very interesting way of writing, Shila ~ full of humour. Just leave it as it is lah...

On a separare note, I would love it if Dr A's wife has a blog!! Hee.. hee... I'd follow it for sure!
anedra said…
As much as I agree with your hubby and MrsNordin, I do understand why you want to be cautious (ie. some creepy neighbour bertanduk dua(ie. moi! haha) my stumble across the blog and start stalking u!). I have heard of horror stories. Tapi kan, any one who reads this blog would know that you've got such a wonderful family - and that there's so much to learn from you! Wacky, crazy, giggly and chaotic tu ok apa!
Oh my god if Dr Aziz's wife has a blog I think we won't get any work done eh J hehehehe
Anendra...yah, have to be cautious these days..although had i restricted it we would not have met at all which would be such a pity!
wannor said…
SWW, I suka baca ur blog, nnt kalau u nak restrict the blog reader, invite me kay, my TQ
Busybody said…

I like your new power suit. Very nice and professional looking.
yus said…
i like reading ur blog..the way u write the blog make it intersting to read..very when u talk about ur kids..i have 3 kids so i can relate to the stories..if u happens to restrict the blog reader please invite me. thanks
izreen fara said…
kaklong.. takkan cousins pun nak kena limit kot.. alaaaaaaa
ps - you know where to reach me eh?
Madam Tai Tai said… pun nak restrict gak ke?? Don't are not offensive at all (unlike me lah!). If Jab doesn't mind what his students, nurses and fellow colleagues think of him from your blog, then why should you kisah?

Nonetheless it is your blog and you can do what you think fit. Should you go ahead and restrict it, please grant me access, ok. I think you know my email address, right?
Nur said…
hi kak long..
tq for inviting me..
err..ur blog is innocent enuff laaa..ur way of writing is one of a kind. u never failed to crack me up hehehe....
wanshana said…
Alahai Shila,

Panic sekejap I semalam when I couldn't access your blog!

It's your decision whether to restrict it or not, but, frankly speaking I don't find your posting offensive, etc. I love your frankness and humour, I love your style of writing. It'll be such a shame if you limit your readership...

BUT, IF (AND ONLY IF) you decide to make it private, jangan lupa invite I, okay? It's

Cheers, dear :)
tireless mom said…
Dear Shila

Your blog is so hilarious and sesiapa yang kena restrict reading it (if at all you restrict it lah) sure akan miss giler tak boleh enjoy the humour.

So you bought that thing yang you cerita kat I masa dinner hari tu ye. Healthy nya lah hidup after ni kan. Also I love your power suit too.
Ezza Aziz said…
laa,nak buat cam MTT pulak..adoi...akak tengok tak da sebab pun nak buat invite readers pun..bukan nya cerita rahsia kerajaan pun ....rahsia kelambu pun tarak....hehehe..

Akak suka baca cerita you..biasa dan santai..kadang2 tu jenuh gak bukak kamus cari makna..hehehe
kadang2 akak tergelak sendiri..syok tau baca citer you niii..tapi kalau you nak restrict
jangan lopa add email akak sekali
Anonymous said…
Hi Shila.. I hope you don't restrictlah you blog.. I love reading your blog.. especially cite pasal anak2 you & skolah Adni.. coz my daughter Adilah who was Dahlia's ex classmate masa year 2, also likes to read your blog.. so that she knows whats happening kat Adni.. infact.. my daughter nak sgt call Dahlia.. but she didn't have the number..

anyway.. if you nak restrict gak.. I will send you an email to add me :-).. have a nice day!

mi2omar said…
Yours are amongst the select few i bloghop regularly albeit silently. MTT and MrsNordin inclusive and i was pretty sad when MTT decided to restrict hers. I believe you are following suit soon.
What used to be a fun thing to do, sharing our daily happenings in our family and work life with friends and readers i.e. like me is now being threatened by close minded people/sick stalkers that thrive on cheap gossips etc. Hence your decision to restrict your blog access is understandable, we are mother and wife first and protecting the loved ones is our utmost priority.
Do keep on writing no matter how wacky, giggly or crazy obviously in a fun manner...coz that's what makes you different from the rest.
So, do include me in your restricted list ok coz i really have soft spot for couples with big family,fyi i have six, plus hubby is seven and plus me eight altogether.
Hi Wannor! Thanks for coming here..i will keep your email although i forgot to give my email add-
Haaa Jah the "Bzbody"- I bought 2 sebab the other one shorter jacket and longer skirt. Not often tau jumpa suit yang muat.
Hi YUS! Welcome to the say the nicest thing *blush* yalah anak anak kita memang membuat pening kan...thanks for the email add-!mine is
izreen fara the can I possibly keep out the family...that was the raisond'etre of the blog in the first place..hehehehe
MTT- you think? That's what he said. I agree too but tulah anyone out there making negative comments abt him/me/us(maybe its allready too late heheheh)
the principal said…
I just love sharing stories with friends & later found out my FIL, x-boyfriends & x-madus (the wives) read my blog too...

friends yg dah lama menghilang pun tetiba jumpa when they stumble upon my blog. As for me, byk pros than cons...(so far)

just in case, pls invite me -
hi Noni...u fall under category of family mem...instant 247 access!
alamak wanshana..ok ok ok. tak tau dah nak buat apa as at this moment.
Yatt- yelah i bought it....harihari lahhhhh mengutip dust heheh.
Anonymous said…
Dear Swwb,

Please leave it open for all to access. You may not realise it, your blog like that of MrsN's is therapeutic, it is real and it contributes towards family well-being.

With best wishes,

F1 Driver from Podeh
Anonymous said…
gosh i know how u feel and shila though i read your circle of people blogs izreenii, izan, mrs N and MTT and i never have my own blog but reading blogs like the above really give me something to look forward to during lunch, before i sleep reading on my ipaq sumore and i really miss the whole BM words mixed with english like ''sedik sebanyak termakan sentiment'' gosh i cant forget that line !

btw shila when i first found out abt your blog i read it day and night on my ipaq under my sheets n this was your old blog that u lost ingat tak.
good luck whatever u decide n thanks so much for emailing me the access and also im home in 4 days time 4 my holidays. cant wait
the annonny
Haa the words yang you kena look up dictionary tu...I dahlook up dah siap siap and saja je pakai nak impress orang hahahaha

nak baca rahsia kelambu ke ?? Bisa !hehehehehe!
Hi Aziah!!Thanks for coming kalau I ada kutuk kutuk Adni tu buat buat tak nampak je lah ye hehehe...

Dahlia says hi to adilah. she has an email address- - nanti she will get your number.
Yo principal- FIL pon baca?? heheh suspense gak ek???

If not for the blogworld tak jumpa you kan?
hi M2omar...sometimes when you vent you need to hear what ppl think - it validates your actions kan. which is why the blogworld is nice - free therapy. There are indeed nasty ppl out there who leaves nasty comment ..yang I heran is if you don't like it so much, why did you bother to come to the site, click "comment" and bother to put in the word verification and the hassle that goes with giving comment? Tak paham den.

Anyway thanks for visiting...see you soon in the blogworld- loved the stuff you put up too!
F1 driver from Podeh- it's therapeutic for me too ! And my friends don't get bored on the phone! And ...I know you don't I??? I will get it soon! email me ler -
Anony- you dah rasa macam golonganfamily. email me ok when you are back we'll go for a coffee- izan izreen nak join??
Anony- you dah rasa macam golonganfamily. email me ok when you are back we'll go for a coffee- izan izreen nak join??
Anonymous said…
terharu u guys call me golongang family. coffee cant teh tarik and goreng-goreng can ! course must meet izan and izreen. izan esp who i have forged a special relationship with. btw the note that your kids wrote on the blog very cute. i used to do that as well. brings back memories. - ANNOYY
strawberry said…
sw.. if incase u would like to restrict the blog, plsssss grant me access also k.. i love reading ur blog.. n u know wht, u had somehow inspired me to hv 5 kids eheheheh.. keep writing.. reading ur blog is like a breath of a fresh air.. u r funny, witty n charming..

my email add is

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