Friday, March 13, 2009


Cerita pagi ini - Actually I can talk about the Azalina fracas....(someone must not like her is what I think, rather than wooo efficient nye anti corruption agency ni!) or the Perak hoohaa (WTH is this??? economy economy economy lahhhh...can someone be Solomon???) and also the fact that Datuk Am*biga got an award for women of courage from the US (She is the Pres*ident of M*alays*ian B*ar who will insist on making press statements representing the Bar which has no connection at all to what other members of the bar she represents, feel. I think its totally NOT ON the way she criticises this and that without care of sensitivity etc...There are ways my dear. bak kata a character in P Ramlee Movie- Ibarat menarik rambut dari dalam tepung...rambut tak putus...tepung tak berselerak.. ada faham,? Grr her award write up made it sound as if she was fighting against a corrupt, feudal, backward society. Malaysia AIN'T THAT BAD!!! While acknowledging the bad apples and total corruption levels which have reached ridiculous everyone-is-doing-it why-bother-to-pretend level, I still think we, as a country, and people, are WONDERFUL....Maybe we SHOULD change government. And see how corrupt the OTHER SIDE can be...hehehehe. Tak suka read bad press about the country. It's all your fault najib!! (tak kira how illogical that sounds ok I am grumpy today)

yahlah.... grumpy tak pasal pasal I hari ni. don't know why semuanye nak terkammmmmm. Maybe PMS.

ExStreamlyannoying-yx is still out. 6 days now. Ive gone beyond mad to amused. No, still mad.

Let's go to less annoying updates....(takdalah update)

Johan, Now ustaz jawi is ok with him, he doesn't want to go to school because of the BM teacher puLAK. Her complaint- he does not hand in his work. Why? Cause he is too slow . We SHALL SEE TEACHER . My son will be the next PM hokey! (No lah, stay away from politics) He woke up earlier to day to see his mummy finish his homework for him.

Dahlia- wants 15 bucks. to donate to her class (today is Friday, galakkan sedekah ..yah but duit mummy gak tu Dahlia. Sedekah pakai duit sendiri can or not)

Sophia- wants a sleepover party. turning 10 next week. I had her when I was 30. Either that, or spa. Belum jemput kawan the invitee list dah cecah 10. Camana nak bawak pergi spa.

Sara- was cuddling up to me last night, telling me the hamster bit her sebab lapar. has a sty in her eye. bapak dia tengok half a second and pronounce it ok. biasalah tu.

Nadine- has to print something by this morning. beritau semalam. We do not have a printer at home and Dad got back too late. So try the office or Computer lab Nadine

Mom and Dad- everything AOK. Semalam mom came and why is it that moms cannot help but criticise I yang sensitive? She mentioned that I should not use my Royalwhateverness plates for daily use. That's all I have mom and believe me they were cheaper than your Melamine over here. before I cameback from the UK I stayed near Stourbridge.Horrible town but has the cheapest pingganmangkuk so I borong lah. forget it ler nak buy No*ritake or what.

Ok tata...feel like sleeping.


Busybody said...


The political situation really makes me want to cry, esp in Perak sana.

SW, eventhough you say you're complaining, but your writing still makes me smile..

Enjoy the school holidays!

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi Jah!

How are you? Yah, will try to enjoy the coming hols..though have to ponteng special classs for Sara - upsr kan..

you all tak gi mana?

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

to me laa..about this p o l i t i k thing ni..semua nya sama...G I L A kuasa, G I L A duit... bila di bawah..semua kata yang di atas tak betul..corrupt laa but bila mereka berada di atas...nampak nya sama saja....Tipah tertipu laaa

next pilihan raya...mari undi cap harimau pulak!..tiap masa Grrrrrr

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hehehheh kak E- MALEH nak pikir. Orang dah bagi sign sikit punye BESAR masa election March12 that semua dah mooowakkkk sebab tak habis main kerja gila kuasa tapi tak gak paham...camana..You je lah jadi politician!

yani yunus demarco said...

hello hello...salam perkenalan!! I came across your blog when I was trying to come up with a name for my new blog (well..still thinking about it) Thought of naming it "super woman" hehehehe...Anyway, long story short..I got hooked!!!
My MIL told me once, when we were moving into out first house, to use my good china n silverware (dia yang bagi pun) all the time. She said it is a shame to have nice plates and silverwares but never has a chance to use them. Use them while you still alive..that way when you give your nice chinas to your kids, they will remember you n all of the good memories that comes with it :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hey! Welcome Yani! Yaaa I found another Superwomanwannabe after this and she spelt it exactly like this but its a christian site ! I am SO NOT a superwoman but when I started this I thought hmmm I want to do so much(want is the operative word) so that was what I felt like.

Anyway yah so many ppl just leave the dishes in the almari kan? sayang betol///

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