Thursday, March 12, 2009


Waaaa!still no streamyx

Will now look into Wima*x,whatever that is.

Blogging has been seriously impaired due to lack of network connectivity. Anak I punye homework pun affected tau...semalam she has had to convert some gregorian dates to hijrah dates - ie get islamic calendar dates for the year she was born etc. Have to use internet so that's no go, went to 3g and dapat, but the result yang keluar was a "*" ...what the heck?

Anyways how are you . MrsN, I am dying to see your new bob. Bila nak date ni? We are planning to take a trip out to the east coast next week. I Love the east coast...and hope to be able to include a trip to the island..even if tak tidor there.

Kids update:

1 Nadine- she has been improving in terms of time. Takdalah the last to wake up or get ready. She is most upset because the lack of internet means she can't watch Boysbeforeflowers! I dah habis Nadine waaahaaa jangan jeles.

2. Sara- she is now down to 1 hamster. She wants to take said hamster to eastcoast with us. Which is not doable so I'm scouting around for kindly babysitter for hamster. A friend has kindly offered (After I dengan tak malunye, asked). Also, wants a new cage and food for hamster, Hari hari hanyang kita sampai i dah tak larat so terpaksalah nanti get a new cage- mahey oi

3. Sophia- came back with 3 page memo on camp at Kuala Kubu this Sat to Mon for prefects monitors and assistant monitors. Look quite full gak the camp and of course since we won' t be around, we said can't go lah.

4. Dahlia - last night told me oh, the form tu, Salah. (??) it was only for secondary. Gave me a different form where she and Sophia have to attend a leadership 1 day camp at school on Sat. Ok lah tu

5. Jojo.- Oh drama today. Got up late, and then we sent him and then he forgot his socks and also he has Jawi today and he is scared of the Ustaz and also he is then late (8.15) so he was fretting all the way in the car. ("I have 3 problems, mummy. I am late, I have no socks and I have Jawi today" gloom gloom) Dad bought socks kat kedai mamak, sorry Johan its blue but hey, beats no socks ! apparently if no socks, demerit and boy "demerits are very very very bad, mummy"

[if only someone in my office would take that attitude hehehe]

6. the Dad- well the dad has been so busy busy busy sampai hari tu I sms dia my name and ic no for him to ake an appointment to see a womandoc- I want to have a medical check up..SUSAHNYE dapat appointment! Nak buat direct, dia tak bagi. So anyways. He has been seing an international range of patients- russian, mafia cina, american, omani, etc etc. His patients have given him ( lah tu, thank you heheh) food, musical instrument, and "the most valuable perfume in the world"!!!!! Ada ye!! Bau maaacam First from Van*cleef and Ar*pels. Anyways I have advised him not to accept gifts that are too extravagant but it would be a good idea to actually charge your patients the going rate for a 6 star private hospital, dear, instead of basically giving them er..freebies. I was just trying to tell him that private patients EXPECT you to see them as many time as you can and expect to pay also ...he was unwilling to see his patients yang he considered well as he didn't want to have to charge them. So he just calls in often by phone and Kirim Salam. Haaaaa? Nanti you have to Kirim Salam to your career in the private medicine area honey, I for one, if I got myself admitted to say, Westin Hotel, taknak lah rasa macam treatment of a basic 3 star hotel right or not.. I know its hard for him to be charging for services but HALLOOOO your eldest daughter is going to uni in hmm 3 years. As long as you don't do anything unethical like recommend entah apa apa treatment or stuff you can't do, ok lah, kan kan kan???? Hmm what to charge my patients? A lot of people out there would kill to have your problem.

Mom and Dad- leaving for Ireland this Saturday. For three and a half months mak oiiiiii..I rasa, sure either my dad willbe bored, or my brother will go mad heheheheh but you are so lucky to have mom and dad 247 with you Adek and Mas! Masak sedap sedap ok...hope you find permanent arrangement for babyJood..or Kaklong can come over lah how abt bayar je.
How about that Boss, can we start afirm in Ireland???

Ok thats all for today. Will be checking in later.


MAMAMIA said...

Internet connection has become basic necessity sekarang ni...

Dulu2 our strymx pun selalu problem. Now we use celcom broadband as back up.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hai MM- celcom broadband? You mean yang cucuk tu ke? Ok tak? Slow tak? Eh whatever lah I dont care slow or not, but I just want to be connected....

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

internet connection kat sini pun ok gugak,,tak da masaalah..dulu masa ada masaalah ,call je depa datang dengan segera...or may be kami je yang pakai streamyx kat kampung ni.. tu la pasal tak banyak gangguan......hahahha

anedra said...

My celcom broadband seems to be more reliable than hubby's streamyx these days - so go get one! Plus it's easy to use when travelling, the coverage is good and stable too. Nasar had to do the internet research last night, soooolast minute - we only finished close to 1 am! Tak tahu lah anak I sorang tu! And at 1 am he told me he needed to get manila card for today...Aiyaaaa!! If u heard some mad woman screaming late last night - it was me. Hehe.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Kak Ezza- dia kalau ok, ok betol! Bila down dah nak masuk 6 hari ni!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Dena- How do you get Celcom broadband must go and check it o ut

hahahaha you too hah. Why lah must they tell last I have stocked KERTAS KERAS< KERTAS HITAM, KERTAS HITAM (KERAS) KERTAS KALER KALER AND KAD MANILA ...and i bet they will suddenly ask for something else.

now i have to give 15 to dahlia sebab dia nak DONATE.

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