Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Last night Johan whispered that something mean had happened to him.

By the way this was in bed, with a half dead mom - tired out from the 3 hour trek from the Gardens to home and going through the carpark that KL was yesterday....what the heck were BAS PERSIARAN doing in the middle of KL at peak hours!!!! One cabbie told me that whenever it rains, KLites forget how to drive. He is soo right.

Anyway back to Johan, he went on to tell me that his Ustaz made him stand on the chair because he was slow in finishing his jawi, and that he doesn't want to go to school tomorrow.

"uhuh.." I said almost dozing off.

This morning he refused to get up, and when I prompted him he mumbled from under the pillow, "Remember what I said yesterday??" ie the Ustaz etc.

Well I had just told a friend earlier yesterday in the smug "I have five kids and therefore know so much more than you" fashion, that when kids refuse to go to school, we should not be too hard on them, and find out why. So after saying that, I tak leh lah irritated with Johan kan, so I said "Johan...the teacher is not mad with Muhammad Johan , he just wants you to be better...and at least he did not hit you or anything!" I turned to hubby- "Kan??"

"Ye lah Johan, biasalah its Normal - when I was small I was always standing on chairs , standing on tables.."

I looked at him, surprised "Ye ke?"

"Nolah," he grinned and added dengan penuh action- " I kan star student..mana pernah kena marah.." Eleh..!Mak you in the same school that's why lah.

Anyway Johan in the end agreed to go but only because (a) we agreed to send him, much to the annoyance of his sisters who had to take the van and (b) he had 3 bucks to buy the donut and cake lah (sekolah ke deli???)

Free free dapat lecture today from Work Partner that I have to let him go...and let him be smacked, be punished, etc etc.

But he's my babyyyyy... how to let go...


Zulaikha said...

When I was in standard 6, I always got scolded by my Science teacher sebab dapat C je. Next exam teros dapat A. Ada faedahnya cikgu marah, tapi itu zaman UPSR, tahun ni PMR pulak. hmm.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Zulaikha....trauma tak bila cikgu marah?

Zulaikha said...

Sorry lambat. Very busy ngan exam! Tak de la trauma sgt, cikgu asyik tanya soalan banyak2 kali, tapi tak dapat2 pon, jadi selepas tu buat latihan & ingat macam2 utk Science.

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