Pix for memories

Itu saya! Probably asking her if she wants to join me for lunch hee hee.


MrsNordin said…
Wah... you look like someonevery important!! Cool!
Bukan selalu..tu yang jakun
Anonymous said…

i was just blog-hopping and tiba tiba ter-drop by in here..hope you dont mind..

err..btw...is that hilwanie you're talking to in the pic?? she looks like my long lost friend...hehe..

Hi Visitor! Yes its Wanie...you know her? She was one of the guest speakers that day.
yus said…
what a small world ..i know her too heheh..actually her hubby dulu kerja satu tempat with my hubby..nice and sweet gal!
tireless mom said…
Waduh... power nya kawan Chairman I ni! Tak kesah lah the point is about lunch, janji you are so in control.
LifeBloom said…
*Clap3x* - not a "wannabe" - truly Superwoman dah ni...:-D
wanshana said…
It looks like what actually went on was -

"Eh, I love your jacket? Where did you get it, eh?!"

"Oh, I was just about to ask where you got your suit, too! Canteeeekkk!!!"

"Hmmm, maybe we can go and shop together after lunch nanti?"


(So, did you? Go out for lunch and then shop? ;))

Tm- hehehe nampak macam kan..depan I tu ramaiiii pandang. tu yang tak pandang depan, SHY
Lifebloom- how are you wei...bila nak dating nih....eh masih lagi wannabe ler...
wanshana- hehehehe! yah probably said that..no lah,we were busy talking to others later! networking ler konon..
Yus. ye ke?? Do you know how to get in touch with her?
yus said…

i have her phone number if you want..i'll email u later on..is that ok?..
Ismail said…
Wah! wa caya sama lu...Chairman

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