My internet connection has been down for the last 3 days.

I think something is up with Streamyx because it normally doesn't take 10 mins for them to answer their calls. Why do they have to tell you up front before they let you talk to a humanbeing, that you need to make sure you have plugged your modem to the er electrical point etc etc and WHY do they have to tell you of their MANY serviceinterruptions all in areas which you do not live in and therefore are not bothered with??!!

Anyway I havehad to run to the office for a shortwhile because I have promised someone that Iwould send her something. Just trying not to get distracted with blogging etc!

I did call Stre**amyx and lodged a report (s) and they told me their technician will look into it and will settle it within 2 working days because their technicians don't work on Sat, Sunday or public hols. What crap is this???? Eh, if doctors, police etc can work 24hours so can blardie technicians okay . It's not like you are going to give me a REBATE for this downtime!! What good is "we apologise for the inconvenience caused" to me haaaah, bukan boleh makan- bagi duit lagi bagus.

Anyway I have given up calling them because they have nothing to say and the best thing is while they have not resolved this problem, they are trained to ask me if there is anything else they can help me with..Nak KENA?????? Lagi lah naik meradang!

Ehhhh i cannot accept that technical support is only available during working hours. Rasa nak tulis surat je...!!


tireless mom said…
Dear SW

Tulis jangan tak tulis. Kasi dia orang ni eye opener sikit. They are in the service industry hence have to live up to the their expectation.
TM- hahah I am going to write to TM..no lah its been too long allready and I will be sending a nice letter to ask for waiver

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