Sad Day for Sara

Kesian Sara.....

Moomee has died!

A week ago, Johan called me crying. "I don't want to keep a hamster" he said.

Apahal lak ni? Rupanye, he had broke the cage (the EXPENSIVE one ok) that housed the 2 (now 1 since one has er..gone to the great hamster heaven in the sky) . Tulah, conclusion nye taknak kena marah- he never wanted to keep a hamster anyway.

Ok lah since that day Sara has been asking us to get another cage - benda tu RM100 plus ok!!! Entah mimpi apa lah I masa beli. Anyways we did not get it ....

So Sara put the hamster moomee in the same cage as the one I bought for her at GEM

Rupanye depa ni cannot get along!! Gaduh rupanye...

So as of an hour ago- NomoreMoomee....

She is sobbing and banning her siblings from going to her room where the hamsters were kept.

Moomee has been buried. Mummy, pulak, is still at the office waiting for husband- IF YOU WERE GOING TO BE LATE CAN OR NOT TELL ME BECAUSE I COULD HAVE GONE HOME WITH DADOFFOURPLUSONEPLUS -HECK IT, DAD OF SIX - at 4 PM TADIIIIII

Ok back to Sara...I think I will get her another Moomee lookalike lah. (thereby teaching her that.... Money can buy everything? or Patah tumbuh hilangberganti? what?)

Sigh...the darn hamster.

2. Meanwhile, neighbour is heartily sick of cats pooing all over her tempat sidai baju..I swear she must be cursing us tiap tiap hari.. Mom suruh I leave the cats somewhere...where lahhhhh .. They're my babiess...

Ok so now, leave the boys somewhere and keep the pregnant ladies until they deliver (I have 2 preggers cats) and then bila babies kittens dah keluar, give them away.

Sigh...the darn cats.

3. And back to the kids..we are all mad over B*OYSBE*FORE*FLOWERS......Korean adaptation of Hana Yori Dango....Every monday and Tuesday we catch it...all of us, husband included (although he is not into it AT ALL , he just sits there for company) and the kids will be squealing at the romantic parts...Seriously, the Koreans really know how to make captivating drama...
Ok ....byeeee


the ol' rascal said…
you mentioned that korean drama series in your blog ni...boleh akak tau channel berapa ni...nak jugak tengok l tengok..

Kesian Sara..dah tanam ke moomee tu...suruh dia tanam pokok ros sekali atas kubur tu,,biar dia jaga pulak pokok ros tu macam dia jaga moomee ,tapi kena siram hari hari ler,,kalau idak..kojol jugak!!
sori..akak terlupa tukar acc tadi..ol rascal tu my DH ler..
sori aar
Akak E! You can carik kat youtube under GBN01 - episode dia sampai lah ke giler.otakkena letak tepi dulu lah tapi...sebab macam tak masuk akal langsung.
yus said…
my kids dah lama begging for hamsters or anything yg sewaktu dengannya as a pet..but..i'm just not a pet person..couldnt imagine having those fury animals even cats running around the house....and at the end of the day..i plak nak kena cuci all the "poops"...NOOOOO
Haa Yus,sometimes, its good gak to let them keep something sebab you can see that they are responsible but then in my case I can see how my MAID is responsible..kesian dia..gaji kena naik..!

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