Thursday, April 30, 2009


Kalau tak last minit..tak best kan??


Now only want to carik the blardie password if u are e-minded and tak e-lupa what your blardie e-password is. the hint pun tak ingat...

so we are doing it by hand..actually going to GASP- kira.

(ok not me, the doc)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Update on Coming Soon- aka whats the big deal allready lah right aka I have a blog so that I can spare boring everyone in person.

I have taken the plunge today.
I did it!

This morning, I took the scarf I was going to put on for my quran classes, and put it on . Impulsively I told the husband that I was going to try to last the entire day. A whole day with the headscarf on on a nonAdni non tahlil nonreligion day. One step and one day towards forever.

On the way to work we had a heart to heart talk, well, I had a heart to heart talk while he just drove and nodded hehehe. I said , actually are you ok with this. Do you secretly wish that your wife is glamorous (haha as if I was mrsglam before) and he said You are glamorous. (will you shaddap already with this self questioning?? Is what he really thought) and I said if left to me, I think some part of me is not ready ... I want to show my hair and I have so many pearls anyway that I can’t show if I cover up (Yes I am obviously shallow) On the other hand, I never blow my hair or do anything to it that requires anything more fussy than sticking my head outside my car window to dry it. And I can't wear earrings as I have no hole to stick them in, and since clip ons are KGB’s secret torture device I don't wear them either. So it's not like I’d be losing out on this whole beauty regime involving the hair. I don't even own a hairdryer since the last one went kaput.

Ok ok some of you out there will be scratching your head going – eh? This topic AGAIN?? Whats the big deal lah? Nak pakai, pakai lah. Taknak, toksahlah! Seksa diri kenapa? Boringgggg..

(Eh suka hati I lah kan hehehe)

Well, I seksa diri because, (a) I no longer have small toddlers to occupy my attention so I can seksa diri to my heart’s content. And (b) I know it’s something I have to do but I am not ready to do it and (c) I did it before what and managed to do it for eight whole years (and still landed my husband which goes to show that it was neither my looks or brains he went for hahahahahaha!!) and (d) it's my blog. so there.

No one is forcing me. It’s worse if you are the one forcing yourself. You can’t argue with yourself. Well, I can, but I always want to win. (??) I argue with myself, loudly and make my husband participate. In the end I asked what is my problem ni? What is the big fricking deal (says the newly holy me) .

Anyways it's hard to commit the second time around….cause you know how good you can look (wakakakakaakah) with your short skirts – hang on a minute, I never wear short skirts. No sleeveless either, and no short sleeve sangat. And no short pants – all because of my short stumpy body rather than a desire to tutup aurat hehehehe- no lah I am actually very modest and feel shy that's why I don't expose my skin and legs. Could also be the scabs and scars I have.

So having argued with myself and having my husband telling me he REALLY doesn’t mind and would I please stop telling everyone that it's his fault that I'm not covering my head, I pun decided that :


And as of now, the headscarf is still on.

Silap haribulan though because now I'm sitting at Aseana cafĂ© surrounded by glam…and long long blown blond/red hair with sunglasses stuck over head (can I do that with my scarf?) and slinky clothes (me wearing billowy makcik baju kurung) and men not looking my way at ALL. (not that I want them too of course)

Never mind. I shall try to stick with it. Day 1 looking ok. Think of the pahalas....wahahahaha...who shall be having the last laugh you glam gals??? (evil laughter- *sob* so jeles)

Wish me luck!

The other night we took the kids to KotakMerahSogo, ie RedBox. I was supposed to go for a birthday karaoke with some galpals but that plan panned out, so we ended up with a free evening.

We decided to take the kiddoes to dinner . They were suggesting Pavillion, KLCC Mid Valley- etc etc...but they were singing in the car on the way that I thought maybe they'd have more fun at the karaoke.Plus it comes with food. Tak pernah bawak kids so not sure if they take kids but surprise surprise! They do (won't refuse money eh)

Redbox penuh orang beratur for audition "JanganLupaLiriks". Nadine scrunched up her face and said "Mum I dont think this is a good place" I told her kita book a room for the entire family, bukan nightclub or what.

Johan lembik...he's been ill that day and has been throwing up like no one's actually it wasn't the brilliantest of idea lah, bawak dia.

BUT! As soon as they all got hold of the mic- waaahhh budak demam pun ceria lah. Nak nyanyi Pencinta wanita lah...Ketahuan lah...mamamia laaahh. Whereas the girls pulak, macam macam lah, dari maroonfive, taylorswift, abba, rihanna, cheetahgirls,highschoolmusical, berebut rebut mic. "You dah nyanyi 3 lagu, I baru 2 " , and "Mummmmyyyyyyy Sara taknak bagi mike!"

Ish budak budak ni! Daddy dia pulak kerja pi ambik FOOOOOOD je. keluar masuk bawak pinggan. ketam lah, kerang lah, ayam lah, air lah, cake lah...budak budak nyanyi, mak bapak makan.

In the end we went home at 11.30...penat but I would like to think, happy.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

post No 1 - whats in a name

Just for fun I googled "superwomanwannabe" and I found at least 2 others! One is a christian site (I think) and another one is matsalleh. think I should change the name? so many superwomen out there , it's kind of embarrassing when I think of actually how UNsuperwoman I am. let's see.. I suck at cooking. Malay food esp. Anything that requires erm..any talent at all . Anything that I can't do in 5 mins. I am superterror at making one pot wonders. I don't clean either .. it has been established in my house that the best thing Mummy does is- SUPERVISE. And yell. Loads of yelling hehehe.

I don't think I'll change the name of this page- purely because its actually called Su*perwoma*nwannabe.blogspot hahahah take that you impostors muawahaha..But IF I do, some other names that come to mind are:

3. The Mother of Five (again, me defining myself by my offsprings...)
4. The Oprah Wannabe?(my unfulfilled dream heheh)
5.MrsDoc?(or rather, MrsForeverOnCall Doc?)
6. MadamLalai? (tee hee hee - sorry MTT!)


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Joker

Every Monday and tuesday afternoon kan I ngaji.

this is a typical day ok:

Me: [ Calls husband ] Ok Im taking a cab ok -byee.. Im going to ngaji now...

Husband: Eh stay there I have to go to GH anyway. I will get you.

Me: haa? Eh class I pukul 1 tau? Kol berapa you nak datang??

Husband: stay je lah kat situuuuuu..

Pukul 1.00:

Me: Alamak apa you lambat niiii, jom jom!

Husband: Relax laaaaa. So how was your day [nak chit chat]

Me: [ head in book] sssshhhh! makhraj Alif ialah ruang kerongkong ke ruang mulut..makhraj ba ialah...[ trying to memorise] eh ustaz will ask ok! Dia tau I tak hapal lagi ni!

Husband: Alah senang apaaaa...

Me: Quick quick! Ask me something!

Husband: Okay ..apa makhrajjjj.......M.

Me: haaaa??

Dan sebagainye....every time ok. Dia akan buat joke bodo..he insists that makhraj ba, can produce other letters. ba is made by putting your lips together. So he did that and somehow manage to make the sound of FA. happy nye dia.


Post berangan

I am writing a love story at the moment. gak berangan-angan ni. I haven't written anything fiction since (my blog?he he) no lah, since the days I berangan I was the girlfriend of RajaNazrinShah. hehehe. Where DID the manuscript go?

I'm writing (in my spare time and at 2 para each time so this will go very slowly) about my favourite couple in Boysoverflowers, Yi Jeung and Gaeul! you know the episodes where they meet or interact? ? Selalu tak puas sebab about 2 mins top je between them so I am "filling in the blanks" he he. Ok I am actually 20 and giddy ok not a serious 40 year old lawyer. Anyway I like writing love stories. Like I told a close friend recently, its the romance part of love more than the "getting down to it" that I love! To my partner at work, this is in the free time don't worry he he.

Lepas SPM I used to sit with a thesaurus on my lap, writing long hand, about the many many things the hero would do to catch the heroine's heart. Keh keh keh. Sometimes the hero liked the heroine against his will. The hero would always be rich and handsome and the heroine, a country bumpkin. I'm beginning to see a pattern here. I liked Twilight and it was a romance between the totally hawt and rich vampire with the totally mousy (so she thought) and normal teenager. Yi Jeung is the totally hawt and rich playboy with Ga eul the innocent commoner. Hmmm... totally a pattern. Yes I did read a lot of Mills and Boon, how DID you guess? Which by the way is unrealistic. None of the racy historical novels for me, nak ambik pun malu the covers were so graphic he he! Tapi curik curik tu the interest of education kan. But at the beach? Tak masuk pasir ke? Kih kih kih!

Sekali dapat kawin dengan someone who is not outwardly romantic. Not for him the grand gestures. No huge bouquets for me. Or daily declaration of love. Paling kuat, when I say "I Love you" he used to say "Ditto". Most definitely not the romantic husband my work partner is, for example (Kitchen Guardian, my sister in law and I want him to conduct classes for our husbands can or not?? ) hehehehe- now THAT guy knows how to spoil his wife..! And often too!

But you know what. I am happy with who I have ended up with. In fact maybe that kind of person is exactly what I need. If dua dua ashik nak bagi bunga je what will you achieve? Here at least when he surprises me, memang I terkejut beruk. He let me have my solid non romantic love in real life, and leave all my grand gestures to my imagination....

Ok work now gotta go!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coming Soon


A lot of people have been asking me when the heck am I going to cover up, since I obviously want to. I do appreciate everyone's kind advice. I know that its something you do whether you want to or not, whether you are ready or not, whether you ikhlas or not. Who cares ? Its gotta be done. Having said that it is a process involving more than me and unfortunately it's got to be tackled slowly. Now its after haji. Those in the know will know. Those not in the know will continue to wonder why the heck her daughters are such muslimahs and yet mak dia rocker. hehehe..
In the meantime I am praying that alongside the form, we concentrate on substance too...I tell this to my kids (and me) when they still lambat sembahyang...the wajibs have to be taken care of right.So let's all work towards being a good muslimah..let the hijab represent the pureness of Islam...


Last Friday MrsNordin and MrNordin, Kitchen Guardian and DadofFive, and us, went for dinner in Ampang- Il Tempio. It was the nearest posh place we can think of although we did scan the website to see if they had cheap stuff on the menu like pizza (they don't). hee hee. It's located in Taman TAR, and with the lampu pelita, and the wooden boards, maaacam makan kat verandah kampung.
Only the bibik is Italian. And the waiters wear robes (concept temple kan).
Coming from work, we (me and DoF) arrived first, waiting for our partners, and Mr and Mrs N to arrive. We wanted the free starter (roti and sos olive oil ) but the waiter (asmuni) said he would give us when everyone arrived. Drat. Lapar nye...The menu looked good, with starters, primi, secondi and "to heck with herbalife-i". there was no mention of whether the dishes had wine or liquor in them (usually kan they'd put "button mushroom with white wine" bla bla) but when we asked , apparently a lot of the dishes do have them. Ah, though, this is the way European chefs cook. Wine tu macam garam lah agaknye, an essential ingredient. The waiter went and asked the chefs and came back with a short list of what we CAN actually order. Most grilled items have been soaked in liquor while it's safe to say that the sauces have them too. I guess if you subscribe to the theory that the liquor evaporates on cooking and therefore can be eaten, ok lah kot but we did not , so we had these 4 or 5 dishes je to order. On the plus side, it drastically reduced the choice of food we had and therefore kept the cost down! Hee hee! (My default mode is "cheap")

I ordered Loin of Lamb for me and Chicken for hubby. DadofFive ordered Ovenbaked Norwegian salmon and KG ordered Loin of lamb. Mrs N ordered pasta and I can't remember Mr N ordered apa ye.

First to arrive was the starter- they gave us one telurpuyuh salad each and also the bread and olive oil - on the house. of course the telur was gone in a nanosecond. The mains followed soon after and the food was very nice . My lamb was so tender (read, raw) .

The highlight of the evening had to be the birthday cake - the molten lava chocolate cupcake that they served on a plate with "happy birthday Shila" on it in mango and choc sauce. And I was so chuffed when they sang..Sungguh lama tak ada orang nyanyi nyanyi for meeeeee...hehehe.(dah tua pun tak sedar diri)
The other highlight of the evening of course was the company....truly appreciate that these very tired friends of mine (yah, nampak penat) and my hubby too (ngantuk siap tertidor tunggu dessert,ingat tak perasan ye...)- thanks for organising the dinner and coming out.. And thanks for the presents too which I absolutely love. And will use. (oh yah, the other one was wow by the way).THANK YOU!

The night before, hubby took me to Portoromano...Italian (lagi?) restaurant bawah office I..entah apa lah mimpi as usually he would want to go home immediately after getting me. Last thursday ajak makan lak. Ok je....I've alwayss liked Porto...the food serving was generous, substantial and wholesome. I had lambshank and he had lasagna. The background music was totally 80s and perfect- kalau ada dancefloor I'd ask him to dance! (ie stand on the floor and move slightly cause I do not know how to dance)

"bye bye herbalife Muwaaahaa haaa!!" (nevermind, this was the one meal allowed....heheh)

Yummieesss...sorry lah kids that was what we were doing..sekali sekala ok kan....


PS got my birthday pressie from hubby...bracelet and necklace!! Seriously, he holds out on me for ages (last time I had a gold bracelet was when he got his first salary from UPM) and then whammo..I love them, thank you.

Friday, April 17, 2009



Cherating was good. Arrived at 11 the night before, kids were all sleeping in the car so by the time we got there they suddenly came awake and as soon as we checked in, started to pull drawers open etc etc. Got 2 chalets facing each other which is good enough. Nadine, sara and Sophia in one room and our eternal bodyguards Daya and Johan with us.

Holiday villa was nice but a bit run down. You can tell its old. really need refurbishment but still nice. As everyone was awake we ordered room service and ate dinner at 2 am. The whole family watched this movie about this Indian couple in America with 2 children , Gogol and Sonia and how Gogol got a matsalleh girlfriend and later the father Ashok died and leaving the mom alone etc etc, It was soo sad.

Next day we all got ready to go to breakfast pool beach etc etc. Dah siap je....HUJAN. lebat. siap guruh. I found out later that dah lama Kuantan tak hujan, thanks. we all pembawa rahmat.

Tempat nak makan jauh lak tu..

Eh..sambung sat lagi.

Hubby kata we have t o go to work NOW.

some pictures....

since the weather sucked the kids did the batik painting which they normally never get to do because kalau tak ashik kat laut kan...

This was the breakfast...outside hujann

my kids horsing around. Sara trying to sneak in unnoticed into the bed (her room was next door)

our room..believe me it looks a lot bigger than it is.

Still hujan so Hubby ajar kids main pool..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Most kids would love the opportunity to ponteng midweek.

In fact I heard a friend just found out that her 13 year old daughter has been missing class for 4 days and pretending to go to school, waiting for her to leave for work and then coming back home wiht her friends to lepaque

My kids - lain pulak! When told that we plan to take them away today (and ie no school tomorrow) Dahlia nangis...she has a performance tomorrow....she is the Tea in Doremifasolatea do....

The rest - meh. They are now lounging about the tv room watching tv in their uniforms..macam tak minat je

The father and I je yang nak play truant sebenarnye..Saja nak take day off tomorrow somewhere nice to lepak . Hubby pulak needs a break after the 48 hours on call baruni...

So we are going to ..Cherating - manalagi ek?? Nearest decent beach resort. The place is ok I booked for RM100 per room under Wotif..but then to find out that the rooms are not adjoining! Yikes! I asked for their discretion and now I found out that we have been upgraded to Garden room or something. thank you en Nazim and Cik Noraini! At the moment the car is being serviced and as soon as it comes back off we go!

Kerja gila, you say? Heheheheh

Now, what to do about Dahlia's performance...nak tinggal dengan maid..kesian lak tapi nak bawak, karang she will be letting her class down. Camana camana camana....
Been getting a few cases of litigation lately. One involved being cheated and the other involved er- being cheated again. And yet another involved getting into something while knowing that he or she could be cheated but the gains were so fantastic that he or she went into it anyway and in the end he or she was indeed cheated..

camana ni..every minute a sucker is born, they say. or kind hearted souls. What do they say- if it is too good to be true, then it is NOT true? If it feels wrong then it IS wrong?

Wish some of these ppl would heed those words before parting with their hard earned money.

latest family pic , y'all

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Car Trouble


I did go to BangsarVIllage to meet with my gal homies. Got lost though as they never told me that they were going to the Delicious at the OTHER BV. Had to send Nadine to her qiyam first so was rushing on the road. Nasib baik taklanggar orang.

Balik tu...surprised surprised! The car won't start! Rupanye...I had left the car lights on. What to do . call AA..and call Hubby. he laughed. thank you dear.

AA took absolutely ages so went in to shop at ColdStorage.. impulsebought some strawberries, raspberries and pancake mix. And, with a nod at Herbalife- lofat milk. I was a relatively good girl..makan soup je at Delic*ious...(although how much fat can the cheese crust on the onion soup contain kan..tak banyak sure punye)

Hubby came first and kept me company while waiting for AA. I don't see why he needed to come as he had to go to the hospital and anyway I would be driving the car back home myself. But he came and I was glad of the company. As I had blown all cash on ColdStorage we sat with a cup of coffee pondering whetherwe should go into Theobroma or the end I just sat at Star*bucks the entire time. SheikhMuzafar came in! He stared at me staring at him. he had a young boy with him and a toysrus. I noticed that no one paid the slightest attention to him when he passes but immediately behind him, ppl would be turning..Ahhh Malaysians..we are so polite.

Anyway AA finally came and told me that it was the loose connectors on the battery and NOT the fact that I had left the lights on for 2 hours. thanks EN Fauzi for that lie...hehehe

Balik rumah...the end....Next time I am getting a cab.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Driving Ms Shila

Have got the car today.

Hubby's driving mom's Volvo. he left about 7 this morning, ada OT. I went abt 8 but then got stuck in the most gadawful jam on the elevated highway. Ini adalah pesanan penaja:

GUYS PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE TO OTHER DRIVERS AND DON'T GET INTO AN ACCIDENT ON THE ELEVATED HIGHWAY! Sebab menyusahkan orang je. I tell you the tailback was about 2 miles.

I don't like that I have to drive. I must be the world's most mengada wife . I have joked that my husband is a STAR TREK fan..because he married a KLINGON. heheheh geddit?

When I drive, I drive fast. I am very impatient and am prone to cursing people, manouevering into other lanes and basically I am pretty reckless too. Maybe it's because the Serena is high . Plus it's really battered. hehehe. Anyway I will also be muttering all sorts of Surah under my breath praying that God protects me and that today I will not die. heheh

I learnt to drive when I was 24 I think. My aunt was a staff of JPJ therefore I passed. Hahahahaha. I don' t think money changed hands but the respect they had for her was enough to ensure that I would get a pass! Masa I learnt, I had to manouever the Pahang Bulatan..yowzah! The driver would pick me from Menara Maybank where I chambered and then make me drive in the traffic. And marah me for stuff like leaning against the headrest etc. Thank god for power steering now.

I did not drive though until I started working in KL and had to drive. All the time we were in the UK takyah nak worry kan, everything was near to us. the times I took my girlfriends out to malls out of town, I would scare the bejeebers out of them by saying stuff like "actually, I can't see all that well!" hehehe. My husband also took me to empty shopping car parks on weekends to let me practise my driving hehehe

Then when I came back, we had 2 cars. I took one and he the other but then macam tak best so he drove me. So it became our routine for the last 8 years that he would send me, and go to work, come and get me in the evening, and go home. Sorry , correction. he would send me, curse me for making him late, and then go to work, and then I would be cursing him for making ME wait, and then he'd pick me up and then we'd go home.

Pernah accident tak? So far, alhamdulillah tak da major ones. Tak taulah ni consider bongkak or what. Please god don't let me be in any accident because I can't remember what you do when you are in one. Ask for license? Minor ones ada:

1. langgar ATOS kat traffic light because i pressed the accelerator instead of the brakes
2. langgar my dad's gate because for some reason it had to be closed when I reversed.
3. langgar kerbau. (i can't or choose to be hazy about this incident)

Whatever it is, I enjoy our carpooling sessions more. It would be like this:

me- what i did today bla bla bla bla for the first 40 mins. Then- SO how was YOUR day?
him- fine.

hehehe. no lah, he would also be telling me stuff , All the medical and surgical stuff would just WHOOOSSSHHH fly over my head (heehhehe not really. I find his work very fascinating actually.He never discloses his patient did you know that. I never know when he's seing so and so's mom or what. )

I know he misses me and my chatterboxness in the mornings...who wouldn't ? heheheheheheheh!

Anyway I am taking the car today as I have a date...with my galpals from college. Sigh..independence..treasure it. It allows you to drive yourself in the middle of traffic and fight with other people and look for car park .


Wednesday, April 08, 2009



I am behind in everything.

Started Herbalife.

Flavour was - meh. Although was told by enthusiastic partner at work that it was quite nice! Er..ok . He has left his in the office while I kept mine at home. However any thoughts of cheating must be kept away as I have been THROWN THE GAUNTLET ie someone said he was sure I would not do it. or words to that effect. Hokeh mister. We shall see.

However, unfortunately I "ter" makan lunch Kakita (mom's cousin and my auntie but since we are very close in age I always consider her as my cousin) was made a widow day before last ...her husband passed away from a heart attack. Abang Din and Kak Ita ni berendut since FORM 3 ok!!! Brother no 1 got me and we went to search for the house - Ampang Tasik Tambahan which is NOT near. Finally arrived to find that Abang Din dah selamat dikebumikan. He was 44. Anak 2- 19 and 9. kesian dia...Dulu dulu I lah jadi spy Opah Mok (mak Kak Ita) sebab I selalu lepak kat rumah diorang .

Anyways Kak Ita PAKSA makan Nasi Ayam . So terpaksa lah.

Another friend lost her mother in law the same day!!! I was supposed to go visit with FTM but tak jadik lah sebab have to go see my auntie cousin. Tonight ada tahlil for auntie cousin.

Talking about boyfriend since Form 3...guess who I got in touch with???

ni namanye saja cari nahas, kata you?? No namanya reminiscing

I had a good friend when I was 15 all the way to when i was 22 and one day he popped up as a friend of my PARTNER in FB so i just HAD to say Hi lah kan. He did reply though and safe to say I think he has forgotten that the last time we wrote or communicated , it was me saying- Sorry but can we stop communicating? Or something to that effect. Anyways...he is married with 2 kids (coming to 3) and living quite near. Oklah. Im happy to note that my husband is sooooo much handsomer and soooooooo much better than him heheheheheheh.

Ok work is a lot. Its not really but I love to leave it until it is, so that I can have the pleasure of PANICKING and DYING.


Sunday, April 05, 2009

The weekend

My weekend ideally should read like this:

8 am- family bicycling trip round the Taman...

8.45- picnic by the waterfall and swimming around in the waterfall

and such like...

Actually nye??.........

Pagi- kroohhhhh krohhhhhh (5 orang berdengkur, usually 3 in same bed. With the mum)

Midpagi: Eh, your dad's gone? Sophia what's wrong with your eyes???(Really really red and swollen)

Agenda selingan- main komputer and tengok tv. Rebut whose turn at the pc. Mum reminding everyone that it's no one's turn. Sara and Dahlia takda... pi car boot sale day at their former school.

10.00 - TAK MANDI LAGIIIII????? (Mummy jadi dragon) Pi mandi semua!

12.00- Sapa tak breakfast lagi??? Dah pukul 12 lah woit!!! xxxxxxxx pi lah mandiiiiiiiiiiiiii!(I really am lemah lembut sebenarnyeee)

12.15- going to get Sara and Dahlia...then go to petshop to buy hamster's new fancy cage , then go to clinic to get anti gatal ubat for Dahlia and allergic medicine for Sophia.dapatje ubat, tak payah pakai pun terus baik. It's called - ubat jumpa doktor.

2.00- 7.00- hohum...main computer, mum can we go OUT please?? I need new clothes/shoes/to shop

7 pm - dad is back! "Ada apa nak makan tak?" (standard question lepas balik hospital)

8.- ada dinner..some head of some department is leaving.Bye kiddoes. No you can't come. Go to sleep. Nasib baik dekat je dinner.

10.30 - came home..suspisciously quiet. PC is showing some girly website- everythinggirl or some moshimoster that was what they were doing ahhhhh

SUNDAY- Actually today.. we grabbed breakfast at Ampang Jaya before we went to see SIL's great grandmother..she passed away this morning at 9 ..peacefully and she was 99. Takziah SIL semoga roh moyang you dicucuri rahmat Ilahi.... Alfatihah....

Dad was STILL on call so he left us mid event only to come back to get us later. Then I had an appointment at 4 at Gardens, and came back at 7. Now, time for bed. Another day gone.

When am I ever going to get to do the bicycling around the taman stuff???

Padan Muka Mummy

Kan dah kena with my son.....

I was fooling around with the kiddoes just now in the kitchen.

Dad was eating, Nadine and sara was whipping something to make their banoffee pie. Does not look like any banoffee pie I have ever seen but they were having fun.

Johan was demonstrating his ultraman moves. We were taking the mickey , by following his moves but making them girly. like when he raised his hand, we would also raise our hands but then make it as if we were dancing..heheheheh he was so upset. And then he was showing us his takwondo moves. Penuhlah gaya, dengan HAH! nya and YAH! nye....

When he gave a kick I said ...hehehe Johan your villains must be very small....sebab dia pendek kan...

The girls were giggling and dad also chuckled. Then the comeback came-

"ya ya ya" Johan said" But then youre Ikra 1 and Im allready in Quran!"

LMAO bak kata orang!!heee heee hee..padan muka mummy dia....

(of course dad was rolling in laughter too) !

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mix and Match

Hi guys

Boys overflowers dah habis....been watching Gaeul and Yijeung..the supposedly side story , the heroine's best friend a common country bumpkin with the playboy of the F4- Yijeung. In the series they had slipped in some sneaky glances, some flirting, some sweet interaction - the entire Netizens all over the world (I kid you not) were going for this couple to have a happy ending ..because in the other versions , it was always Gaeul who chased Yijeung. But here...finally they got together..but this couple is all about subtlety..all about the look, the hidden gestures, and the eyes. Plus Kim Bum and Kim So Eun as the actors are pretty gorgeous. They are so popular that S*ams*ung has , as soon as the BOF ended, released a commercial for their phone (which I want, thank you) with the 2 of them hehehehe- mengalahkan the main couple JunPyo and Jandi, I don't think they have any commercial yet..and Gaeul and Yijeung has 2 so far. Shows how bankable they are.
Ok enough about are you doing.
Kids are ok...Johan kena marah dengan bapak dia sebab taknak bangun..he sometimes break my heart the way he responds...this morning at 4 am he kept asking me what time is it...he has to wake up to go to school.
Went to a dinner party 2 nights ago...celebrating 2 friends' (mula mula 1) birthday...we went to Moxie iN Plaza Damansara. Food dia...ok kot..My red snapper was allright but I think it probably wasnot the signature dish.
Hubby had to deliver a talk yesterday which he prepared for the night before , like he did not sleep. Hence last night he slept from 5 pm straight to 5 am ..Dah tua lah kita ni...tak leh torture badan sangat
Oh yeah! I started the mengaji thing at the Institut Alquran at 7th floor, Menara warisan, belakang sheraton. The class I took was lunchtime so memang packed. The ustaz, budak muda sangat tapi garang gak lah, although in a lorat way. "Haaa? Makhraj "ta" dari mana? Hujung gigi atas?? Cuba sikit awak buat, ha keluar tak "ta""
Firstly-= what the hey is makhraj?? Now I remember lah hehehehe tapi mula mula blank gak......its where the sound comes from and its really important to actually think about where the sound comes from for each letter as it will keep you correctt.....Secondly- after the third time reading Ain and Ghain they tend to blend in with each other and thirdly I am on Ikraq 1 and the difference with budak baca and orang tua baca Ikra 1 is full of notes!
I am reminded of Bujang lapuk class- ni hurup apa abang sudin??? Ni huruf M!

There is an exam by the way ..tak pass tak dapat naik Ikra 2..maluuuuu
Hubby is the doc for F1 this weekend! Which just means he has to hang around the hospital for the weekend. Hubby has just discovered that I am doing this blog while he is being instructed to take over my translation for me - eleh satu page je...

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