Sunday, April 12, 2009

Car Trouble


I did go to BangsarVIllage to meet with my gal homies. Got lost though as they never told me that they were going to the Delicious at the OTHER BV. Had to send Nadine to her qiyam first so was rushing on the road. Nasib baik taklanggar orang.

Balik tu...surprised surprised! The car won't start! Rupanye...I had left the car lights on. What to do . call AA..and call Hubby. he laughed. thank you dear.

AA took absolutely ages so went in to shop at ColdStorage.. impulsebought some strawberries, raspberries and pancake mix. And, with a nod at Herbalife- lofat milk. I was a relatively good girl..makan soup je at Delic*ious...(although how much fat can the cheese crust on the onion soup contain kan..tak banyak sure punye)

Hubby came first and kept me company while waiting for AA. I don't see why he needed to come as he had to go to the hospital and anyway I would be driving the car back home myself. But he came and I was glad of the company. As I had blown all cash on ColdStorage we sat with a cup of coffee pondering whetherwe should go into Theobroma or the end I just sat at Star*bucks the entire time. SheikhMuzafar came in! He stared at me staring at him. he had a young boy with him and a toysrus. I noticed that no one paid the slightest attention to him when he passes but immediately behind him, ppl would be turning..Ahhh Malaysians..we are so polite.

Anyway AA finally came and told me that it was the loose connectors on the battery and NOT the fact that I had left the lights on for 2 hours. thanks EN Fauzi for that lie...hehehe

Balik rumah...the end....Next time I am getting a cab.


tireless mom said...

Hi Shila

If it is because your non turning the lights off, the battery would be kaput hence changed or they have to jump start it. If neither that happened, then betullah it is loose connectors. Hehe.. excuse my little knowledge.

So sweet of Jab to temankan you.

Superwomanwannabe said...

YATT-- thanks! no he did not have to change it was not the lights then ! I wanted to add that there was this matsalleh couple who stopped , you know, english couple with 2 kids at the back, abt 50 ish and they actually went up to the store looking for someone to help me! so sweet...malaysians, on the other hand, looked irritated.

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