Friday, April 17, 2009



Cherating was good. Arrived at 11 the night before, kids were all sleeping in the car so by the time we got there they suddenly came awake and as soon as we checked in, started to pull drawers open etc etc. Got 2 chalets facing each other which is good enough. Nadine, sara and Sophia in one room and our eternal bodyguards Daya and Johan with us.

Holiday villa was nice but a bit run down. You can tell its old. really need refurbishment but still nice. As everyone was awake we ordered room service and ate dinner at 2 am. The whole family watched this movie about this Indian couple in America with 2 children , Gogol and Sonia and how Gogol got a matsalleh girlfriend and later the father Ashok died and leaving the mom alone etc etc, It was soo sad.

Next day we all got ready to go to breakfast pool beach etc etc. Dah siap je....HUJAN. lebat. siap guruh. I found out later that dah lama Kuantan tak hujan, thanks. we all pembawa rahmat.

Tempat nak makan jauh lak tu..

Eh..sambung sat lagi.

Hubby kata we have t o go to work NOW.

some pictures....

since the weather sucked the kids did the batik painting which they normally never get to do because kalau tak ashik kat laut kan...

This was the breakfast...outside hujann

my kids horsing around. Sara trying to sneak in unnoticed into the bed (her room was next door)

our room..believe me it looks a lot bigger than it is.

Still hujan so Hubby ajar kids main pool..


Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

best nya cuti..errr anak kamu monteng yer!!!!

Cherating..wait for me this May.....

Royalshoppingarcade said...

kak shila,
tula..that's what happened to us masa pegi KT'ganu cuti sekolah march hari tu.
Sian budak2..what to do kan?nowdays weather unpredictable.I pun dulu pernah duduk holiday villa. tapi dpt the room yg facing the pool.tapi ur chalet is nicer and cheap pulak tu.RM100 je. I paid RM125 for that room.Good for you!

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