Sunday, April 19, 2009


Last Friday MrsNordin and MrNordin, Kitchen Guardian and DadofFive, and us, went for dinner in Ampang- Il Tempio. It was the nearest posh place we can think of although we did scan the website to see if they had cheap stuff on the menu like pizza (they don't). hee hee. It's located in Taman TAR, and with the lampu pelita, and the wooden boards, maaacam makan kat verandah kampung.
Only the bibik is Italian. And the waiters wear robes (concept temple kan).
Coming from work, we (me and DoF) arrived first, waiting for our partners, and Mr and Mrs N to arrive. We wanted the free starter (roti and sos olive oil ) but the waiter (asmuni) said he would give us when everyone arrived. Drat. Lapar nye...The menu looked good, with starters, primi, secondi and "to heck with herbalife-i". there was no mention of whether the dishes had wine or liquor in them (usually kan they'd put "button mushroom with white wine" bla bla) but when we asked , apparently a lot of the dishes do have them. Ah, though, this is the way European chefs cook. Wine tu macam garam lah agaknye, an essential ingredient. The waiter went and asked the chefs and came back with a short list of what we CAN actually order. Most grilled items have been soaked in liquor while it's safe to say that the sauces have them too. I guess if you subscribe to the theory that the liquor evaporates on cooking and therefore can be eaten, ok lah kot but we did not , so we had these 4 or 5 dishes je to order. On the plus side, it drastically reduced the choice of food we had and therefore kept the cost down! Hee hee! (My default mode is "cheap")

I ordered Loin of Lamb for me and Chicken for hubby. DadofFive ordered Ovenbaked Norwegian salmon and KG ordered Loin of lamb. Mrs N ordered pasta and I can't remember Mr N ordered apa ye.

First to arrive was the starter- they gave us one telurpuyuh salad each and also the bread and olive oil - on the house. of course the telur was gone in a nanosecond. The mains followed soon after and the food was very nice . My lamb was so tender (read, raw) .

The highlight of the evening had to be the birthday cake - the molten lava chocolate cupcake that they served on a plate with "happy birthday Shila" on it in mango and choc sauce. And I was so chuffed when they sang..Sungguh lama tak ada orang nyanyi nyanyi for meeeeee...hehehe.(dah tua pun tak sedar diri)
The other highlight of the evening of course was the company....truly appreciate that these very tired friends of mine (yah, nampak penat) and my hubby too (ngantuk siap tertidor tunggu dessert,ingat tak perasan ye...)- thanks for organising the dinner and coming out.. And thanks for the presents too which I absolutely love. And will use. (oh yah, the other one was wow by the way).THANK YOU!

The night before, hubby took me to Portoromano...Italian (lagi?) restaurant bawah office I..entah apa lah mimpi as usually he would want to go home immediately after getting me. Last thursday ajak makan lak. Ok je....I've alwayss liked Porto...the food serving was generous, substantial and wholesome. I had lambshank and he had lasagna. The background music was totally 80s and perfect- kalau ada dancefloor I'd ask him to dance! (ie stand on the floor and move slightly cause I do not know how to dance)

"bye bye herbalife Muwaaahaa haaa!!" (nevermind, this was the one meal allowed....heheh)

Yummieesss...sorry lah kids that was what we were doing..sekali sekala ok kan....


PS got my birthday pressie from hubby...bracelet and necklace!! Seriously, he holds out on me for ages (last time I had a gold bracelet was when he got his first salary from UPM) and then whammo..I love them, thank you.


Kitchen Guardian said...


bracelet and necklace...tak habarq pun malam tu...anyway i had a great time, even though the lamb was a bit raw and i must insist that you and jab go to Pangkor Laut Resort wtout yr kids and pls dine at their Fisherman's Cove ...the die for, nothing coampared to waht we had tt nite!

Superwomanwannabe said...

dia bagi i malam...padanlah balik lambat...! dari gh singgah habib rupanye

MrsNordin said...

So you got it!!

Hee.. hee... he told me he wanted to get you "jewellery", something lasting, for your birthday. So at the dinner I asked him whether he had bought the gift of not. Apparently he said, not yet. Some more can ask us, "Mana nak beli, ya?" Hee.. hee... pandai jugak dia kelentong I, ya?

Glad you've had a good time!

IBU said...


Wish you lots of happiness, wellness & healthy living (with or without herbalife - ahakss!!) for the years to come.


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