Friday, April 10, 2009

Driving Ms Shila

Have got the car today.

Hubby's driving mom's Volvo. he left about 7 this morning, ada OT. I went abt 8 but then got stuck in the most gadawful jam on the elevated highway. Ini adalah pesanan penaja:

GUYS PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE TO OTHER DRIVERS AND DON'T GET INTO AN ACCIDENT ON THE ELEVATED HIGHWAY! Sebab menyusahkan orang je. I tell you the tailback was about 2 miles.

I don't like that I have to drive. I must be the world's most mengada wife . I have joked that my husband is a STAR TREK fan..because he married a KLINGON. heheheh geddit?

When I drive, I drive fast. I am very impatient and am prone to cursing people, manouevering into other lanes and basically I am pretty reckless too. Maybe it's because the Serena is high . Plus it's really battered. hehehe. Anyway I will also be muttering all sorts of Surah under my breath praying that God protects me and that today I will not die. heheh

I learnt to drive when I was 24 I think. My aunt was a staff of JPJ therefore I passed. Hahahahaha. I don' t think money changed hands but the respect they had for her was enough to ensure that I would get a pass! Masa I learnt, I had to manouever the Pahang Bulatan..yowzah! The driver would pick me from Menara Maybank where I chambered and then make me drive in the traffic. And marah me for stuff like leaning against the headrest etc. Thank god for power steering now.

I did not drive though until I started working in KL and had to drive. All the time we were in the UK takyah nak worry kan, everything was near to us. the times I took my girlfriends out to malls out of town, I would scare the bejeebers out of them by saying stuff like "actually, I can't see all that well!" hehehe. My husband also took me to empty shopping car parks on weekends to let me practise my driving hehehe

Then when I came back, we had 2 cars. I took one and he the other but then macam tak best so he drove me. So it became our routine for the last 8 years that he would send me, and go to work, come and get me in the evening, and go home. Sorry , correction. he would send me, curse me for making him late, and then go to work, and then I would be cursing him for making ME wait, and then he'd pick me up and then we'd go home.

Pernah accident tak? So far, alhamdulillah tak da major ones. Tak taulah ni consider bongkak or what. Please god don't let me be in any accident because I can't remember what you do when you are in one. Ask for license? Minor ones ada:

1. langgar ATOS kat traffic light because i pressed the accelerator instead of the brakes
2. langgar my dad's gate because for some reason it had to be closed when I reversed.
3. langgar kerbau. (i can't or choose to be hazy about this incident)

Whatever it is, I enjoy our carpooling sessions more. It would be like this:

me- what i did today bla bla bla bla for the first 40 mins. Then- SO how was YOUR day?
him- fine.

hehehe. no lah, he would also be telling me stuff , All the medical and surgical stuff would just WHOOOSSSHHH fly over my head (heehhehe not really. I find his work very fascinating actually.He never discloses his patient did you know that. I never know when he's seing so and so's mom or what. )

I know he misses me and my chatterboxness in the mornings...who wouldn't ? heheheheheheheh!

Anyway I am taking the car today as I have a date...with my galpals from college. Sigh..independence..treasure it. It allows you to drive yourself in the middle of traffic and fight with other people and look for car park .



IBU said...

A KLINGON??? AHAHAH...kelakar la u ni!

ohhhh... i miss those car pooling days. pepagi, hubby kena tunggu, coz bersiap cam pengantin. balik pun hubby kena tunggu, coz entah perasan macam kerja berlambak tak siap2. LOL!!!!

bila dah independence though, panjang la sikit langkah kan? nak pi hi tea ke, brunch ke, shopping ke...semua ni dgn gal pals.... tapi yg tak syioknyer kalau balik mlm kena drive sorang. boghinggg...

anyways, drive safely ya? better be safe than sorry!


MA and Brood said...

What I want to know is - what happened to the kerbau ??

thankfulme said...

Do avoid KLCC today..with the PC Fair, jam gila. No parking. Dalam KLCC pun jam dengan orang. Lunch was a challenge today, okeh.

shah said...

yeah..i remember when u lanngar gate babah tu..hahahahahaha.

tu kita sumer pakai `lesen uncle steven`.asyik kena kutuk je.

wanshana said...

HAHAHAHAHA! That's a good one, Shila - KLINGON :)

I used to be a Klingon, too, until about 6 years ago when FINALLY I got my own car. Before that, the deal was - I would only start driving if I had my own car (to bash up!), BUT, on his side - we would only BUY me a car once I start driving. So how?!

Last-last, he gave in and I got my Kembara (yang kecik lagi tinggi and nampak seantero dunia :))...and the rest is history.

To be honest, I miss klinging on to Haizal sometimes :(

Berhati-hati di jalanraya!! :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hahhah Ibu

Kenapa masa dia datang baru rasa macam nakbuat kerja kan? I have those days too..but unfortunately I also have some days when I melangut kat office sampai 10 malam thinking mamat ni nak ambik aku ke tak ni...karang naik taxi dia datang? camana...hehehe But best ada option kereta lain memang boleh socialise lagi...

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Ma & Brood! Welcome to the bloggie...yah, well..tht was me trying to take the car out..the cow i remember was in the middle of the road lazy to move.Suffice tosay...he moved.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thankfulme- yahh!! Thanks...! Ipassed on your message to others.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Shah- lesen Uncle Steven...heheheh

nasib baik lah pass ,by today's standard tak pass kot hehee

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Shana..sometimes they are so bz that going to work together is the only way to see each other! (tapi 5 gak anak yek? camana tu)

But I do want another car. Tinggal lagi boleh tak still get drivenaround..

Royalshoppingarcade said...

Kak Shila,
This is the reason why we downsize from two to one car.
This is the only way to make sure we susah senang together.heheheh..
Also, ada la sikit spare cash.Dulu cukup2 makan je.memang byk jugak waste time bab menunggu ni, tapi i think it somehow brings us closer than ever, insyaAllah. Masing2 la kan.
Anyhow, drive safe, mujoq takdaq kerbau kat KL. tapi langgaq org lagi teruk.

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