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Hi guys

Boys overflowers dah habis....been watching Gaeul and Yijeung..the supposedly side story , the heroine's best friend a common country bumpkin with the playboy of the F4- Yijeung. In the series they had slipped in some sneaky glances, some flirting, some sweet interaction - the entire Netizens all over the world (I kid you not) were going for this couple to have a happy ending ..because in the other versions , it was always Gaeul who chased Yijeung. But here...finally they got together..but this couple is all about subtlety..all about the look, the hidden gestures, and the eyes. Plus Kim Bum and Kim So Eun as the actors are pretty gorgeous. They are so popular that S*ams*ung has , as soon as the BOF ended, released a commercial for their phone (which I want, thank you) with the 2 of them hehehehe- mengalahkan the main couple JunPyo and Jandi, I don't think they have any commercial yet..and Gaeul and Yijeung has 2 so far. Shows how bankable they are.
Ok enough about them..how are you doing.
Kids are ok...Johan kena marah dengan bapak dia sebab taknak bangun..he sometimes break my heart the way he responds...this morning at 4 am he kept asking me what time is it...he has to wake up to go to school.
Went to a dinner party 2 nights ago...celebrating 2 friends' (mula mula 1) birthday...we went to Moxie iN Plaza Damansara. Food dia...ok kot..My red snapper was allright but I think it probably wasnot the signature dish.
Hubby had to deliver a talk yesterday which he prepared for the night before , like he did not sleep. Hence last night he slept from 5 pm straight to 5 am ..Dah tua lah kita ni...tak leh torture badan sangat
Oh yeah! I started the mengaji thing at the Institut Alquran at 7th floor, Menara warisan, belakang sheraton. The class I took was lunchtime so memang packed. The ustaz, budak muda sangat tapi garang gak lah, although in a lorat way. "Haaa? Makhraj "ta" dari mana? Hujung gigi atas?? Cuba sikit awak buat, ha keluar tak "ta""
Firstly-= what the hey is makhraj?? Now I remember lah hehehehe tapi mula mula blank gak......its where the sound comes from and its really important to actually think about where the sound comes from for each letter as it will keep you correctt.....Secondly- after the third time reading Ain and Ghain they tend to blend in with each other and thirdly I am on Ikraq 1 and the difference with budak baca and orang tua baca is...my Ikra 1 is full of notes!
I am reminded of Bujang lapuk class- ni hurup apa abang sudin??? Ni huruf M!

There is an exam by the way ..tak pass tak dapat naik Ikra 2..maluuuuu
Hubby is the doc for F1 this weekend! Which just means he has to hang around the hospital for the weekend. Hubby has just discovered that I am doing this blog while he is being instructed to take over my translation for me - eleh satu page je...


eh, u start dah kat institut alquran tu?i saw the pamphlet and memang ingat nak pegi tapi after work confirm susah nak pegi, tak tahu pulak ada buat masa lunch.kena check it out la, insyaAllah. You went alone ke?dah ada tudung kan?kekek..if not, you know where to get some kan kan kan...kekeke
Bila lah I nak join kelas mengaji ni???? Kat my place ni, adalah utk kaum2 Ibu, but mostly in the morning. Time I'm supposed to bersilat with house chores ( termasuk blogging)...
Dah...pakai tudung....tapi nanti I carik yang baru I akan contact you k..
IBU said…

Alamak... you beat me to it. I masih terkial nak cari a suitable ustaz/ustazah for the boys (sbb Ayah ny dah selalu balik lewat lately dok sempat cover ngaji... ).

Hope you'll pass with flying colors. Congrats in advance though. Coz u've passed the difficult part, to break the inertia. Tabik spring!

p/s the word verification, 'bransate' ?!!! heh.. sounds like the indon word tu, hahahah....
Mammamia , you can join us! Sometimes we need company to do it...
Ibu....you are right about the inertia...although I have a friend who makes me go!
tireless mom said…
Dear SW

So you finally take up the Quranic lessons at Institut Al Quran. Are you going with Hani? Alhamdulillah ada free time.

If jadi doctor for F1 bukan ke dapat pergi Sepang jugak ke?

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