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A lot of people have been asking me when the heck am I going to cover up, since I obviously want to. I do appreciate everyone's kind advice. I know that its something you do whether you want to or not, whether you are ready or not, whether you ikhlas or not. Who cares ? Its gotta be done. Having said that it is a process involving more than me and unfortunately it's got to be tackled slowly. Now its after haji. Those in the know will know. Those not in the know will continue to wonder why the heck her daughters are such muslimahs and yet mak dia rocker. hehehe..
In the meantime I am praying that alongside the form, we concentrate on substance too...I tell this to my kids (and me) when they still lambat sembahyang...the wajibs have to be taken care of right.So let's all work towards being a good muslimah..let the hijab represent the pureness of Islam...


Ummi365 said…
errmm after the haji?

anyway congrats to you for donning the hijab... you look extra sweet in the picture...

It must come from yr heart...then it wont be a battle and redha all the way...anyway my mom kata you nampak lagi lawa in the tudung when you drop by my hse on sat!
kay_leeda said…

Lawalah :) Alhamdulillah.

It's not easy making the change and give yourself some adjustment time. Never mind if it's on off hijab. Most importantly, it comes from within you.

Siapa kata tudung tak leh rock?? Rock suci lah.... :)
Hi Ummi

Gambar masa nak gi ngaji...lepas haji tu is the timeline i have been given to go fulltime.
KG- battle is right! But if wait till 100% ready , then when lah.Maybe im using the chairman of the board as an excuse.- alahai mak you sweet but so rabun hahahaha...
kayleeda...adjustment time. Good idea.
irms said…
You look so pretty and sweet :)
mommy muaz said…
Islam tu memang pure. Tolerance, patience, giving and forgiveness are amongst the things that represent the pureness of Islam.

It's us humans who are not 'pure'. So, God asks womenkind to don the hijab to purify both men and women - the men from staring at a women's beauty (hijab not just takat tutup kepala, but loose clothing to hid the shape of punggung, dada etc) and for women to purify themselves from feelings of self-obsession with one's beauty (as the beauty belongs to God and not ourselves). The little voice which tells us "you look good" when we're looking at ourselves in the mirror dressed in fitting clothes tu suara syaitan!

I pun memang pandai cakap - I think theoretically semua tau ni tapi nak implement susah sikit sebab kita manusia lemah. Pakai tudung nampak cam kureng 'moden' maybe (my own pendapat jahiliah dulu).

But I applaud you for the intention (sebab dah timbul perasaan redha and bukan segan kat anak2). That in itself dah dapat banyak pahala insyaallah.

btw memang lawa you pakai tudung. macam penyanyi Shila Lama pun ada (nama pun dah sama)
MrsNordin said…
Hmmm... seriously?? My advise is this, wear it only if you want to and when you are ready. Don't be pressured by anyone. And bila pakai, pakai sampai bila2, ok?

Yes, i agree with all. You look very sweet in the tudung!
LifeBloom said…
Shila - I had my issues too about this sensitive subject. After umrah ingat nak pakai, but just saw myself "makcik"-like and at that time I guess I just didnt have enough in me to make me DO it. Alhamdullilah - it was DONE for me by Allah SWT when I accepted a post in an organisation where donning the hijab is the "unspoken" rule. Mula2x pakai as "uniform" but after about 2 months - I felt so comfortable and I went full time on 1 Ramadhan 1428H. Its really a personal thing and something you need to "feel" at all levels.

The funny thing was all the "aesthetic" compliments I get from everyone (even non-muslim friends!) after I covered up - I must have been such a slob before!! Seriously though, congratulations and you look really2x great :-D.
Nur said…
kak is never too late to wear a look anggun & comel!

the change must come from inside of you..apa pekdahnya kalu bukak tutup kan?semoga Allah buka hati kak long..amin!
anedra said…
Hey there..You look GREAT in the hijab. You're right; whether ikhlas or not - it's wajib. I suppose for all of us, we have our own reasons for putting it on sooner or later. For me, it's a daily process reminding myself that it is wajib and therefore what am I waiting for kan?? sigh. In the meantime, it's endless praying to God for His Hidayah and that I have the strength to do it insyaAllah soon too.

Good luck to you and I'll have u in my prayers as well!
wanshana said…
You look lovely, Shila :)

I agree with the rest, only wear it when YOU know that you're ready (at whatever level of readyness it may be) to don the hijab.

All the best, dear!

thank you thank you thank you....
MummyMuaz- wow thanks for your comment! I know, benda ni wajib, but when i put it on, i want to force myself to reflect the image that a lady in hijab has....baik insyallah...Takda lah pakai, tapi dada nampak hehehe.or tshirt or what.
MRsN- can wear..but nak sampai bila bila tu yang tak berani gerenti. I guess thats what ppl mean abt being ready. My question is...when are we ready?
Semoga dipermudahkan Nya.....
IBU said…
OH wow.... ayu nya! InsyaAllah.... coming soon. Alhamdulillah. The fact that you have the intention and which sound to me like "for sure" kind of intention, that's a very good starting point already. U r so true about the substance.

The learnings I picked up, being the keras kepala that I was (still am?), it was easy to stand up to other people's pressure. I could just make muka seposen and muka dunno. It's actually tougher to face the pressure we put on our selves. I always want to weigh the pros & the cons, I always want to make sure that I am very sure when I decide for something.

So, like you said, true enough, once upon a time, it dawned upon me, eh...when will I ever be ready? I'm not the master planner to know exactly when is the exact time that I would be ready. So nak jadi cerita, one day I went to work with a scarf yg intentionnya for 'melawa', you know, sometimes you put around your neck or on the shoulder (blazer) - then after Zuhor prayer, with the will granted from Almighty, the scarf was transfered to the much more appropriate & proper place as it should be. I have never felt more confidence on my appearance -because at that juncture, I conquered my own thoughts & overcome my own hesitation. The rest is what I called, as we always call it - i.e. faith. Appreciating the benefits & believing in the things that are not necessarily always be tangibly & instantly felt.

Having said that, tidak lah bermakna at the point of donning the hijab tu, dah perfect segalanya. Jauh sekali. But it's all in the journey.

I still very clearly remember one point shared by an Ustaz during one of my hajj classes (few years back) - it is not just based on what you did, but what you constantly do and work on to improve, whether it brings you closer to Allah & to embracing our faith as Ad Din or not. Mula2 mind boggling, then realised - yeah... it is not just because the book say so (that goes without saying) but embracing it as our way of life.

So let the journey begins.... one step a time pun takper, insyaAllah it is for the better, soon.

Panjang lak membebel? Nak buat cam ner, I am one of those "Mak Aji Rock" you.... HAHAHAHA!!!! Bull doze and let the essence & substance sip in step by step, that's me....

Best wishes for your hajj, semuga mendapat Haji yg mabrur.

p/s I am still not ready to cook. LOL!!!
wannor said…
SWW, you look like one of the Malay actress whom I could not put a name on right now when you don the hijab. Btw, congratulations on the 'hijrah' and pray that all of us will 'istiqamah' on donning hijab which is wajib for all muslimah.

P/s Are u going for haj this year?
Anonymous said…
u look very beautiful n younger in tht photo.. congrats.. i pray for u..

-silent reader
Lifebloom- yah I dont remember you with tudung! takpa lah, at least you dah bercover up....I suppose a part of the me- the setan vain part , pun takut macam makcik

Thanks , I pray for that too.
Ibu..sounds like you had a revelation. I had mine, about 20 years ago. Unforced, I took it upon myself to put it on. I did that and my friend cried. ye lah zaman tu I was 18 and mana ada sangat orang bertudung. however i felt right and holy hehehe and i maintained it right until i kawin. mau jugak 8 years tu! All through that i kept the tudung on ..until lah i kawin and pergi husband suka lagi when i lepas rambut so tu yang tak pakai...mula mula so kekok but then after a while jadi biasa...

So this is my second time so its harder...i dont want to take it nanti. Mainly I dont want him to not like me with it on although he said its ok I can do it if i want to, I would feel happier if he is pushing me to do it/

Of course, I can say all this and there woudl still be ppl who tell me this is a wajib thing, and just do it. I feel like that too but then...kita kan isteri and also nak lah husband suka kan?? He has allready said ok but after haji..which we think maybe within 2 years

Alah, in the end pakai je lah kan. Apa susah na, kan????
Dena,apa yang liat sangat kan?/???
heheh..kak Syila, you really do look so much younger la in the tudung.and not because i sell tudung u know.kekekekkeke..
anyway, at least kan, you stuck to your promise, remember our date in your office when you bought all those tudungs for your aunts?you said, when you reach 40, you would don it?CLAP, CLAP, eh, tak muslimah la clap, hehe..joking only, Alhamdulillah, sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit.
I pulak pakai the tudung masa I was 21. And it truly came from above, alhamdulillah. Malam sblm hijrah that year, i had a dream. I dreamt that I went out into the courtyard (masa tu doing my A-Level in cheras) in front of all the funky anak2 org kaya ni, NAKED. Yup in that dream, i went out in public, naked!
THe next day was Maal Hijrah, most people /my friends, college mates were back at their hometown or keluar jalan2, so, I buat muka tebal and walk out in public(must make it officialla kan) donning my first ever tudung yg incidentally, Allah dah gerakkan hati I to purchase, a week before. I wanted to walk out in public pakai tudung so that I would not chicken out from donning the tudung full time.
Needless to say, Allah works HIS miracles on me.
So, insyaAllah, Allah is doing that bit by bit with you. Entah2, takyah timeline after Haj for your other half, just doa je la..kan kan kan?
So nanti kita dating k?c ya!

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