Monday, April 27, 2009

The other night we took the kids to KotakMerahSogo, ie RedBox. I was supposed to go for a birthday karaoke with some galpals but that plan panned out, so we ended up with a free evening.

We decided to take the kiddoes to dinner . They were suggesting Pavillion, KLCC Mid Valley- etc etc...but they were singing in the car on the way that I thought maybe they'd have more fun at the karaoke.Plus it comes with food. Tak pernah bawak kids so not sure if they take kids but surprise surprise! They do (won't refuse money eh)

Redbox penuh orang beratur for audition "JanganLupaLiriks". Nadine scrunched up her face and said "Mum I dont think this is a good place" I told her kita book a room for the entire family, bukan nightclub or what.

Johan lembik...he's been ill that day and has been throwing up like no one's actually it wasn't the brilliantest of idea lah, bawak dia.

BUT! As soon as they all got hold of the mic- waaahhh budak demam pun ceria lah. Nak nyanyi Pencinta wanita lah...Ketahuan lah...mamamia laaahh. Whereas the girls pulak, macam macam lah, dari maroonfive, taylorswift, abba, rihanna, cheetahgirls,highschoolmusical, berebut rebut mic. "You dah nyanyi 3 lagu, I baru 2 " , and "Mummmmyyyyyyy Sara taknak bagi mike!"

Ish budak budak ni! Daddy dia pulak kerja pi ambik FOOOOOOD je. keluar masuk bawak pinggan. ketam lah, kerang lah, ayam lah, air lah, cake lah...budak budak nyanyi, mak bapak makan.

In the end we went home at 11.30...penat but I would like to think, happy.


IBU said...

hahaha.... "saringan" for the next One In A Million!

sounds like loads of fun, eh! i've never been to kotak merah with the kids yet. boleh masuk dalam check list of things to do with kids. and errr... 'all u can eat' ke kat situ?

Superwomanwannabe said...

It was fun!Yup, all you can wallap!! And its in a confined space so as long as the kids go together they wont get lost ! Besssttt..

Lan0stZz said...

wahhh bestnye. kalau i ikut mesti i pun berebut ngan anak u hihihi

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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