Sunday, April 05, 2009

The weekend

My weekend ideally should read like this:

8 am- family bicycling trip round the Taman...

8.45- picnic by the waterfall and swimming around in the waterfall

and such like...

Actually nye??.........

Pagi- kroohhhhh krohhhhhh (5 orang berdengkur, usually 3 in same bed. With the mum)

Midpagi: Eh, your dad's gone? Sophia what's wrong with your eyes???(Really really red and swollen)

Agenda selingan- main komputer and tengok tv. Rebut whose turn at the pc. Mum reminding everyone that it's no one's turn. Sara and Dahlia takda... pi car boot sale day at their former school.

10.00 - TAK MANDI LAGIIIII????? (Mummy jadi dragon) Pi mandi semua!

12.00- Sapa tak breakfast lagi??? Dah pukul 12 lah woit!!! xxxxxxxx pi lah mandiiiiiiiiiiiiii!(I really am lemah lembut sebenarnyeee)

12.15- going to get Sara and Dahlia...then go to petshop to buy hamster's new fancy cage , then go to clinic to get anti gatal ubat for Dahlia and allergic medicine for Sophia.dapatje ubat, tak payah pakai pun terus baik. It's called - ubat jumpa doktor.

2.00- 7.00- hohum...main computer, mum can we go OUT please?? I need new clothes/shoes/to shop

7 pm - dad is back! "Ada apa nak makan tak?" (standard question lepas balik hospital)

8.- ada dinner..some head of some department is leaving.Bye kiddoes. No you can't come. Go to sleep. Nasib baik dekat je dinner.

10.30 - came home..suspisciously quiet. PC is showing some girly website- everythinggirl or some moshimoster that was what they were doing ahhhhh

SUNDAY- Actually today.. we grabbed breakfast at Ampang Jaya before we went to see SIL's great grandmother..she passed away this morning at 9 ..peacefully and she was 99. Takziah SIL semoga roh moyang you dicucuri rahmat Ilahi.... Alfatihah....

Dad was STILL on call so he left us mid event only to come back to get us later. Then I had an appointment at 4 at Gardens, and came back at 7. Now, time for bed. Another day gone.

When am I ever going to get to do the bicycling around the taman stuff???


wannor said...

He..he.. kelakarlah u ni. Anyway our weekend at home is pretty much like yours. Before the weekend arrive, plan mcm2 nak buat, if 10% achieve, tu pun kira achievement yg sgt significant. He..he..

Anonymous said...

That's why I never want to plan my weekend. Kang rasa disappointed. Just go with the flow is the way to go.

fulltime mom

Superwomanwannabe said... least tak rasa terbuang kan weekend....

wanshana said...


Same scenario, same chaos over here. So, don't worry - you're not alone, girl ;)

Part nak gi cycling around taman tu - yang penting, niat tu ader...Hahaha!

One day, insya day :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Anonymous -- but I really should take them to libraries a bad bad mom.

Anonymous said...

lol... our libraries not that fantastic. seriously. go to a book shop instead.

fulltime mom

IBU said...

err.. i think maybe you should start cycling around pokok satu pasu dulu kot?


Superwomanwannabe said...

FTM- need to plan.

Ibu- hehehehe nanti carik pokok suitable!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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